2 Chapter 2

    It has been twelve years since Than Long and Polesse have broken out. They seemed to go missing without a trace, even other countries didn't know what happened to them. No one could find them, so they were just presumed, dead. Chief Karma has already retired, letting his subordinate, Ahrest, become the new chief. As for Rodney, he managed to become the Head Detective of Moony City. Chief Karma's son was going to graduate from the Moony Police Academy as one of the best, along with his best friend, Byron.

    "Hey, Karma!'

    Karma was walking out of the academy as he turned around when he heard someone call his name. "Hey, Byron!" Karma called to his friend, "Can you believe it? We did it!"

    "Yeah!" Byron said as he catched up to Karma, "This day could not be better than it is now, huh?"

    "I guess so." Karma laughed. He couldn't believe that after all his hard work, he would finally be part of the Moony City Police.

    "I see both of you have finally managed to have all your hardwork reap some benefits." Someone said behind them. "I still remember the time I finally became part of the police."

    "Instructor Torre!" Karma said as he saw their police instructor walk up to them, "What are you doing here, sir?"

    "Well, I came to ask you something. Do you know what department you'll both be in?" Instructor Torre asked them.

    "No, sir."

    Instructor Torre sighed. "I wonder why they can't just tell us what departments you'll be in." He told them, "It'll be a lot easier than going there and asking them. Come on then, you two follow me."

    As they arrived at the police station, they saw a lot of police officers working. There seemed to be endless phone calls and the officers seemed to never stop working. They heard officers greeting Instructor Torre occasionally like "Hey, Torre." Or "Long time no see, officer Torre."

    "What department were you in, Instructor?" Byron asked Instructor Torre.

    "Well, I used to work in the Forensics Department before I decided to go become an instructor at the academy. Anyway, here we are."

    Instructor Torre stopped in front of a door labeled "Chief's Office". He knocked on the door, and they heard someone say "come in."

    When they entered, they saw a man sitting on the chair and a person in a trench coat next to him. Karma assumed the one sitting on the chair must be the chief while the one next to him must be a detective.

    "Ah, Mr. Torre, long time no see, how are you doing?" the Chief asked him.

    "Just fine, Chief Ahrest, and I hope you're also doing fine. I've come with to ask which department my two students will be in."

    "Ah, right, the new recruits." The Chief said, "Detective Rodney, why don't you tell them?"

    Detective Rodney nodded as he got a file holder out of a drawer. "Let's see here." He said while looking for their names on a long list. "Ah, here we are. Byron, you will be assigned to the Drugs and Organized Crime Prevention Department. As for Karma," he looked for his name, "He will be assigned to the Homicide Department."

    Chief Ahrest looked at them both. "I think you both must be wondering what you'll do?"

    "Yes, sir." Byron and Karma said together.

    "Very well, then." Chief Ahrest said, "Mr. Torre, you may leave."

    When Mr. Torre left, Chief Ahrest started telling them. "Well," he said, "In the Drugs and Organized  Crime Prevention Department, you'll be the one helping the police catch those drug dealers and smugglers, stuff like that." The Chief told Byron, "As for you, Karma, the Homicide Department, as you can tell from the name, is in charge of catching people who killed someone else. Excuse me for a moment."

    At that moment, the phone rang and the Chief picked it up. "Hello," he said, "Moony Police Department, how can I help you? What? I see. Very well." The Chief put down the phone. "There has been a murder at some house at Grennings Street. Detective Rodney, please alert the Cybercrime Prevention Department, the Forensics Department. Tell them to have some men ready there."

    "Yes, sir." Detective Rodney said, although he was unsure why one crime needed so much members from different departments.

    "Oh, and also," The Chief said, "Please bring Officer Karma and Officer Byron with you."

    "What, really, sir?" Byron asked the chief, "Our first day on the job, and we get to go to a crime?"

    "Well, normally I would let some more experienced officers do it." Chief Ahrest said, "But they're busy at the moment. And I have my full confidence in you too. Also, this is no ordinary murder. It was the murder of a certain criminal that we've been after for a long time."

    Karma and Byron looked at each other. It was their first day, and they get to solve a crime! Chief Ahrest saw their enthusiasm and told them. "I trust you will not disappoint me."

    "Yes, sir!" They both said.

    "Good. You may now go."

    Detective Rodney closed the door behind them when the three of them already left. "Well, your first investigation." Detective Rodney said, "Let me inform the other departments first. You two."  He said to Karma and Byron, "You will wait at the exit for me. I'll be back soon." Rodney told them as he ran off.

    When Detective Rodney came back, he was accompanied by a prosecutor. Detective Rodney seemed to be frowning as he talked to the prosecutor.

    "Are you sure that you can go, prosecutor?" Rodney inquired. "I don't think this is normally allowed, you might need the chief's approval first."

    "Oh, no need for that."  the prosecutor replied. "I already got his permission." she pulled out a piece of paper and started to read of it. "I, Chief Ahrest, Chief of the Moony City Police Department, hereby give my permission to-"

    "Fine, then!" Detective Rodney said. "But just because the chief allowed you doesn't mean I do!"

    The prosecutor and Detective Rodney walked up to Karma and Byron. "This is Prosecutor Sarah Parker. She'll  be joining us for some reason." Detective Rodney said, exasperated.

    "Well, since I'll be prosecuting the case," Prosecutor Parker said, "I'd better at least know what evidence I'm using."

    "Fine, then." Detective Rodney said then looked at Karma and Byron. "You both ready?"

    They nodded. "Yes, sir."

    "Very well. Let's go."
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