2 Chapter One

    No one knows the reason for Tabitha's death. Or Tobi's disappearance. The police   say that they're looking for them but I don't think so. No posters bare the name of kids who have gone missing for over 5 years. The entire town of Seattle is ignoring the fact that someone is out there killing people. I wonder how they would react if they were to find out if it was a friend of theirs.

    I was in the middle of washing dishes, when I heard my front door creaking open. I grabbed the kitchen knife that I just cleaned, hiding it in my sleeve. My breath came out hitched and uneven. What if the serial killer was here, and I can't defend myself? The door creaked again, closing. I closed my eyes tightly, muttering a short prayer. The slight sound of shoes on my tile was heard, forcing me to open my eyes wide. They were behind me. I turned around knife raised.

    "Woah, woah.  Baekla, calm down," they said.

    I relaxed my tense muscles before saying anything, trying to catch my breath. My heart was pounding in my throat, making me light-headed. I had set down the knife. "Marra, are you trying to give me a heart-attack? There is a serial killer out here. I know you live in Ohio, but I already told you this."

    My friend shrugged. "You need a new lock. I was totally able to pick it. You'll be dead in about, I don't know, three days?"

    I turned away, staring at the sink. "Geez, thanks a lot. You sure do bring me joy."

    Marra looked at me seriously. "Hey I know something you like to do a lot." I turned around to look at her. She then pulled a wooden board out of her backpack. I smiled at her.

    *    *    *            *    *    *

    The only way for me to rid of my stress is by talking to my mother. We walked into the living room and dimmed the lights. My mother was sleeping, but woke when we came in the room.

    She had beautiful strawberry blonde hair and stormy gray eyes, that got bigger when she saw me.

    "Guess what, Mom. We brought your favorite game to play," I said, setting the board down. She looked at me, a soft look in her eyes. "I thought you were done playing this game, Sweetie," she said.

    "No, this is the only game I like playing anymore." I set the game up, placing my piece onto the board. Harra placed her fingers onto her piece and started moving it around the board. My mother closed her eyes, looking very peaceful, and started mumbling some words, inaudible to me. Me and Harra looked down at the board and closed our eyes as well.


    She muttered a soft, "Hmm?"

    "Uh, did you hear about mass murders that have been happening all around town?" I questioned, almost fearing the answer.

    Her eyes flew open when I said that. Her face's expression was filled with concern and sorrow.

    She hesitated before speaking. "Yes," she said quietly. "I know many of the people that have died. The other stuff I have seen can't even relate to this."

    My mom studied me carefully. Her eyebrows knit together when she saw my frustrated look. "What's wrong, Baekla?"

    "Nothing just... I hate the fact that there are serial killers literally everywhere." Marra looked at me and gave me a friendly pat on the shoulder.

    "It'll be okay," she said. "I mean, I'm always thinking, hey what if it was you and not me?" I don't know what I would do. But then I shake off the thought and get back to life."

    I smiled weakly at Marra. "Thank you, Mar-"

    "Who are you talking to?"
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