3 Jan 1st, 2020, II

    [Disclaimer: All the characters in this story are purely fictional. Any resemblance to real humans, dead or alive is purely coincidental. The author does not support any activity that may be shown in this story that is illegal in the United Kingdom.]


    Linda says, "We found the place like this. There was no blood, no footprints. No evidence other than the body itself. There was no evidence in the body either. We checked for that as well."

    That's scary as hell. Even I have never been able to do that. I look at the body. It is brutally dismembered. What is this? Who is this criminal? How did he do this? It is so bad that I don't think it can be called a body yet. RR says, "The Clueless Murder Case. I am leaving this to you kiddo. Crack it and you get a good raise. See you later"

    I ask, "The body's in the morgue?"

    RR says, "Yeah. Good luck finding any evidence on it though. I'm out of here. Get the yellow tape removed. This is a busy station after all. It's currently at University College, London Hospital"

    I say, "Fine. Get someone else to remove the tape. I'm off to the morgue. Linda, you coming or not?"

    She says, "Of course I'm coming."

    I walk to the parking lot and then I remember to check the camera feeds. I turn around and walk to the security room which has only one person in it. I show my ID to the guy and ask him to show me the camera feeds of the previous night. Surprisingly, at around 3 in the morning, there is a black out and all cameras are out. Five minutes later, there is a body on the platform. There is absolutely no sign of the assailant. Worst of all, the security chamber is empty. The night duty security roo officer was the victim. He was brutally mauled and murdered within five minutes and the assailant made sure to clean up and get rid of any evidence that remained of him. There is no evidence in the security room either. It too reeks of detergent. I tell Linda, "I want all the details of the victim. His private life, his professional life, any sort of info about him, any rumours, any **ing dirt on him, everything. I want you to find out every thing about him. I want you to find out every thing about his family. The ex's of his girlfriend or his wife. I want nothing to be left out. I'll go to the morgue. You go find out everything." I walk out but then remember that Linda has the keys to the car. I walk back in to see Linda holding the keys to the car. She says, "You do know that I am supposed to be backing your sorry asshole today. Besides, you can't drive if you don't have the key."

    I say, "Fine" I check the clock. It is still 9:30. I hate this.

    I snatch the car keys from Linda and say, "I'll drop you off in the station. You are going and running a background check on our victim."

    We both go to the car. I get into the driving seat. She gets into the car and closes the door. Linda then pushes me down and puts her hands around my neck and says seductively, "Well, big boy, you don't have any authority here. And besides, it still isn't even 10 in the morning. I am sure that you and I can go together. We can even have some time for ourselves." She says the last part much more seductively and very convincingly. I tell her, "How can I say no to you, my angel?" She says,"You know you can't, don't you?" She smiles and presses her lips down on mine. Her tongue trying to invade my mouth and I happily open. Our tongues wrestle for dominance. After a few minutes of glorious kissing the two of us separate and I say, we can have a more complete session later on once we're done. "Now, get off me. I need to drive us to the morgue." She obliges and good and settles down on the left seat. She tells me, "It's actually a hospital. Not a morgue" I sigh and start the car and drive into the main road A400. I drive until Euston Rd from where I turn right and then go a few meters for a U-turn and go into University College, London Hospital. I ask Linda, "What's our victim's full name?"

    She facepalms and asks me, "You didn't even check the victim's name? How much worse can you be, you bloody idiot?"

    "Language, my friends. Is that a way to speak in a hospital?" says a man who is in a doctor's clothes. That is Joseph Jeffrey. A good friend of mine. We're both alumni of Oxford. We were roommates when we were still in there. He has light Chestnut brown hair with chocolate brown eyes. He stands 5 foot 11 inches. His muscles aren't as well built up as mine but he had them.

    I tell him, "Is that any way to greet your friends Joseph?"

    "We are in a hospital filled with students and patients. So, yeah it is. And can you just shut the hell up?" He retorts.

    I hug him and say, "Now you're talking you damn sucker. How're you doing?"

    He pushes me back and said, "I'm doing fine."

    Linda smacks me on the head and asks, "If you boys are done talking, we need to do or job, Graham. Hey Jeffrey, where is the body of Jacob Sanders?"

    "Ah, him? The victim of the Clueless Murder Case? Follow me."

    He takes us to the top floor and into a ward. I see the body for real. I go up close and see the body. I wear rubber gloves so that evidence is not contaminated. I touch the neck. I say, "There are marks that show that there was an attempt to strangle him recently. His shoulders have many cuts, so the assailant was most likely using a weapon with a blade or a sharp edge. His arms are cut of, so the weapon was very sharp. But the way the arms have been cut feels more like they were ripped out than cut off. His stomach has many bruises, so he was probably punched in the guts many times. His ribs are most likely broken after a pounding. Oddly, nothing on his back or under his waist has been touched. That is in accordance with old dueling rules. His face has been burnt and charred. So as to leave no evidence for me. Give me a UV Light."

    Linda hands me a UV torch. I hold it in my hand and press the switch on button. I hold it over the body so that the UV light falls on the body. As told, there were no clue on it. I ask Joseph, "Did the autopsy get anything more or different from what I deduced?"

    He says, "Nay. It was just more detailed. Nothing more that can help you"

    Linda says, "Give us a copy. We'll decide if it is necessary or not to find the murderer"

    Joseph hands over a copy to Linda and says, "Good luck on the case. I need to get going now."

    Just like that, he leaves the room to me and Linda. I ask her, "What's the time?"

    "It's 11 am."

    Ten more work hours. That's enough time to crack this case, or at least figure out more clues about our murderer. This got fascinated me. A murder with no clues whatsoever. The best puzzle anyone can ask for. I say, "Let's go to H.Q and find out more about our victim. I'll drive." We get into the lift and go down to the basement where or car is parked. We steal a short kiss during that time. We then get off the lift and go towards the car. I drive out of the University and drive back into the A400 road. I drive from there until Tafalgar Square. From Tafalgar Square I drive into Whitehall Street and go to the Metropolitan Police Head-Quarters.

    We go to my lab from there. I switch on my computer and search for the name Jacob Sanders in my computer. He had quite a rocky life from what it seems but finally settled down after 18 years in his job. He never had a chance to have any kids cause he died on the day before his marriage. Today was supposed to be his marriage. His bride to be is a police officer, in the same building I am at, she is a night shift security officer. Her name is Gabrielle Iris Lindsey. I look for any past records of the both of them. While his wife had lead a spick and clean life, Jacob had made many enemies. All of them would happily kill him. All of them, fortunately were also in jail. Though one face got my mind. My face was linked to him by the name James Theodore Euler Edwin- Jacob's room mate until the last year when he moved in with his fiance. James was someone who had a vast criminal record. There was every crime I could think of other than money laundering, manslaughter, murder, assault and ****. Why does he have my face? I ask Linda, "Can you get me his wife? Maybe she can help us out."

    Linda answers me, "She's currently at the church to get married. Considering the classification of this murder, no more than fifteen people know of it. And I think she would be devastated. We wanted to break it to her later on. RR is there right now."

    I tell her, "We're going there. I have one suspect. James Theodore Euler Edwin. Jacob's room mate and a long time criminal. Gabrielle may be able to help us. Besides you are better to comfort her than RR." This may be wrong on many levels but what can I do? We go from our Police station to the couch Gabrielle is in. I get off and go into the church. I see a slim young woman sitting on a chair in the middle of the church crying in her palms. That must be Gabrielle. RR is sitting opposite to her and trying his best to console her. Though it is not working so well by the looks of it. Linda and I walk over to her. Linda says, "Hey Gabrielle, I know that Jacob is no longer with us, but would he want you to cry like this. I am sure he would only want to see you smiling and laughing. What would he think if he saw you like this?" Gabrielle continues to cry for a minute but then she settles down and says, "I guess you are right. Jacob wouldn't want me to cry."

    I put my hand on her's and say, "I know that we can't bring back Jacob, but I can promise you this much- the person who did this to Jacob won't be roaming free or roaming alive if I have anything to do with it. I sure you that Justice will be dealt to Jacob's assailant. For that I need your help. I need to know about the kind of people Jacob dealt with and also, I have one suspect in my mind. When you are feeling up to it, you can come over to the police HQ and help us out. We want to help you Gabrielle. We want to find this guy just as much you probably want to kick him in the nuts for this and then have him seventeen to death. We'll do everything in your power for that to happen. All we need is for your cooperation."

    Gabrielle boss her head and says, "I'll do it."

    I say, "Thanks. This message a lot. Let us know when you are ready."

    Gabrielle stammers and tells me, "No, I'll do it now. Right now."

    I am surprised. Though it is probably expected that she wants revenge for her husband. I see the flame of vengeance glowing in her eyes.

    I smile and say, "My suspect is James Theodore Euler Edwin. He was Jacob's roommate until last year. He's been off the grid for the past entire year. He had a fall out with Jacob last year and he also has a very grand criminal record which he may have completed with this murder. I want your help to capture him."

    "You're not James?" Gabrielle asks me with surprise in her voice. I tell her, "No.. I am Graham, CSI in London Metropolitan Police."

    "Oh... You look just like him and aren't wearing anything that confirms that you are a cop so I got confused. But I don't believe that James would murder Jacob. He may have had a notorious record but he isn't that low. Hell, he was supposed to be Jacob's best man today. Why would he murder Jacob?"

    That is news to me. I say, "That would make the betrayal all the worse if my suspicion is right and I haven't been wrong about these things, ever. If you believe that I am in the wrong, then all that is required is for James to be investigated. It will prove me wrong or it will prove you wrong. Thus far he is my only suspect and my only lead, and I won't let that go away."

    She nods her head. I ask her, "If he's supposed to the Best Man today then where is he?"

    She answers, "He went to the hospital to see Jacob. If it is actually true."

    Linda says, "RR would never lie about these kind of things. Besides, we were there just an hour ago. Your guy wasn't there."

    Just as she finished her words to Gabrielle, a young man who looks exactly like me was through the church doors. He is even wearing a similar sweater. He walks up to me and asks, "Who are you? Why are you impersonating me? You do know that impersonating someone is a punishable offence, don't you?"

    I say, "James Theodore Euler Edwin, I am Graham, CSI and detective for London Metropolitan Police. I need you to come with me and answer some questions." I take out my ID and show it to him.

    He looks at the ID and says, "That had to be a forgery. How else do you explain my face on your ID. You'll get it for forging an honest man and claiming to be someone else. I'll teach you a lesson and leave you at the foot of the police station." He raises his fist to punch me. I get up and get into a defensive position. I taunt him, "Well, I suppose you are just a barking dog who doesn't know how to bite." He screamed in rage at my words and takes a punch at my face. I duck and close the distance between the two of us and perform an uppercut aimed at his chin. He sidestepped it and screamed, "Come on. Let's see how long you can do this."

    "Longer than you can." I answer him. Physical training with RR has its perks. He laughs at my retort and lunges at me. I catch him and throw him around. He gets up almost instantly and tries to kick me. I back step the kick to avoid it. He jumps on a table and  attacks me from above. I am unable to defend against this one. I fall backwards as he removes a dagger and attacks me with it. I block his hand but the dagger cuts a little amount of skin on my left cheek. I take out my gun in retaliation to his move. I kick his shin and then punch his guts with my gun. He catches my arm and attacks me with his dagger. I catch him and we are at a stalemate, his dagger at my throat, my gun pointing at his guts.

    RR intervenes at this point and pulls James away from me, kicks James in the guts and then knees his face. He puts James down and handcuffs him from the back and says, "You Sir, are under arrest for interruption of a London Metropolitan Police investigation; assault and attempted murder of a police officer. The severity of your sentence will be based on the whims of the officer you assaulted. If you are unlucky enough, you may have to spend the rest of of your life in prison."

    I tell RR, "Bring him in for questioning. Gabrielle, I am truly sorry for your loss and wrecking your marriage hall."

    I move out of the church and get into my car and look at the time. It's half past noon. Linda gets in beside me. RR puts James in the backseat with another security officer. I drive back to the police station. It takes us fifteen minutes to reach there. We take James into the temporary jail and leave him inside. I come out and say, "It's almost one past noon. I'll go get myself pizza cause today's New Year's Day and I refuse to work with no clues or glucose. I'll come back from Pizza and then, we can interrogate James."

    I walk out and take a subway to Sudbury Town station. I walk home from there and go into my room. I remove my sweater and put on a long coat. I take out a key from the coat and open a compartment of my room and open a safe from there. In the safe are three books on ancient English Laws. I remove the first one and open it. Inside it is a Magnum .347 rifle with 30 bullets for it. I put the gun and ammo into my coat's inner holster. I put the book back into the safe and close it. I then walk out of the room and into the cold street.

    A/N: Hey all. Chapter 3. Thanks for reading. Why does our Graham have a gun in the morning? There's more coming...
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