26 Blessed by the god of the morons.

    4:35 pm While I was quietly walking in the crowd, the reaction of the audience suddenly changed aroud me. I knew the interview would have repercussions, but I'm surprised the effect is so fast. In order to please my female fans, I opened my shirt and I show my beautiful abs while they scream with pleasure. I like this. Yes, I love these hysterical howls of these girls fascinated by my athlete body. I like when she runs towards me but I put a hand in forward and I say. "One at a time, ladies. Despite this body of Apollo, I can not unfortunately all fill you at the same time. "I like to swinging slightly ass to give a little happiness to all these nice girls who adulate me. The ransom of glory is mine already and I benefit from it. I am like the king before his subject. Yes, like a proud king who would walk around on a harem but have so many choices, that he would not know which slut to choose for the night. I am Jules. Jules the sexual machine. Although I am the man par excellence, I am only a man and understand that my penis alone can never fill all the holes in front of me. Yes, I am only a man, but what a superb man! The man among men. The man born to play with women. A man without equal in this vast universe. A man

    ???? "I see that you have come back and that you like to write my precious."

    Why did she come in at that moment? "My love, it's only a few lines written at random, nothing very serious."

    Tina "Tell me what did you do today when you came out of the camp?"

    I know they fear I'm stealing all the glory, so let's not talk about my modest interview. Maybe she did not read this passage? "Nothing special, a little digestive walk that's all."

    Tina "I'm going to kill you Jules. You're dead, I swear that until I kill you, I can not live in peace. You are stupid. You moron, stupid, you're too stupid. We saw your interview rotten. You're the equal of Eros, my ass. You were happy to say how many times you masturbated each day and what movie did you watch? But it does not look anyone.

    You had to talk about how you feel when you're on stage? The rest was just as obscene, Jules. I'm crying so much I'm upset."

    Jules "My darling ..."

    Tina "Do not say anything or you take a slap directly. I am too angry to listen to false excuses for the moment. How could you do that? We are just starting to make ourselves known and you will ruin everything. It's disgusting. You think only of yourself. You do not think about anything."

    Diego "Stop yelling at him Tina. Something strange is happening right now on social networks and on music forums. Look, this guy must be blessed by the god of morons. His stupidity, besides advertising us, benefits us positively."

    Jules "Every answer was rigorously and carefully calculated. It turns out that I already knew that this positive effect would happen and ... "

    Tina "Shut up, I'm not done with you. But I do not understand how girls can find her answers cute. Why do French music magazines applaud the return of an anarchist artist? The guys are laughing, commenting on his stupid answers and they talk about their own sex life."

    Jules "Call that the talent darling. The talent..."

    Tina "Shut up. I know that for you all this is very secondary but for me it's my dream. This festival is a part of my dream just like our album and you almost throw everything in garbage because you have not thought about the consequences of your answers. This is not the first time, but today it could have been dramatic for all of us. I hope that now you can make an effort at least to please me. Meanwhile, tonight you sleep alone, you moron."

    Diego "She's right. You always acted without even thinking of us. Once again, you have not thought about the consequences of your actions. Jules, **, pay attention to others and what you say sometimes. Usually I try to take your defense to calm her but this time you've been too far my friend and you deserve what happens to you. A normal girl would have thrown you for a long time, taking into account all your mistakes that you make. See you later."

    I guess I did not get off so badly because angry as she was, I thought I was entitled to a slap. Were my answers so embarrassing for the group? Yet I answered with my heart. I have shown sincerity as everyone should do in all circumstances. I do not like to lie and I like even less to play the role of another. If to please the majority in this business it is necessary to play the false asses so I prefer to keep quiet otherwise or else I will say what they call stupidities.  Let's forget about it and let's resume our personal reflection.

    A man without equal in this vast universe. A humble man.
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