4 Deep sleep

    I feel no pain

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    I see no life.

    I feel no warmth.

    I see no light.

    Everything feels empty. The kind of empty you cant explain. No emotions, and no physical beings. Just blackness. Obscene hollowness. How a single drop of blood leads to a river. Nightmare's slowly begin to creep into my head like a snake of countless murders and death. Swallowed by the evil aura the scene gives me I dont feel scared or even uncomfortable. Actually I feel the exact opposite. Not just comfortable but relieved and even saner. An older man appears in front of me looking sad and lonely. His clothes are tattered and his short blond hair is in tangles. Mud is smeared on his face. He gives me a crooked smile. "Careful, for the monster you seek is closer than you may think. The closer you are to the truth the farther you are from the justice you pursue."

    After saying that he turns and walks away only to find the same fate as the other countless  bodies. A tap on my shoulder tears me from my wonder only to put me in absolute awe. A younger handsome man stands in front of me this time. He is slender but strong. His muscles can easily be seen through his skin tight shirt. His black hair is slightly messy but it looks as if it were meant to be that way. His lips look soft and delicious. The tattoo of a scorpion trails from his jaw line until just above his elbow. It's not long until I lose myself in his mesmerizing teale eyes. I can hear him calling my name but he is beginning to disappear. What am I gonna do I need him. He cant leave now. But before I know it he is gone and I can still hear someone calling my name. Everything goes black again... and darkness swallows me once more.
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