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    [Disclaimer: All the characters in this story are purely fictional. Any resemblance to real humans, dead or alive is purely coincidental. The author does not support any activity that may be shown in this story that is illegal in the United Kingdom.]

    January 1st, 2020.

    I wake up to the alarm clock's annoying ringing. I switch it off and get up from my bed. It is still dark outside despite the time already being eight in the morning. It's snowing like hell. Guess that's to be expected. Today is the first day of the year and also a holiday for almost everyone. Sadly I am part of the minority that doesn't necessarily get a holiday. As Lucifer, I have quite a few operations planned for today. As Graham, I need to work on finding thieves and homicidal arse-holes. New Year's day is a day when millions of tourists come to London. It also happens to be an extremely hectic day for those at my office. Most of the muggings that occur today are kept silent for a few weeks, else it may stir up chaos amongst the tourists.

    I look at my bed which is in dire need of a clean over. The red color bed spread has lost all it's color due to sweat. The covers are all old. The mattress is almost gone. The cot is squeaky and old.

    "Graham dear, come down and help me out with the pancakes honey." That is the voice Melissa, my sister in all but blood. We grew up together in this orphanage. She is a few years older than me. After I started working for the Police, she had been taking care of all the children in the house. She works as a nun in the local church which funds and runs out orphanage.

    I reply to her, "I'll come down as soon as I take a shower."

    "Take your time, honey," came her sweet voice.

    I clean up my bed and take my clothes and my towel and head over to the bathroom.

    Since we live in an orphanage, all the boys share a single bathroom. As soon as I enter, I am greeted with boys who are enjoying themselves in a small hot spring we bought recently. I greet and tell them, "Hey all. Shouldn't you guys be in the dining hall?"

    "Hey Graham, you just came here! How come you get to come so late and we don't?" That is my closest brother in the orphanage, Mike. He is quite tall at 5 foot 11 inches. He has brown hair that is slightly trimmed. His face is almost as though it was chiseled by Michaelangelo himself. He has dark brown eyes which are darker than his hair. He has a lean body with a decent amount of muscle build up. He just completed high school last year. He even got into Cambridge on merit. He's got a brilliant mind. He wants to follow after me and become a CSI in the British Police. I tell him, "I was working late yesterday on New Year's Eve. I get to sleep in. Nevertheless, who am I to push you out? You can stay here as long as you want, just don't blame me when you miss all of the pancakes today." As soon as they heard that there were pancakes, they started moving. I chuckle to myself and walk into a shower compartment. I turn the tap to cold water. The cold water feels like knives trying to piece me. I shampoo my hair and wash it. I come outside relatively quickly.

    I look around and see clothes all around. The young boys are far boisterous than anyone I have seen. I pick up the clothes and put them in the laundry bag. I guess we need to do some laundry. I wear my boxers, a full black pant, an under shirt to keep me warm, a full arm white shirt. I wear a dark sweater upon that to top it off. Then I gel my hair and comb it up. I then wear a cap and a scarf and walk towards the dining hall. I stand tall at 6 foot 1 inch. I have black hair and onyx eyes. My nose is pointy. My mustache and beard is perfectly shaved to the point of non existence. My hair stands up from the gel I put on it. My body has a similar muscular build to that of Mike. Just proportional to height. I have a tattoo on my back that says "Pride and Justice" with the image of angel Lucifer below it. It is never really visible.

    I go to the kitchen after that. I see Melissa. She stands at 5 foot 9 inches. Her beauty is unmatched with blonde hair, blue eyes, nice curves, long, lean and beautiful legs.

    I greet Melissa, "Good morning sis. How are you going?" She put a tray of pancakes on my hands and said, "Take these to the table dear. They are all hot and waiting to be eaten. I'll be right with you." I nod and say, "Affirmative, Captain" I smile and walk to the Dining hall.

    The dining hall is filled with children from all ages. I am greeted by all of them. They all have such cute face and voices. I put the pancakes in the center of the table. The fragrance coming off the pancakes and the remaining breakfast on the table is just amazing. I can't wait to eat it.

    I walk to my position on the table. Right up and front, next to father James. He is an old man with white hair and black eyes. He wears a black shirt with a white pant all the time with a cross always hanging from his neck. He greets me, "How are you doing son? Hope you had a good sleep yesterday night."

    "I did, Father. Yesterday's night was wonderful. I hope you had enough sleep. You know you need it more than I do."

    "Haha, Perhaps I do son. But, to me you, your sister, your brother, all of the young children here, they are far more important to me than my own health. I dream that one day, all of you will be in prestigious positions, and all of you live your life to the fullest. For that, it is important that I give my best. I must not rest, for when I rest, I rust. I have already rusted enough. I don't think I will live that much longer. My life is done but your life Graham," he put his hand on mine and continued, " your life has just begun. I don't want to burden you with my problems. I want you all to flourish. I want you all to bloom like daffodils, roses and jasmines. I want you all to live your life with no regrets. That is how I have lived my life. You children have been the light of my life and I want to die after seeing that each of these brilliant young stars has become the brightest it can be. I would talk more, but your sister is here with more pancakes and we can finally start eating." Melissa put down the pancakes on the table and sits down opposite to me. She says, "All of you hold hands. It's time to pray."

    We all lift our hands and hold each other's hands. Melissa says, "Graham..."

    I start, "O great God Almighty, blessed are we to enjoy this beautiful meal today. Thank you for delivering us safely through the last year and into the new one. Keep our lives prosperous and look out for us. May this year allow us to reap as many benefits as the past one. Finally, I thank you and the one who prepared this meal and only pray that we get to have such a wonderful breakfast every morning. Amen

    Let's all dig in shall we, birthday boys and girls"

    The New Year's breakfast is a special one in our orphanage. New Year's day is celebrated as a birthday for everyone. I take my fork and knife and start digging into the pancakes. "Ummm, they are so... delicious. Melissa, you are the best cook I have ever met. Any chance you are going to divulge the secret recipe to me?" I tilt my head and bend near her for dramatic effect.

    "Keep dreaming sweetie. I am never giving my recipe to anyone. Not even you." She taps my forehead and pushes me back. "Just be happy with the pancakes" Her smile is so beautiful. It would easily ensnare even the most controlled human in it's beauty. I chuckle and continue eating my pancakes when my phone rings. I take it out and see the caller ID ' Captain RR'. I say, "I need to take this call". I put my fork down and pick up the call, "Hey Captain, is have you called to wish me a New Year?"

    He says, [Haha, don't flatter yourself kiddo. We found a body in Leicester Square Station. I want you here ASAP. If you are any late, I'll kill you.] I live in Wembley. Sudbury Town station is closest to my home. So it'll take about 30 minutes to get there if I hurry. So I say sensibly, "I'll be there in one hour." [I know you live in Wembley. You have thirty minutes to get here birthday boy.] He then hangs up the phone call. I tell Father and Melissa, "I need to go. There has been an incident in Leicester." Melissa says, "You need to do your job honey. You can go. We'll take care of everything here." I get up with a heavy heart and bid bye to the kids.

    I go to my room and get my bags. I then run towards the Sudbury Town Station. I wait for the subway to arrive. I look at my watch as I think of what I did as Lucifer last night. Did I do anything in Leicester? Nah.. I wasn't even near there. I was drinking off near Cambridge. So who has the guts to do something like this on New Year's?

    The Subway arrives and I get into it. The journey is quite short. I reach Leicester Station within 20 minutes. As soon as I get down, I see yellow tape right in front of me. I raise my eyebrows at this and walk around to the opposite side to meet Captain RR. His name is Sir Randolph Rand. He was given knighthood for stopping the Queen's assassination last year. He is a karate and taekwondo black belt. He is am inch shorter than me but he makes up for that by being faster than me. If we were to fight, he would destroy me. While I have a third degree certificate in each martial art, RR has the sixth in each. He has black and grey hair that is straightened. He has green eyes with a tinge of yellow. He has longer ears than most. His arms are long and muscular. He has the build of a top ranking wrestler.

    Today's crime scene was unbearably clean. There was no **ing blood, no footprints, no blood prints, and the place reeks of detergent. I ask RR, "Don't tell me you got this place cleaned up before I arrived. I know that this is a busy station, but come on! Did you at least get all the evidence, pictures?"

    A girl walks up next to me and puts two pictures in my hands. This is Linda. My partner in the Police Force. We have been dating since last Halloween. She has Saturday black hair that is straightened down and reached her shoulder blades. Hey eyes are the same color as mine. She has a good rack which is a little bit bigger than Melissa. Her curves are perfect. She is just an inch shorter than Mike.

    She says, "We found the place like this. There was no blood, no footprints. No evidence other than the body itself. There was no evidence in the body either. We checked for that as well."

    That's scary as hell. Even I have never been able to do that. I look at the body. It is brutally dismembered. What is this? Who is this criminal? How did he do this?

    A/N: Hey all. I originally thought of making each chapter an entire day but that ends up being too long so instead, each chapter shall feature part of a day.
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