7 Narcissism

    "YOU'RE INSANE!" A young man with blond hair in his twenties screams.

    Another young man but with brunette hair just chuckles in amusement. "I prefer being called someone with unique taste."

    The blond yells in agitation. "I never knew you were this kind of person! I thought you just were a narcissist but to think you're a **ing psycho!"

    The brunette approached the young man who was chained to the wall. "You have such a beautiful face yet such foul mouth."

    "You're disgusting." The chained person spat.

    "Disgusting? I believe I'm quite handsome and charming." The dark haired young man said.

    "I wasn't insulting you're looks that would be an insult to me." The blond scoffs.

    The brunette eyes twinkles in delight. "So you finally admit we look alike."

    "You keep pointing it out might as well agree, I'm just glad my parents didn't raise me to be narcissistic as you."

    "It's called self love, that's what my parents taught me. You should try it sometimes Andrew."

    "And become psychotic like you, no thanks Nathan." Andrew mocks.

    Nathan chuckles and starts tracing his fingers across Andrews chest in which the latter flinches away.

    "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?! YOU BETTER FUCKING STAY AWAY FROM ME!" Andrew bellows as the chains clinks together when he avoided Nathan's touch.

    "I didn't I tell you before? You're mine now, it means I can do whatever I want with you." Nathan explains.

    "NO! FUCK YOU!" Andrew struggles out of the chains.

    "Really now?" Nathan looks at Andrews lower region.

    Andrew visibly froze. "It's not what it looks like!"

    Nathan softly laughs. "You say no so strongly yet you have a hard on."

    "It's the adrenaline!" Andrew denies.

    "No need to deny, I'm sexually attracted to you too. This is what we call genetic sexual attraction, in which close blood relatives will feel a jolt of connection so overwhelming it becomes sexual attraction, it happens 50% of reunited families that was separated when they were young and met up as adults. What you're feeling right now is only natural."

    "NO!" Andrew yells.

    "Of course for me it's because you look so beautiful, how can I possibly not get attracted to you?" Nathan smirks.

    Andrews face twists in fluster and conflict. "But we're brothers..."

    Nathan looks at Andrew and touches his brother's dick. "Then let's start the fun twin."
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