32 A male like me.

    07h45am I could say that I walk in the High School yard but that would not be quite true. I parade. I parade with my head up, while straightening the shoulders and swelling the chest. I took out my weapons. Prada sunglasses, Armani suit and Jules smile and I must say that the actual effect, exceeds the one I had wished. The women claim my body but as I often say,

    "I have only one dick girls, so if you want me to impale you dry, do one line."

    Also this morning, my big cock will stay in my underpants, because I have to help my friend Mason who had the bad idea of ​​falling in love with in the final year. At this moment, Greg is with me and he benefits from the fallout of my charm to oxygenate his micropenis. Friends are made for that and if Jules can give him at least some fun in his very little life, then Jules will do it. While I parade, the holes are unleashed, but I remain myself, I remain simple and advance towards my goal that is the beggar who is less than hundred meters from me.

    Girl A. "Jules, you're so beautiful, we love you."

    Girl B. "Jules, put me pregnant."

    Girl C. "Jules, play the guitar just for me and I offer you my panties after wearing it in sports."

    Oh what a great proposal, but I am a gentleman and so I can not accept before so many people. I'll go see her later when she's alone. "Hi the hot holes."

    Girl C. "You have seen, he is so shy, it's too cute. Too beautiful, so cute and I love him rebel side."

    Greg. "Wow, you found the right sentence. I will try and if it works, my little penis may come out of my pants for something other than pissing. Hi the holes. "

    Girl A. "No, but you take yourself for whom, kind of vulgar guy."

    Girl C. "I wonder why the handsome Jules hang out with this garbage."

    Daughter B. "Jules is like a knight on his white horse coming to the aid of the most rotten ones. He does in the social it's certain and he wants to rehabilitate this failure.»

    Girl B. "I know from source that this guy has a micropenis. Little dick, go back to your mother's house."

    I want to burst out laughing but in order to keep my image worthy, I remain stoic and I continue to advance royally. In life, there are the winners and the losers. I'm on the winning side but Greg, Greg, Greg is Greg. A guy with a official recognition claiming he is handicapped of the dick. Yes, I think we can say that Greg is Greg, no need to comment any more, or look for what side he is. My not worthy but powerful as those of a stallion in heat, lead me within five meters of the beggar. When she turns her eyes to me and smiles at me, I stop, I shake my mid-length hair from left to right, I withdraw my sunsglasses with a broad gesture and takes a very simple position. Left knee slightly bent and right hand on the waist. I must admit that no one gets to my ankle when it comes to make the holes blush. I shake my hair again and I'm ready to face the beggar who it's true, is worthy to take a hit of my royal cock so requested.

    "Hi hot hole, I'd like to have a private chat away from the envious looks of the other holes."

    Hearing me address her so politely, the beggar panics, joins hands, wiggles a bit of the basin and emits a somewhat noisy and disconcerting KYAAAAA for a young man as well educated as myself. Once again, I am left imperturbable before this exaggerated reaction, but I can understand this simple and honest girl with herself. I believe that facing a male like me, these females lose as much their heads as their bodily fluids and can only react by pushing this kind of strange cries. Once again, I put on my sunglasses with a big gesture and sighs internally because once again, the gesture has been made. I train a lot to perform this movement but my success is only 50% and my red eye is there to prove it. I make him a (Come, follow me) with my index and start parading in a completely natural way. Yes, I also practice parading in the living room when my wife is at university or when she sleeps. We arrive near a grove, I turn quickly, a little too much because I put a elbow shot in her belly. I was going to apologize myself, but she did it before me, for to have follow me too closely.

    "Hole, it does not matter. I myself was not attentive and I could have hurt you. It would have saddened me because it would have affected my reputation a bit but do not think about it anymore. Hole, I want to talk to you about an important topic, between man and hole."

    Beggar. "Jules, I want to be your girlfriend. I'm ready for it even though I know that my enemies will be many and that you already have someone in your life. I am determined, I will be strong and I will hold good."

    This hole do not understand the situation. I must quickly clarify things. "Hole, do not you make false illusions. I am a man of integrity who has only one woman. I agree to ** you quickly in the toilet because you have a nice ass but our relationship will not go further. Hole, my friend Mason finds you very much to his liking. Hole, if you consent to talk to him, I will also consent to consider **ing you twice in the toilet."
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