33 Holes treacherous attack

    Already ten days since this intense discussion with "Hole" and I am currently inside this deep "Hole" behind the gym. I'll start again. It's already been ten days since I tried to help my buddy Mason conquer her and she now his new girlfriend thinks my colossus is a candy. If things were different, my friend and I argue with each otherbecause of this crap, but no problem. A good friend never lies and he knows and consents to this triangular relationship that also allows him to empty his balls every night. Everything is moving so fast. I put a new illegal exhaust pipe on my 50cc and since then I've reached 73km/h, Yes, it goes fast, but right now I'm off topic. Tonight is the summer school holiday. It's not that I have anything against it, because school bothers me deeply, but since I'm going on vacation with Tina first thing in the morning, I'm going to have to part with the four ball-breakers that I use as friends and it pisses me off.


    Tina "Jules, I put all your USB flash drives containing your porn movies back in the drawer. We're going on vacation, not making a gang bang or a suspicious flea market."

    Women are suspicious by nature. The other night, I woke up and Tina was rummaging through my school bag. The night before, when I had just plugged in the new HD digital camcorder I had just bought to film my exploits during our intense sex scene, feeling my glans, she looked me straight in the eye and said verbatim. "Jules, another woman has recently tasted your candy, didn't you?" Brainstorming solitaire automatically activated, solution detected, sentence best adapted to the situation. "What are you going to imagine again?" Indeed, men are really very bad when they get caught in the act of suspicious glans. Result of the evening. My sex party was cancelled but more serious, the video film for which I had been negotiating with Tina for more than fifteen days is now more than compromised for the next six months. I explained to him, however, that this film would then serve as a reference for us to identify what we could improve, but my suspicious glans actually screwed everything up.

    Jules "It wouldn't be a bad idea to take them with us in case the weather is bad, don't you think?"

    Tina "No, I don't think so. Another thing, while you were showering, a certain "Hole" called on your smartphone and asked to talk to you. When I told him you were busy, then asked if I could pass on a message, do you know what this'Hole' said to me?"

    Shit, not good. "I'm going to go buy some ice cubes for the trip. I'll be back soon, bye, sweetheart."

    Tina "Stay here. "Hole" told me to tell you that now that she was leaving High School to go to college, she would keep the precious ball hair you left her stuck between her teeth at lunchtime. Anything to say in your defense?"

    I was right about that. For some reason, I felt that a message from "Hole" would cause me problems. [Lying? Be honest? Lying? Be honest? A fierce brain battle was at this moment taking place in my already atrophied brain. There is not enough space in this place and of course I couldn't think. It was the instinctive reflex of the male who was very afraid of being left by the female he was holding onto, who initiated this mode of reflection which seemed pre-programmed. Always guided by his most primitive instincts, the male screamed: I yelled, "She just sucked my dick a few times. I love you and I swear I've never cheated on you." I am now facing my destiny. Unfortunately, the hour of truth, which I cannot escape, has just struck.

    (Back to the present.) Shit, she's crying. Find something to say to cheer her up instead of looking at her with her mouth open like the last handicapped person. "Do you love me?"

    Haaaaaaa!!!!!! I say this crap at a time like this? If I don't take a slap, tomorrow I go to church to thank God on behalf of the understanding cuckolds. Shit, I can't pray tomorrow, I'll be on a plane.

    Tina "Jules, it's very painful when I realize that you're cheating on me. I could do the same thing to you because I have many opportunities, you know? Yet I don't cheat. I'm going to bed, so prepare the rest of your things by yourself and if you forget something, all you have to do is blame yourself."


    That is what she said earlier, before getting up 25 minutes later to properly pack my bags before going back to bed. It is always in these little moments that I understand how much I care about her. Unfortunately my brain is very weak, because the rest of the time it is my lower abdomen that takes control and thinks for itself. Note for later: Start crossword puzzles or that kind of crap to build up your neurons and think to slow down your wrist.
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