4 Chapter 4

    After dying twice, I was finally given a loving mother. In my first life, my mother had despised me, and my second, I woke up in the body of a 4 year old, and met my mother. Fortunately, this one, although a single mother, cared for me. She was a tall elf-looking creature. She had long, brown hair that she kept in a ponytail. Her face was caring and strangely calming.

    A few months after my reincarnation, I started testing if my powers from my second life carried over. It was fairly minor, but it seemed to be close to my ability's height in my previous life. Apparently, unlike my previous live's world, the compatibility with magic here was much stronger.

    I began studying the writing of this place, in order to study magic. The writing was easy to pick up, and within a year I was able to advance my magic further and further.

    4 years later:

    Mom: Adel, come here for a second!

    Adelbern: What's wrong?

    Mom: Oh nothing, I just wanted to test your compatibility with magic.

    At that point my mom still didn't know how powerful my magic was. She did catch me studying a few times but never thought much of it. I knew that my magic could easily destroy the entire forest so I had to hold back as much as possible.

    I ended casting a fairly small fire ball.

    Adelbern's thoughts: I think that was small enough.

    I turned to my mom and saw astonishment on her face.

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    Mom: You can already cast chantless magic! That level is beyond an average mages level at their height!

    Adelbern's thoughts: What!
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