5 Change of Plans

    A cold and sticky feeling overwhelms me as I gain conciousness. Opening my eyes a sharp pain ripples through me. Feelings of needles jabbing me at every angle. I can see the blood that is now drying on the floor around me. "How long have I been passed out?" I say this to myself not expecting a response, when a hand then lay on my shoulder. The pain disappears and is replaced with an urge to run. I can feel its breath on the back of my neck as it gets closer and closer. I start to turn around but the person stops me. They come up to my ear and whisper mischievously.

    "Finally you are awake, darling. You have been asleep for a few days. Take it easy; I shall protect you from all harm." I jerk in his arms and he let's me go. Slowly getting up I turn to him. Anger builds up inside me. So I shout at him in rage.

    "Protect me?! You can protect me but not my sister?! Who the hell do you think you are and why do you think I need your protection?! I dont need anyone! I will kill every person who stands in my way. Right now that is y..." I am abruptly cut off when his lips crash into mine. Something takes over my body. I dont know him or even care to. But it's like he cast a spell on me and my body follows his lead. My lips part slightly giving him entry and his tongue slides into my mouth tangling around mine. I feel as though all my strength has returned. He makes me comfortable as if I had known him all my life. As if i couldn't let him go. Breathing heavy as our lips part he takes my hand in his.

    "Do not fret my love, for I will find the person who killed your sister. Come with me. I will take you to my home where you can clean up and change. You are covered in blood." Feeling restless I agree and I begin walking behind him whilst still holding his hand. Then I stop.

    "Wait! I dont even know your name. And I cant just leave Ty behind. You never answered my question. Who are you?" He let's out a sigh and looks at me in the eyes.

    "My name is Ace Carter. I cant explain anymore until we leave here. Bella you must trust me. I will explain. And trust me Ty will be fine." He turns around and continues walking pulling me along with him. I cant help but wonder how he knows my name. But it helps me trust him a little more. It is so hard to understand anything right now. and let alone to think clearly. So of course here I am walking behind Ace without knowing for sure if he isn't taking me to my death.

    When we arrive at his house I am exhausted. Ace brings me to the living room and sets me on the couch. He hands me a glass of hot tea and runs upstairs. While drinking my tea I see a picture of me in the corner of my eye. When I look at it again I notice that in the picture I am wearing a turquoise colored dress and black flats. Next to me stands Ace wearing a black suit and a turquoise tie. In the back I see the big balloon letters that spell out PROM. I almost jump out of my skin when I feel a hand on my waist. I was so focused on the picture I didnt realize that Ace had come back down and was standing behind me.

    "I miss those times. Getting to see your beautiful smile everyday and kissing your soft sweet lips. Prom was the most memorable night of my life. It was the first time you said that you loved me. It was also the night that you were taken from me." I can see the hurt in his eyes and even the tear that falls down his cheek. I dont remember any of the things he is talking about but I actually believe him. I know its crazy but I do. I lift my hand and wipe away the tear. Ace looks at me and smiles. "I'm glad your back."

    "Ace. I believe you. But I dont remember a single thing that you just said. What do you mean I was taken from you? And how come I dont remember you at all?" Ace places his hand on my cheek and places a small kiss on my lips.

    "I have gotten a bath ready for you. There are some clothes in my room prepared for you as well. I will explain as much as I can when you finish your bath. Then we will have dinner." I dont know why I can never refuse him. I do as he told me and go to the bathroom upstairs. He has a towel ready and the garbage bag to put my ruined clothes in. I walk to his room and grab the clothes he prepared for me and bring them to the bathroom. I look up at the mirror and see that my face and hair are a mess. I slip off my clothes that started to stick to my body and place them in the bag. Stepping into the bath, warmth overcomes me and it feels wonderful. I sit down and lay my head back relaxing in the warm water. I wash my hair, face, and body. The water slowly turning red from the blood that covered me.
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