24 I do not validate condoms.

    The advantage of the airplane is its speed, yes but no, the speed is secondary. The advantage of the plane are these flight attendant. They are sexy, smiling, waving their ass as they pass by you. With a little luck, you can even take a little blow of ass in the muzzle if you lean enough while they are near you. But in a train ... Yes in a train, it's not the same thing, no flight attendant but Robert and Gorges. Robert 50 years old big mustache who feels urine and gorges, small, ugly, unpleasant and who can not smile. At this moment, I absolutely do not want to receive a huge blow of asses of Robert otherwise it is the K.O insured. Tina when she is very disappointed. As I told him, at 5:30 am, seeing fish in an already very dark sea while the sun is not still up was doomed from the start. I console her by talking about the beer that we can taste once in England but the effect is not as good as I had expected. Georges is heading towards us. Attention face of rat in approach. Take out your tickets. Ready ... Damn where is my ticket? I was sure I put it in the inside pocket of my jacket before leaving. Shit but where's my jacket? Not good that. I have to simulate diarrhea quickly.

    "Oh damn, I have the mole knocking on the door. If I do not go to the toilet immediately, I'm **ting myself on it."

    Tina "Jules, you idiot, your jacket is above you."

    What can I say in cases like that when the whole car looks at me and laughs? What to do in cases like this when I'm already standing and I have a hand that covers my anus? What to do now that George is in front of me and that he watch me as if he wanted to sodomize me? "Your young man ticket. You will relieve your desire then if you want it. "

    Thank you George, you have an octopus face but you offer me an escape. "Of course George, here it is."

    Why is he looking at me like this? "This is a condom young man. I do not validate condoms."

    What a moron I am. It must be in the other pocket. "Here it is."

    "Young man, do you take me for an idiot, or are you stupid yourself? This is a porn dvd."

    How did it happen? "Excuse me, but you are so ugly that the pressure you exert is unbearable. That's my ticket, it's for you."

    "I see yes. A good entry for a libertine club. Since you take me for the last of the idiots then I will give you a report."

    Tina "Wait sir, be understanding. That's his ticket, forgive him, my little brother is a retarded mentally. He did not want to insult you, I assure you. Jules, say sorry. The nice gentleman does not know that little Jules does not understand anything. Apologize to the gentleman."

    But she takes me for a moron my word. "I'm sorry but this guy still has a real stupid head. Why are not you a flight assistant, ugly man?"

    Oh, not happy. "I understand. The ugly man with the head of a jerk is sworn and will reward you with the biggest possible fine, young man. I hope that you will then think about your behavior."

    Tina "Sir, he does not know what he's saying. He has the syndrome (Gilles de la Tourette). Forgive a simple-minded person who lives in his own world."

    The man is looking at me. I am watching him. He leans his head. I lean my head. He sniffs. I sniffle. He sighs and validates my ticket. "I understand miss. It seems that indeed this young man is not entirely sane. I sympathize with your misfortune. Having a belated little brother does not have to be easy every day. Good luck miss and good day. To you too, my boy. Be nice and do not bother your big sister too much."

    I look Tina who is bent and covers his mouth to not let out his laugh. George pats me on the shoulder amicably, ruffles my hair and leaves telling me that he will ask the crew to bring me a milk-strawberry. Suddenly it's enlightenment. I just passed for a trisomic. I have nothing against trisomic, but **, I'm not one, finally I believe. While my girlfriend laugh, I think about myself. Why did this unpleasant man who did not know how to smile suddenly become so friendly and nice for me? I scratch my head and find that all the people around me are laughing too. This society is sick. People laugh at different people. They are at this very moment laughing at a poor cripple. They laugh at a pathetic young man who can not defend himself. Where is the **ty solidarity? Where is tolerance? One second, why am I thinking they think I'm retarded? All these unanswered questions are so exhausting that they made me thirsty. I wonder when will my strawberry milk arrive?
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