29 Im going so much stuffing your ass...

    Tuesday 04:25 pm

    The festival was one of those memorable moments where you have to have several spare underpants because at the sight of all this asses loose in liberty your snake spits its venom just as freely. Although we had a real success, only 2 bras docked at my feet. I admit to being a little unhappy at this disappointing figure, but as Diego reminded me later; The more popular we are, the more the panties will rain. I would have liked this sweet moment of happiness lasts forever but like all the best moments, he also had an end and here we are back home. While I'm about to take my wife in my arms to lead her into the bedroom to try a new position that I discovered looking at a hentai last night, the doorbell rings and my dick makes 3 turns in my underpants. What asshole can come at this time break my cock stroke? Who is the son of a bitch who dares to break the hopes and dreams of putting a teenager's nighttime lessons into practice? Furious and cock as straight as an iron bar, I open the door without bothering to put my clothes. In front of me, a very beautiful woman of forty years with two breasts bigger than watermelons sold at Walmart and an ugly man of the same age wearing a very hard expression. The man with the bovine eyes having noticed that I focus my attention on the breasts of his wife is not the happiest. He starts by knocking the door and screaming.

    Ugly man. "Little son of a bitch, have you finished looking at my wife with your lecherous eyes or do you want me to cut them?"

    Realizing that despite my discretion yet recognized by my friends, that my eyes legendarily discreet were catched by the man with the pork truffle, I apologize. "Forgive me, but in front of such a pair of breasts, I could not look away. Understand me. Before your arrival, I was going to undertake a physical exercise with my wife and my erection is therefore intense. So you could say that you're guilty of this iron bar and that look on your wife's breasts.»

    Ugly man. "What were you going to do with who? Little cocksucker, do you know who I am?"

    Jules. "I know it. Everyone is aware of it. You are a really ugly man but you are a lucky man. Let's be honest. You are still really ugly. By this I mean that any man as ugly as you, having such a beautiful woman in his company, may be either a lucky man or a man who has paid for a luxury whore. But according to my research, luxury whores with a pair of watermelons like Madam's are not common. I will opt to say that you are a very lucky ugly man. Madam, may I invite you to have a cup of coffee?"

    The busty woman laughs hearing the absurdities of this young man in underwear. "I accept with pleasure, but could you put on pants?"

    Jules looks down and realizes that his rod is still as hard and is perfectly discernible under his boxer shorts in satin so comfortable. "I understand what you mean. See this monster in front of you, makes you want to throw on him. Do not be afraid. If you want to capture him, know that he is gentle, that he is tamed, that he does not bite and that he particularly likes beautiful women with big breasts. So do not worry about this overrated garment that is the pants. The monster tends to rebel when his eggs are stuck in so-called pants. As a result, I feel that leaving it at liberty is the best option. I will add that scratching the balls is much more convenient in this way."

    Beautiful woman with big tits. "If that's the case, then a coffee will be perfect but without ass hair and without cream, I beg you."

    Jules. "Are you psychic? If you wish without cream, although I am a little disappointed, I will comply with your wishes. Follow me, please. Ugly man, you can leave, the beautiful busty woman has found better than you."

    Ugly man. "Julie stop getting into her idiot game. You do not see that he does everything to annoy me this little bastard. One more thing Julie, stop looking at the sex of the kid, it makes me complex.»

    Beautiful woman. "But what are you saying? He is fun this young man and I do not look at his lower abdomen but I was just wondering what material could be his underpants.»

    Jules. "Do not be shy because you are in my home. Please, touch my underpants to check the material. Here would be the ideal, yes to the place where is located my big horn. You notice that the fabric is thicker and therefore even more pleasant to the touch. Please, you can move your hand without fear."

    Ugly man "Julie, take your hand out of this place immediately or I break this kid into ten pieces."

    Tina "Dad? Mum? Mom, why do you have your hand on the sex of my boyfriend? Dad, why do not you say nothing? Jules ... I was going to ask you why you smile like a fool but considering the situation it's useless."

    Jules. "So this ugly man who refuses to leave is your father? Perfect, help me put him out while I'm having coffee with the beautiful Madam Julie."

    Ugly man. "Little bastard, I'm going so much stuffing your ass that I'm going to sink your haemorrhoids into your throat.»
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