1 Butterfly

    I'm in love with her.

    She's just so breathtaking, every time I see her I would often time stay there gawking.

    I could feel myself blush when she smiles at me and I'd smile back then she'd giggle.

    We would have this silent communication from afar, we would stare at each other then laugh all of a sudden surprising the people around us.

    We don't talk about this small instances in person but we communicate through our eyes and seek approval on what happened was real, expressing what's deep inside ourselves.

    Sometimes when we sit side by side I would hold her hand under the table she would secretly blush and I'll internally smile to myself.

    Once we were at a friend's house, our friend left to go to the bathroom leaving just the two of us and out of nowhere she kissed me on the lips it was unexpected and fast I couldn't react. When our friend returned we acted as if nothing happened.

    There was a time when one of our guy friends told me he had a crush on her I almost punched him right in the face but I controlled myself. I was like her best friend maybe that's why he approached me. I told him to give up because she likes someone else, he asked who oh how badly I wanted to say it was me but I didn't.

    I told her that a friend had a crush on her, the look of surprise on her face was adorable. She said she didn't like him and told me not to worry. I asked her why would I worry, the look of hurt on her face almost broke me so I kissed her the feeling was out of a fairy tale. I pulled back and told her I wouldn't worry because I knew the one she loves is me. She blushed and nodded yes.

    Ever since that day our behavior became a little more bold, instead of holding hands from time to time we would do it every chance we get of course it was still a secret.

    Our kisses became more frequent and the sexual tension between us increased. I'm glad only the two of us could feel it.

    The time came when our friends planned a vacation we got roomed together since our friends brought their significant others, we were the only ones who were single, at least that's what they thought. The start of the night was nerve wrecking, she stood in front of me then started to strip while looking directly me in the eye. I panicked and stopped her, she just gave me a look and started kissing my neck, I gave in. We were on a vacation for two weeks and on the nights of those weeks we made love until morning.

    Many wouldn't approve of our relationship, we're aware that we would get in trouble if someone finds out.

    I am after all her twin brother.


    The title is butterfly is because I read somewhere butterfly is a symbol of incest. Haha.
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