2 Adam and Eve

    I hate him.

    I hate his dazzling smile.

    I hate his heart melting laugh.

    I hate how his eyes can penetrate through my soul.

    I hate his amazing personality.

    I hate the way he lights up my world.

    And just I hate how he made me fall in love without catching me.

    Loving him is the most painful thing I have ever experienced, but the thing that hurt me the most is how he tried returning my feelings alas it was just for naught. I thought I was Eve and he was my Adam. He took me high up in the sky and made crash to the abyss called love. He was ecstasy that made me delirious, the drug that courses through my veins piercing my heart. I thought he felt the same way but I was just a cover up for the person he truly loves.

    He courted me every day even when I already said yes.

    He whispered sweet nothings in my ear.

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    He made my heart skip a beat every time I see him.

    The way he lovingly caress my hair.

    The way he just instantly makes me happy with his silly antics.

    He doesn't realize how much I fell for him. How much it hurts when I found out about his secret lover. But I accepted it, I accepted him. After all it was never Adam and Eve, it had always been Adam and Steve.
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