They heard Iris' voice and a sound of glass breaking. Adine, Rein, and Fabio stared at each other before running to the noise's source

    "Iris!" they said in unison while Fabio banged the door with his right hand.

    Few seconds passed, Fabio felt a sudden tap on his shoulder. He, then again felt a repeated tapping on his left shoulder. He turned around to see who it was.

    "What are you guys doin---"

    "Iris!" Fabio screamed.

    "You gave us a fright!" he added trying to catch his breath.

    "Are you okay? Are you hurt? What happened? Why did you scream?" Rein worried and checked her everywhere.

    "I'm okay, don't worry guys," she smiled widely.

    "Remember what happened the other day?," she raised both eyebrows with a laconic grin.

    "Oh, about that fool who tried to rob my car? Dad has heard about that. He's thinking of filing a case against him. With you being injured and all, we have the evidence we need," said Fabio

    "Okay, I understand. But what I am trying to say is, the reason why I screamed was," excited, elated Iris clasped her hands with a beaming smile of delight.

    "I've learned that the photo Adine posted went viral! It gained 140,000 likes one day after its upload to Facebook! I was shocked and didn't mean to drop the glass. I apologize for that. What do you guys think?"

    "Oh my Gosh! Are you serious?!" Adine gaped.

    All of them went to living room and checked their accounts immediately, except Rein who chose to sleep.

    Adine opened her account and saw her latest post. She couldn't believe it went viral in just a day. In the photo was a boy, with noticeable dark circles under his eyes; almost looking like a drug addict in his shorts and white undershirt.

    "If I would rob a car, I would wear a batman costume not a pair of boxers and undershirt," Fabio reads the comments aloud.

    He chuckles as he continues, "Who would steal without even covering himself up? He deserves to die. Idiot. thief. Bastard. I want to kill him to bits. I hope he would just die in a car accident."

    Fabio laughed like there was no tomorrow that night. However, the news on TV the next day shrieked him and his friends: Timothy, the boy whom they called thief, shot himself in the head, and is now dead.

    Both Adine and Iris looked at each other, not uttering a single word but seemingly understanding each other's thoughts.

    "Why do you two look guilty? It is no one's fault," Fabio said.

    Rein stood up to add up to this, "He's a drug addict. Don't blame yourselves. Get rid of the photo you posted, forget about it, and let's just rest."

    Morning came as another devastating news arise.

    "Fabio is dead. His mother called," Iris mumbled between her sobs.

    "I know that he was killed by somebody. I know that he would never do that. He was such a good racer. How could he be on a car accident inside of our school? What if," she choked, trying to hold in every emotion that she had tried so hard not to show.

    "What if Timothy is after us? What if he wants revenge and kill us? Rein, teachers don't want us to go outside of the dorm! " she's trembled in fear.

    "Iris, calm down! How can a dead person kill us?" Rein trying to stopped her from crying.

    "We can't do anything but to accept that he's gone."

    "I can't! How can he slit his neck I the shape of an F?! Tell me?! How?! Was that suicidal after car accident?! How did he drive if he was found sitting in the passenger seat with seatbelt on? That is not even possible! Think about it!"

    "Stop crying and take a rest. I need to find Adine. I know that she's also hurt and you know how much she loves Fabio, right?"

    "I want to see her too." said Iris.

    She fixed herself, opened the door and was about to step out of the dorm HQ when a photo caught her attention.

    "Rein," he called him. She picked it up and was shook to see the photo Adine posted on Facebook.

    She flipped it and there lied a handwritten letter.

    "Dear whoever is reading this, let's play a game called 'FAIR PLAY'. If F is gone, where is A? If you didn't save F, you can save A. Shhhhh. Don't tell this to anyone," she reads out loud.

    The two looked at each other, "If F is gone, where's A? FAIR PLAY. F is for Fabio, A is for Adine, I is for me. The logic"

    "Rein we need to save Adine, we need to save her!"

    They ran and ran and ran until they heard Adine's voice screaming for help; pleading for mercy, and pleading for forgiveness.

    "Adine! Adine are you okay?!"

    Rein continuously banged the door but failed to open it. The door was locked up with a passcode.

    "Rein, there's a math equation here," she noticed a paper and a ballpen on the floor.

    The speakers on the corners of the room started to ring a piercing tinnitus-like sound.

    "A simple equation for you. 15x-10i > 5(3x-16u). Solve i. After you solve, change the greater or less than sign to H. After that, find out my message to the four of you. The answer is the passcode. Only one should go inside," the deep uncannily familiar voice said through the speakers.

    She immediately solved for i.

    "The answer is i h8u. If you change that into words," she's breathes heavily.

    "That would be 'I HATE YOU'. I'll go. Stay here," Rein continued.

    The door finally went open, but it was a little too late.

    There, Adine was drowned inside the aquarium. The red pigment of blood was evident in the water. A letter A marked her neck along with the words, 'I HATE YOU' on her legs.

    Tears race down his cheeks. He saw an axe hanging from the ceiling. He was about to get it when he heard Iris' voice.


    He turned around and saw her, almost creeping to death; with an I carved on her skin, pierced deeply by a nail on her left eye, pierced deeply by a lot of nails on her chest down to her groin. Rein couldn't bear this anymore.

    "R-Rein. It's Timothy. S-save yourself. Escape", said Iris before she died.

    "Timothy! Why are you doing this to us?! Huh?! We did not do anything to you!" he shouted to air.

    After a few seconds, a recorder played.

    "Hey Rein. Let me tell you a story. A very very short story. There's this boy who was abused by his father, who was forced to take illegal drugs. He was like his toy for 9 years.

    One day, he grabbed an opportunity to escape their house but sadly, his father saw him. The boy ran as fast as he could. He saw a car. He tried to rob it without any bad intention but unluckily, the owner of the car saw him and punched the weak boy. He stood up and tried to escape when he unintentionally collided with owner's friend.

    Fastforward. My father catched me," he laughed before returning to his evil speech.

    "But do you know who's the real thief is?! The four of you. You stole my opportunity to live my life. I killed Fabio because he didn't let me use his car. I killed Adine because he posted a fictious story on Facebook. I've seen it. I've read all of the comments. Thief. Idiot. Fool. Hahaha! I killed Iris because she was the one who wrote the caption. And you? I will kill you because you just watched! You just watched me get beaten by your friend!"

    Rein was tongue-tied; completely at shock with the revelation.

    "Sorry, we didn't know, Please don't," he pleaded

    Apologies had no effect on Timothy, "Turn your head and look over here. Look at me," he continued.

    The mouth of the gun feltcold as it kissed Rein's head. This had to happen.
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