5 Chapter 5

    "Mayor May Earl, and Judge George Myntall, thank you for coming." Chief Ahrest said, "I called you here today because we need you two to sign this Search Warrant."

    "Yes, that's all very well and good, Chief Ahrest , but can you please explain what happened first? I want to make sure there are valid grounds for signing it." Judge Myntall said.

    "Yes." Mayor Earl agreed, "I would also like to know if there is a reasonable argument. Can't have the police searching innocent people's houses, can we?  It would be bad for my political career."

    "Yes, yes, I see." Chief Ahrest said, "Detective Rodney, please explain."

    "Will do."

    "Okay."  Detective Rodney said, "Please pay close attention, everyone. We found this letter at the crime scene." Detective Rodney pulled it out and showed it to everyone. "It says in this letter that "the Paradox Group is coming after me, but I know they are also your enemy." Detective Rodney read out loud, " Help me out, Mr. Lusserson. I also know your secret identity." Detective Rodney took a brief moment to put the letter back, then he pulled out the cyanide bottle. "We also have this bottle of cyanide." He said, "It was made by Paradox Industries, yet it is not available in stores and supermarkets. We think that it is directly linked to the Paradox Group."

    "Hmm. That looks good enough, I guess." Judge Myntall said, "Reminds me when I was still a new prosecutor." He reminiscent, "I was always trying to get enough evidence for a warrant. Can't say that I always succeeded, though." He chuckled a bit, and then pulled out a pen. "George S. Myntall, District Judge. Hey, Mayor, why don't you sign next?"

    "I'm not sure..... I need to make sure that this is valid." Mayor Earl said, "Show me some more evidence, and I'll sign it."

    "Oh, I see." Chief Ahrest said, frowning slightly. "Well, why don't you and Judge Myntall stay here for a while? I'm sure they'll get more evidence soon enough."

    "Well," Judge Myntall said, "I'm due for a trial, so I think I have to be going now. I've signed it now, only the Mayor's left to worry about. I'll be taking my leave now. Goodbye."

    Judge Myntall stopped in front of Officer Karma and Byron. "I see you two are the new recruits." He said, "Good job getting those, but it'll take more to convince the Mayor. Good luck." Then he left.

    "Well, how about you, Mayor Earl?" Chief Ahrest asked.

    "I guess I could stay here for a while." Mayor Earl said, "But not more than half an hour. I also have a very important meeting to go to."

    "Oh." Chief Ahrest said, "I see. Well Detective Rodney, Officer Karma, and Officer Byron, please hurry, we need some more evidences. Oh, and Rodney," He whispered to Detective Rodney. "We only have one shot at this. If we fail to get more evidence, we won't be able to get the warrant!"

    "Don't worry, we got this." Detective Rodney said, although he looked uncertain. "Come on," he said to Byron and Karma, "Let's go."

    When they arrived at the crime scene again, they saw Officer Grand talking with Prosecutor Parker. "Hey, Officer Grand!" Detective Rodney called, "You're still here?"

    "Why, yes, of course I'm still here!" Officer Grand replied, looking annoyed. "The case isn't over, is it? Anyway, we searched the entire place already. There shouldn't be any more evidence."

    "And what are you doing here?" Prosecutor Parker asked Detective Rodney.

    "Well, we're investigating. Why are you here?"

    "The case is tomorrow, so I'm here to get some more evidence."

    "Did you find anything?" Officer Karma asked hopefully.

    "Well, no. And even if I found evidence, I wouldn't give it to you guys."

    "Good point." Detective Rodney said, "Anyway, Officer Grand, where's Doctor Brown?"

    "He's over there." Officer Grand said, pointing to the next room. "Why, do you need him? I could call him."

    "Did anyone call me?" Doctor Brown asked, walking towards them. "Oh, Rodney, you're here again. And Karma and Byron."

    "Yes. Anyway, Doctor, did you find anything useful?" Detective Rodney asked.

    Doctor Brown shook his head. "No," He said, "There's nothing anymore here to find. All of the evidence has already been taken."

    "Really? There's nothing left? As in nothing?"

    "Yeah, nothing." Doctor Brown said. "All the evidence has already been taken. Why, do you need them?"

    "You could say that." Detective Rodney said, "I guess we'll have to look elsewhere." he said to Karma and Byron when he turned around.

    "But before you leave, do you have the autopsy report I showed you?" Officer Grand asked Karma. "I can't seem to find it."

    "There was an autopsy report?" Detective Rodney asked.

    "Yeah!" said Prosecutor Parker " There was an autopsy report?"

    "Well, there was, but I guess you'll have to get another one at the police station."

    Just then, that came Officer Byron an idea. "Hey, Karma, you do still have that autopsy report, right?"

    "I think so" Karma said as he looked through his pockets. "It's here, why?"

    "Because," Byron explained. "It says that the victim was killed by the cyanide, which proved he was killed by it. We could show it to the Mayor."

    "Great idea, Byron!" Karma exclaimed. "I guess we all forgot about it then, huh. We better get going now, the Mayor will be leaving soon."

    "Hey, Detective Rodney, I know what we can do now!" Officer Byron called to Detective Rodney, who turned around to him.

    "Hm? What can we do?"

    "Hey, Detective Rodney, we can show the Mayor this autopsy report! It says here that the victim was killed by the cyanide, so the Mayor will have to sign it."

    "Great idea! Do you still have the autopsy report?" Detective Rodney asked Karma.

    "Yes, sir. I still have it here." He held it up to show them.

    "Hey! That's my autopsy report." Officer Grand exclaimed.

    "Sorry, Officer Grand, but we need to borrow this." Detective Rodney said. "Couldn't you just get another one back at the police station?"

    "Well, I guess I could..."

    Detective Rodney looked at his watch. "We only have five minutes left! Come on, we better hurry before the Mayor leaves."

    When they arrived at the station, they saw Chief Ahrest standing outside. They went to talk to him.

    "Hey, Chief." Rodney said as they went towards him, "What's wrong? Where's the Mayor?"

    "Well, thank goodness you're here!" Chief Ahrest said to Rodney. "Just a bit longer and the Mayor would've left! Do you have the evidence?"

    Detective Rodney held up the autopsy report. "There's no more new evidence, but this might work. Since it proves that Paradox Industries was part of it, she can't possibly say no."

    "Well, you'd better hurry." Chief Ahrest said, pointing toward a limousine. "The Mayor is about to leave. Hurry, quick!"

    "Hey, wait! Mayor Earl! We got what you asked for!" Detective Rodney shouted as they ran towards the Mayor.

    "Sorry, but you can't be here." One of the Mayor's bodyguards stopped them. "The Mayor has strictly ordered-"

    "No, that's alright, Ted." Mayor Earl said as she stepped out of the limousine. "Well, what are you waiting for? What do you have?"

    Rodney showed her the autopsy report. "Paradox Industries is involved in this case." He said, "It says right here, in this autopsy report. So please, Mayor, sign the Search Warrant. We really need to search that place."

    The Mayor took the autopsy report and read it. "Well, yes, I suppose so." She said, "I guess, I'll have to sign it. Ted, please get me a pen."

    The mayor signed the warrant and gave it back to them. "There, here you go." She said, "I do hope you manage to catch the villains. Now, I've wasted long enough. I best be off now."

    "Great, we got the warrant now." Chief Ahrest said, "We'd better search one of them, before they can destroy the evidence."

    "I agree." Detective Rodney said. "Let's search Paradox Industries first. They won't expect a thing at all."
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