31 One shot?

    Vince. "Jules, I'm going to be very serious two minutes. Not so long ago you were like us, a being rejected by the masses of asses, but now they throw you their underwear. You are an idol and for you tomorrow, the paths of paradise of the holes will have no secrets. Jules one of your friend needs you. You see who is Benedict in last year in our High School? She is a beautiful slim girl but with shapes where it takes. Mason has fallen for her and he needs you to attract this beggar towards him. Brother, solidarity must apply. "

    Upon hearing Vince's declaration, my warrior heart fluttered so loudly that it echoed in the living room, shaking the coffee in the cups. My blood only made a turn. My hairs rose but they were not the only ones to stand at attention. All my manhood was about to explode thinking about that brother who begged for help. For a moment, the idea of ​​getting up and making the military salute came to my mind, but I was too lazy to unfold my legs, so I quickly gave up this stupid idea. The man that I am was to take a little strength before the hard fight he was about to lead. I discreetly put a hand on the ass of the beautiful woman with big breasts but I took a slap in my face by my wife. I was now ready to face the beggar. Suddenly, although my mental state is optimal, the cry of a bear surprised me and I realized that I was writing of the past.

    Ugly man. "Fucker, I saw you, you just put a hand on the ass to my wife."

    Jules. "You are wrong. It's not at all what you think ugly man. It is only a means that allows my psychic state to be at its peak. This is not a hand on the ass but it is only a necessary tool for my psychological preparation for the difficult fight that awaits me.»

    Ugly man. "See you treat my wife's ass as tool, little **?"

    Jules. "In general I will not say that because a woman's ass is like a deity. No it's a bad example because a deity is impenetrable but if a woman's ass well prepared..."

    Beautiful woman. "It is true that well prepared it can be very pleasant as a good roast beef well oily."

    Jeff. "It sounds, do not move, I act at if I were at home."

    Strident voice. "My jules, where are you my Jules, I miss you so much. Oh **, it's really awful. Oh, poor man, what has happened to him? Jules, did you call for help? Monsieur, how are you? Avoid looking in a mirror or you risk falling on your face and making yourself even more ugly than you already are."

    Tina. "Clara, I'll introduce you to my father. He is not hurt, it's his face every day. Dad, mom, here's Jules's half-sister, Clara."

    Clara. "You are here you with your big hanging breasts? Why are you here? Get out and leave me with my Jules, thief."

    Tina. "Clara, you're still so rude. I'm for nothing if your breasts are flatter than those of a twelve-year-old girl."

    Ugly man. "My poor Tina, you chose the wrong boyfriend. We had come with the intention of having us invited you to dinner, but it's too tiring to be surrounded by stupid kids."

    Jules. "Go home ugly man but let the beautiful woman with big breasts here, she will dine with us. Anyway it's not as if we could eat something in front of someone with a pork face like yours."

    Ugly man. "Julie, take your things, we're leaving here. I can not bear to be called ugly man, face of chiotte, face of pork, old ** or I do not know what. Tina, call me when this moron and his friends are not here and I'll come and visit you."

    Vince. "Hey, pork face, leave Madam Melon here and go back to your pigsty to ** a sow, old **. I made a **ing combo."

    Jeff. "I admit. With that you just grabbed all the XP of the Boss at the head of Pig in solo, bastard. No wonder that you participated the WoW: Arena World Championship two years in a row."

    Vince. "Stop telling bull**. It was not a Boss. It was an easy mob on one shot, it's not worth a fart clump."

    Voice coming from the entrance. "The bastards, they do not even wait until I'm gone to pay for my face. Oh, even if I do not understand what you're saying, I know you do not care about my gob, gang of little **ers."

    Jeff. "Mission failed, go back to NPC Vince. You do not have one shot, the pork head."

    Vince. "Hmmm, I think I have a lot of trouble in my skills. Damn, not only is he ugly but he's as sticky as crabs on dirty balls. "

    Jeff. "That's the disadvantage of pigs. They spend their day in ** so they have total immunity to poison, sickness, curses and insults. There is not much that scares them."

    Tina. "Guys, I remind you that you've been talking about my father since earlier."

    Jules. "That's right, stop a little and talk about the beautiful busty woman instead of lingering over the ugly man. I'm not saying anything wrong, why are you Ayya.
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