5 Wife

    "Hon, tomorrow after work I won't be able to return early." A tall slightly chubby man said to his wife while combing his wife's hair.

    "Oh? Then should I prepare dinner for you?" The woman in white said.

    The 40 year old man smiled in the mirror to look at his wife's eyes. "No need, I'll just grab something on the way home."


    "You're working overtime Kev?" A man, what seems like an office worker, asked his co-worker.

    The chubby man with glasses sighed. "Yeah, I need to finish this report by tomorrow."

    The office worker laughed. "Tough to be you."

    "Yeah, I already miss my wife. I bet she she didn't listen to me and still made dinner." The glasses man lamented.

    His co-worker wrinkled his eyebrows. "You have a wife?"

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    "Of course, I do." Kevin answered.


    "Hey Dan, does Kevin have a wife?" The co-worker from before asked his colleague.

    "Kevin? As in Kevin Dough?" The colleague clarified. Then the worker nodded. "Yeah, but she died two years ago."

    The worker's eyes widened. "WHAT?!" Then why did he say she made dinner?! He almost screamed.


    "Wife I'm home." The man announced. He went to the master's bedroom and picked out a dress. Kevin started undressing then wore the blue dress with a bit of difficulty because of his plump body. After wearing the dress he applied make up on and put on a brunette wig, he slightly smile in the mirror and said. "Welcome home hon!"
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