30 Jules, put on underpants.

    Tina. "Mom, for the second time removes the hand of my man's sex. Jules, put on some pants."

    While I choose which pants might please the beautiful woman with big breasts, a thought comes to disturb my peace of mind. The universe is a mystery. More than 13 billion years ago, a huge explosion came from  it not knows where or why would created this phenomenon that we named the Big Bang by default. Its duration according to the researchers can not be quantified in time but this explosion released unheard masses of matter and energy that gave birth to the current universe. The universe is too important for at our microscopic scale to be aware of its complexity and splendor, so I will not dwell on it, but I will rather tackle something smaller. Something just as mysterious. Something that is the result of a merger succeeds. Something that is the cause of this merger. I will now get right to the point. When I look at my beautiful wife, I realize my luck but especially his. When I look at her mother, I realize that I would like her to land by accident on all fours in my bed and when I look at her father I am dismayed by her ugliness. The mysteries of creation are like the miracles performed by God; completely random and without logic. When I look at my beautiful wife, I tell myself that with his genetic background, between his sublime mother and his father uglier than an asshole, the final result was very uncertain. Ma Tina was born a mermaid but she could very well have been born with a tuna head. A cross of the species was also possible, such as for example to be born resembling a tuna-headed siren. Luckily, she's got her mother and genetics spoiled her but she did not go far from the disaster. Pants in canvas, 6 pockets, wide enough but I remove my underpants for the beautiful woman with big breasts sees my erections and drool before the monster that is hidden between my legs. A hunter must put all the chances on his side to attract the prey in his trap.

    When I return to the living room, the ugly man sitting in front of the coffee table does not look at me very friendly. I can understand this aberration of nature because I, too, like him, am a man. I guess, no, I'm sure like all fathers, he's afraid I'll steal his daughter. I'm about to sit near the beautiful woman, but the doorbell rings again. Tina asks me to take a seat and walks towards the entrance. Two idiotic laughs that I know very well come in this direction and then a reflection with which I can only agree is directed against the ugly man.

    Jeff. "Shit, old man, did you take a shovel in the face to have your gob at an angle? Poor guy, you're so ugly that even my dog ​​would not want to lick your balls."

    Vince. "Jeff, look at 11:00 in front of you. Promotion on melons. Whouuu, Madam delighted to meet you and your melons. I'm Vince, you can call me the black stallion, report to my big cock."

    Jeff "Timeout Vince, before look at the old guy. Poor guy, he must have suffered to have such a head."

    Vince "It's true that at the horrors show this old ** would not be last. Hey, how did you end up with such a pork face?»

    Jeff "Do not insult the pigs. They are very social animals and very clean. All they need is a look to see that this old guy must stink from the glans."

    Ugly man. "Tina, Tina come here. Tina who are these two morons?»

    Tina "Hmm, Papa, Mom, this is Jeff and Vince, they're two friends of Jules."

    Ugly man. "Of course, why did I ask that silly question? The idiots have morons for friends, I wonder why I did not even guess immediately.»

    Vince. "Jules, is it because of his pork head that this old ** is so frustrated? Old man, respect a little youth because it is not with your fart face that you will have kids."

    Jeff. "Vince, Tina just said it was his dad and that Madam Melon was his mother which means the old man fiddle with Madam melon every day."

    Vince. "Impossible, with his face of chiotte, no woman would want this old man to approach her. Old man, get out of here. You have no chance with these beautiful women, so forget about it and go to the pigsty."

    Ugly man. "Tina, you let your father be insulted by those bastards who are still ** in their diapers while we are at your house."

    Jules. "Jeff, Vince, leave the ugly man alone. I think he's frustrated and that makes sense. Just look at it to guess the reason.»

    Beautiful woman. "Jules, I really appreciate the material of these pants too. Is it cotton? Mixed linen maybe?"

    Tina "That's enough mom, take off the hands of my guy's sex and you Jules, put on underpants."
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