1 Prolougue to the Dairy Of Graham Lucifer

    [Disclaimer: Any resemblance to any person, living or dead is purely coincidental]

    The Dairy Of Graham Lucifer (Page 1)

    To anyone reading this diary, I am starting this diary on January the first, 2020. Don't know why I am doing this, giving evidence to my colleagues, but then again, I can always burn this thing down, besides it's good to know what exactly you are lying about. It can also serve as a reference to future generations.

    I am Graham Lucifer, aged 26 as of January 1st 2019. I was an orphan. Never knew who my parents were. I grew up in an orphanage in central London. Don't know my actual  birthday or my actual name. Graham was the name the orphanage gave me. Lucifer was the name I gave myself. I was inspired by Lucifer's original sense of Justice. I am a CSI in Scotland Yard, in the City of London borough to be exact.

    Growing up, Sherlock Holmes was another inspiration for me. I would always look up to him. At the age of thirteen, puberty hit me big. I was unable to concentrate on anything in my life despite being a one of a kind genius.  So, I turned to the same solution Sherlock turned to--- Cocaine.

    Once I started taking Cocaine, I got mixed up with the worst gangs of London. Never stayed with one but got my drugs from anywhere I could. Eventually, I got into crime. Funny world, I'm the morning, I was doing my engineering while studying criminal law enforcement and at night, I was violating those same laws.

    I needed an alias. I didn't do it myself. I let my still young reputation get it for me. Best part of it, no one would suspect me. It was Lucifer. My official name was just Graham. No middle name and last name. Just the one. My alias was Lucifer. It was quite a befitting name if you are going to ask me. Lucifer was an angel who fell from the grace of heaven. I was originally someone who was all for Justice in the beginning but later, I fell from Grace and ended up a criminal. Who'd have thought? Lucifer is also used for the morning star and also a shining star. I was similar to that. I am in all aspects an upcoming star. I am asking enough to live a happy and fit life and I am a one of a kind genius who made it out of college with a GPA of 5.46 and became the youngest CSI in Scotland Yard at 19.

    Graham lives a simple life in the orphanage he grew up. His bank account barely had 1000 GBP in savings each month. Not much. He is the ideal citizen. Strives to be worthy of his country. Drinks less than one glass of wine a day and only does so to keep himself warm.

    Lucifer on the other hand, lives the most lavish life. He drinks like a fish, takes cocaine as if it were sugar and makes at least 3000 GBP on a daily basis. On a good day, he might even earn 100000 GBP. He is one of London's most notorious criminals but the only ones who know of good existence are his victims and his suppliers. Less than twenty people know if him. In fact, he is so stealthy that he is closer to urban false rumor and myth than to actual human beings. The cops don't even believe in his existence.

    What no one on the planet other than me, knows is that Graham and Lucifer are in fact the same person--- me.

    On the other hand, the following piece of info is something everyone knows-- there is NO MAN born who can make the connection between the two and catch the person known as Graham Lucifer.

    I am Graham Lucifer-- Graham by morning and Lucifer by night. I am the most notorious criminal in London but also it's best CSI. I also happen to be the only criminal in London who can give you a most comprehensive detailed version of the British Penal Code and also each and every one of its loopholes.

    Read my diary further if you are interested in this. If you happen to be a cop, know this---I am watching you.
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