13 A Chance at Dissection

    Within that instant, everyone's head turned in awe towards Gu Jun. Their eyes overflowed with shock and disbelief, as though they just witnessed something unbelievable.

    Tycoon Jun, Clinical Skills Competition? These 2 terms coming together would be the clash of the century and would lead to a lethal allergic reaction!

    What's more, this was no regular competition. It was one where the geniuses and skilled professionals across Eastern Province's top medical colleges came together. Indeed, Eastern University may have taken the majority of Medical geniuses under their wing, but there were still several hidden talents lurking in the other schools. This was especially true in the most significant and long time rival schools such as Qingyun University, Qihua University and Dongyang University.

    The most significant competition between the top 4 medical colleges of Eastern Province! Without a doubt, there would be hot competition amongst the competitors even if the test were about tricky tasks like "Heart-Lungs Resuscitation".

    "Which area do you wish to compete in?" Professor Gu blankly asked. "Competing to be the top in creating medical disasters?"


    Xu Hai was the first to burst into a suppressed chuckle. Zhang Haoran and He Yuhan then erupted into laughter. In their cacophony of laughter, they all treated Gu Jun as a joke. They thoroughly enjoyed Professor Gu's top tier punchline.

    On the other hand, Cai Zixuan remained calm. Wang Ruoxiang also did not even flinch. She could tell from Gu Jun's expression that he was serious. An absolute, seemingly unfitting, seriousness.

    "Professor, I'm serious. I wish to join the competition," Gu Jun spoke calmly, not taking offence at the ridicule. He knew that they had not accepted his sudden shift in attitude.

    "You wish to compete?" Professor Gu's face turned stone cold. The flames of rage flickered in his eyes as he looked at Gu Jun. "On what basis do you think you are qualified?"

    The air in the laboratory immediately dropped to pin-drop silence just like the calm before the storm. Everyone seemed to be in a daze. Their heads spun questions like 'Who am I?' and 'What am I doing here?'

    Cai Zixuan was caught in a dilemma. His heart yearned to speak up for his friend, yet words failed to form in his mouth. In the past, Professor Gu had the time to help Gu Jun and kept on giving him advice. Alas, he turned out this way. He had all the right to be fuming. Despite being at a loss for words, Cai Zixuan attempted, "Professor Gu, recently. Gu Jun..."

    "I've heard that he's working hard recently." a sudden melodious voice chirped from the sides. Wang Ruoxiang spoke for him. That one sentence took everyone by surprise. They never expected that support from Wang Ruoxiang.

    Gratefully, Gu Jun looked at the two of them and then turned towards Professor Gu. He did not blame the teacher for lecturing him. The only thing he wished for was for him to recognise his efforts.

    He sincerely pleaded, "Professor Gu, people change. I have changed for the better. I believe that with my ability, I will be able to earn the right to stand on that stage."

    Looking at his prodigal student, the anger gradually faded from his weathered and wrinkled face. Soon, the seed of hope and expectation sprouted once again within Professor Gu.

    He did have a certain level of understanding about this student. While Gu Jun was smart and talented, he was also unmotivated and lazy. However, a moment of laziness did not equate to a lifetime of uselessness. He had always held on to the hope that he would change for the better in the future.

    Looking at his student, the thinning appearance was evident. However, his focused and sharp aura suddenly changed.

    Having seen thousands of patients through his tons of years as a doctor, Professor Gu knew that he could assess a person accurately. Maybe...

    As that thought passed through his mind, Professor Gu could not retain his anger any longer. "This competition only invites the most talented amongst the talents. Within Eastern University, only the selected few in the Frontier Cup are eligible. If you have truly changed for the better, then go and improve yourself and wait for the next opportunity."

    Hearing that, Gu Jun turned with a flash of craftiness streaking across his eyes.

    Deep down, he felt that Professor Gu had withheld some information. If the country was frantically holding such a massive competition and even inviting medical students, the criteria to enter should not be that stringent. It was probable that Professor Gu was also given several other name slots. Once again, he pleaded, "Teacher, bring me along. Let me prove myself to you."

    Hearing this, no one else spoke. They knew that this was no place for them to speak.

    Facing these earnest eyes, Professor Gu sighed and hummed to himself. Then he said, "Rascal, I bet you've guessed it. Indeed, we professors can bring along some other students that we deem fit and suitable. You want this chance? Fine, let me give you a chance to prove yourself. If you are outstanding enough, this old man will bring you along!"

    "Thank you, Professor!" Gu Jun immediately thanked Professor Gu. It seems like his guess was spot on.

    What? Xu Hai and Zhang Haoran grumbled unhappily in their hearts.

    We've heard that Professor Gu was extremely biased towards Gu Jun, but we never believed it. With this, it seems to be absolutely right!

    OMG! This is exciting!

    Seeing how his best friend, Gu Jun, gained approval, Cai Zixuan's heart leapt and pounded with excitement. He had almost broken out and recited a poem in celebration.

    On his side, Wang Ruoxiang's lips curled up slightly. The competition this time was indeed extraordinary. Who knows, maybe medicure for their patients could even be one of the topics.

    "Everyone, quickly get to work. You have to finish this by noon." Professor Gu gestured with his arm, breaking the shock and urging his students to work faster. "In the afternoon, we will begin practicing. This time, the competition has made it clear that each contestant would be tested on dissection. As such, the school will be giving cadavers as support."

    Everyone immediately got to work with their various experiments. At the same time, they struggled to interpret the words they just heard.

    Everyone has to do dissection? This competition is abnormal!

    In Wang Ruoxiang's heart, she lamented. Looks like medicure could really be tested!

    "Gu Jun, you will be following me for today," Professor Gu instructed as he snorted. "In the afternoon, I will let you hold a scalpel. Don't go saying that you were not given any opportunities!"

    Human Dissection?

    Gu Jun nodded. "Uhm, alright."

    His heart was pounding rapidly. Indeed his nerves were bundling together. However, he was not afraid.

    First, everyone almost had the same experience when it comes to human dissection. After all, cadavers were scarce and precious. The opportunities for students to engage with this tricky procedure on an actual human body was heavily limited. Most of their practices were with animals. The most significant difference would be individual scalpel handling. Indeed, his skill in the past was dismal. However, he had poured himself into stringent and constant practice. What's more...

    In his mind, Gu Jun called out the system's abilities list.

    [Host's Abilities List: 1 Type

    Hands of Dexterity

    Rarity: ★ (From Lowest to Highest, 1★ to 10★)

    Cultivation Potential: 3rd Tier

    Host's Ability Tier: 1st Tier (4500/5000 Proficiency).]

    After his diligent practice, he had understood the criteria to increase his Proficiency. Regular practice made little contribution. On the other hand, accomplishing missions related to handiwork would bring a considerable gain. On top of that, any practice activity produced about less proficiency than actual operating on patients.

    The Hands of Dexterity were just 500 Proficiency Points away from raising to the next tier. Gu Jun was well aware that if he wished to make it as far as he could in the competition, he had to level up this skill to the highest level and refine his pair of hands to be better.

    While thinking about this plan, he opened the Mission Log again.

    [NORMAL Mission: By today, complete Intravenous Injection on 100 Mice. Mission Rewards, 1 box of Human Brain Stem Tumour Targeted Therapy. The drug will extend the Host's lifespan by 5 days.

    DIFFICULT Mission: Within 3 days, complete a dissection on a malformed human. Mission Rewards, 1 Incomplete Anatomical Reference.

    Abyssal Mission: Within 1 week, complete the dissection of 1 Bhole. Mission Rewards, Unknown]

    What in the world is a Bhole? Where am I to find it? Gu Jun was perplexed beyond belief. With a sigh, he turned and looked at the DIFFICULT mission.

    What are these Mission Rewards? 1 Incomplete Anatomical Reference?

    Was it a structure of the dissected body of an animal or maybe the Ghouls?

    If it was an anatomical structure, there would be a legend attached. If it was done in the mysterious language again, Gu Jun could possibly get a breakthrough in understanding it. Very likely, he could match the concepts like "Nerves", "Veins", "Artery" and "Bones". From there, he could find his way.

    Furthermore, this was a difficult task. He has never completed a difficult level task before.

    Normal, mutation, malformed, these were the terms used to classify the structure of the human body.

    Medically, mutation referred to differences in structures that have a low incidence. These differences had little effect on appearance or function. Similarly, malformation referred to differences in structures that have a low frequency. However, they had a severe impact on appearance or function. Some mutations and malformations possessed paramount clinical significance. Therefore, in classes, the professors would specifically instruct any abnormalities in the structure during anatomical dissections to be raised up. This was to allow all students to have a chance to observe. After all, these opportunities were rare.

    With the mission being this specific, Gu Jun had already walked into his first obstacle. He had to find a cadaver with malformations. This was incredibly rare.

    "Why are you stuck in a daze over there! Quickly go and help!" Professor Gu's voice boomed over.

    How dare he claim to have changed when he's still so lazy!

    "Coming! Coming!" Withdrawing his wild thoughts, Gu Jun immediately rushed over and wore his disposable gloves and mask. Upon Wang Ruoxiang's instructions, he acted as an aide to Cai Zixuan.

    He would help for the entire morning till noon. During the whole process, the Proficiency of the Hands of Dexterity did not even budge. Well, it was to be expected. He acted as admin support-- recording the data from the treatment team, be it the dosage or the sizes of the tumours. Whatever they said, he recorded. The experiment team had not dared to leave the photodynamic treatment to him as of now. These lab rats with tumours were highly precious specimens.

    In the afternoon, he followed the crowd to the school cafeteria for lunch and a short break. After which, they headed off with Professor Gu to the Dissection Building.

    The Dissection Building was a massive classical-style building, more than ten stories high. Perhaps due to its old age, the whole building seemed to be exuding the smell of formalin, pungent and decaying. While vehicles were all neatly lined up in the parking spaces, there weren't many teachers or students around.

    As soon as the team arrived at the main entrance, Professor Gu assigned the tasks. "Boys, go to the mortuary and request for a cadaver. Choose one that is better preserved." This matter was not suitable for girls, mainly due to strength considerations. Wang Ruoxiang and He Yuhan were responsible for the preparation of the laboratory.

    Gu Jun, Cai Zixuan, Xu Hai, and Zhang Haoran nodded. The four boys went to the mortuary, a place sludged with many urban legends.
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