2 No Taming the Beas

    @@I look up at the wall of muscle I ran into I see Ty's bashed up face and hug him in agony. Amidst his embrace I begin to cry. "What happened?" he says trying to look into the room in which I came from.

    "I tripped over Maggie's body!" I responded through melancholy sobs.

    I fall to my knees at his feet. When I begin to calm down I hear scratching noises coming from a room behind us and I jump to my feet. Grabbing the dagger on the ground and Ty's hand I rush toward the sound. Ty pulls back out of my grip and takes off ahead of me. He shoves me over to the wall next to us and puts his hand by my shoulder. My head is spinning. I acted out of anger. Killing whatever did this to my sister is now my goal. Ty's masculine voice breaks me from my thoughts, "What do you think your doing, it's to dangerous!"

    "Ty! My sister was murdered! My life means nothing until she is avenged. Dangerous or not I will destroy whoever did this to her."

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