9 Chapter 9

    As Detective Rodney and Officer Karma walked out of the interrogation room, a couple of officers spotted them and saluted at Detective Rodney. Detective Rodney saluted back and went towards them.

    "Do you have anything to do?" Detective Rodney asked them.

    "No, sir, we're currently on break." One of the officers answered. "Why, is there a problem?"

    "Well, we need your help." Detective Rodney told them. "We're going to go investigate the Luminescence Corporation. Get a few more men and meet us outside."

    "Yes, sir." the officers said to Detective Rodney before leaving. Officer Karma was surprised at how much authority Detective Rodney had.

    "Well, we should be going now." Detective Rodney told Karma. They both walked towards the exit.

    As they left the police station and entered the parking lot, Detective Rodney pulled out a set of keys, unlocked the car, and tossed them at Karma.

    "Here, you'll be driving." Detective Rodney told Karma as Karma caught the keys. Karma got into the driver's seat and turned on the car. Detective Rodney got into the passenger's seat and was about to put on the seatbelt when an officer came.

    "Sir, we're ready now." the officer told Detective Rodney. "Let's go investigate now."

    "Right." Detective Rodney said to the officer. When the officer left, Detective Rodney turned to Karma and said, "Ready to go?"

    "Whenever you're ready." Officer Karma told Detective Rodney.

    Detective Rodney closed the door and put on his seatbelt. "Okay, I'm ready, let's go."

    Officer Karma turned on the sirens and drove off, being followed by some police cars.

    CEO Lucy van Lusserson was busy writing up a report in his office when his business partner, Thlong, barged in.

    "Yes, what do you want?" Lucy asked Thlong, somewhat annoyed, although not taking his face off the report.

    "Eclaire has just been arrested." Thlong told Lucy, "They caught him destroying evidence of the cyanide that was used to kill Deyd."

    "What?!" Lucy said angrily, banging the desk and standing up. "Darn that Eclaire, getting caught like that! I supposed the police will be coming for us now?"

    "Yes, they obviously are." Thlong said, "Want me to-?"

    "No, I'll do it myself, I've got to do something anyway. Be back in 30 minutes." Lucy said, as he looked at a box with the words "Fragile" and took it.

    "Hey, where are you going? And what's with that box?" Thlong tried to ask Lusy, but he already left the room.

    "Let us in!" Detective Rodney said to Thlong as he tried to prevent them from entering the CEO's office.

    "I've told you, you can't get in!" Thlong said, "Lucy isn't back yet!"

    "Well, we've got a warrant, so move out of the way!" Detective Rodney said, slamming into the door. He fell into the room and fell down.

    "Sir, are you alright?" Officer Karma said, reaching down and pulling Detective Rodney up.

    "Yes, I am." Detective Rodney said, getting up. "But Lucy van Lusserson isn't here at all." he said, surveying the room.

    "Well, I told you." said an agitated Thlong, "So you should just-"

    "Well, well, well, looks like I have some guests." A cool voice said behind them.

    Detective Rodney and Karma looked behind them and saw middle aged man wearing a fabulous purple suit that went well with his fancy purple hair.

    "So, I see that the police are here." Lucy said, revealing his shiny teeth and wiggling his fingers, showing all the fancy and expensive rings on his fingers and his golden watch.

    "Yes, that's right. And you are Lucy van Lusserson?" Detective Rodney asked him.

    "Yes, I am!" Lucy exclaimed, gesturing his arms dramatically. "And who might you two be?"

    "I'm Detective Rodney, and this is Officer Karma. We're here-" Detective Rodney said to Lucy van Lusserson.

    "Wait a second." Mr. Lusserson said, raising his hand to silence them. "Do I know you? You look familiar..."

    "What? I don't think we've ever met." Detective Rodney told Mr. Lusserson. "Anyway, as I was saying, we're here to investigate the murder of Deyd Krimeenall."

    "Must be my imagination, then." Lucy said as he went back to his desk, sat down, and put his feet on the table. "So, you have a warrant or what?" he asked them, checking his nails.

    Detective Rodney pulled out the warrant and showed it to Lucy van Lusserson. Mr. Lusserson read it and gave it back.

    "Okay, so now I know what's the matter." Lucy van Lusserson said, raising his arms and shaking it around.

    "Yes, and now that you know, we'll be expecting you to cooperate." Detective Rodney said to Mr. Lusserson.

    "Obviously, I will." Lucy said.

    "Well, then we will have one question for you." Detective Rodney said, " Do you know Mr. Deyd Krimeenall?"

    Lucy van Lusserson answered, "No, of course not. In fact, who in the world is that person?

    "Come on, you know that person" Detective Rodney said. He pulled out a piece of paper. "This is the letter that Deyd Krimeenall was going to send you before he died."

    "Well, I'm not supposed to know everyone that sends me letters, am I?" Lucy van Lusserson said, "Just because he's going to send me a letter doesn't mean I'm supposed to know who he is."

    "Oh, really? On the contrary, I think you should know precisely who he is." Detective Rodney said, "He seems to know a lot about you. There's something in this letter about your 'real identity', can you please explain this?"

    "I have no idea." said Mr. Lusserson in an unconcerned voice, "Perhaps you should've asked him about it. I have no secret identity."

    "Well, he's dead. The next best person to ask was you, naturally." said Detective Rodney, "It also gives you a moti-"

    "Well, look at the time, I better get back to work." said Lucy van Lusserson hurriedly. He shoved them all, including Thlong, out of his office. "Thlong, keep an eye on them. Good luck investigating!"

    Detective Rodney sighed. "Well, atleast we still get to investigate." He said, "Let's go."
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