31 Behind the Lamellar Bone

    In every dissection table, a video camera had been set up together with a shadowless lamp. It projected the progress of the teams on the stadium's giant screen in real-time for the spectators to watch. The video in the centre of the stadium switches between each of the 10 dissection tables upon every time interval. The screen was currently projecting Gu Jun's team status for the entire stadium to see.

    As to what they were doing, the entire crowd could not fathom the purpose of their actions. Were they here to make a fool of Eastern University?

    At this moment, the intense stretch of formalin had already fumed the trio's eyes till they were red and tingling with pain. While the tears flowed out uncontrollably, their hands never stopped. They were busy removing the thick leather-like skin and slowly exposing the ribs-like bone underneath. Then, they started to dig out the intercostal muscle between the ribs, followed by a precise incision right above what seemed to be the Manubrium sterni. By the time they were done with their initial processes, their tears were gushing out uncontrollably.

    Without delay, Gu Jun took up the costotome and positioned a rib bone between its sharp edges. Exerting his strength, he prepared to cut it.

    "...ARGH!" His face flushed red after he exerted all his strength. Despite him even pressing his own body weight onto it, the bone did not budge.

    "Oh? Let me try." Seeing the fruitless attempt, Wang Ruoxiang volunteered. Panting, Gu Jun handed over the costotome and smiled. Come, show me the strength of a black karate belt.

    Alas, despite Wang Ruoxiang clenching her jaws and pressing with all her strength, the bright resounding KACHA they yearned for did not happen. Joking wryly, Wang Ruoxiang said, "Did this beast grow up eating calcium bits?"

    "My turn next?" Cai Zixuan asked falteringly.

    "No point. This bone won't break." With a deep breath, Gu Jun removed the costotome and took up a bone saw. "Then, I shall use this!" Positioning the saw blade, Gu Jun pushed and pulled with all his strength. Immediately, a blood-curdling bone sawing sound echoed through the stadium.


    The bright, shrill, and piercing sound sent shivers down the spectators' spines and drew all eyes onto Gu Jun.

    This bone saw was initially meant for the skull, yet seeing Gu Jun use it for ribs was an ominous sight. With his mask covering half his face and part of his hair wrapped up, his calm and maniacal actions gave birth to an inexplicable eeriness.

    Owing to his resounding success in the first round, several other nominees had kept their attention on him. This was just like how candidates would observe the exam papers of other students who regularly achieve top ranks. Unexpectedly, this top-grade highest potential candidate had begun doodling and drawing random circles all around his paper.

    Seeing maniacal and thoughtless actions, some finalists had stopped their hands. On the other side, the students from the Qingyun University school team can't make heads or tails of his actions.

    Not starting from the cross-sectional area but forcibly saw the bones from the side?! How can you guarantee that the organs inside are not damaged? Isn't this quite barbarous?

    Unbeknown to the audience, the expressions on the judges had taken a different shift and became that of a starving wild canine looking at its prey. Simply craving to lay their hand on him.

    "Class monitor, Cai Zixuan, get out of your daze. Can you start swinging now?"

    "Oh, right. I will cut this side."

    "Tycoon Jun, there's no space. I will take turns with the class monitor."


    As seconds past, the trio finally cut through all of the rib bones of the specimen.

    Putting down the bone saw, Gu Jun picked up a skin hook. It was 21 cm in length with an oval head of 85 by 15 mm. In actual surgery, it was used for pulling the skin. When Gu Jun held it, it felt more like a crowbar. In 1 swift action, he thrust the hook into the incision around the Manubrium sterni, hooking onto the region around the Lamellar Bone. Lastly, he tugged forcefully.


    The gruesome sound of skin tissue tearing reverberated. An unbelievable sight occurred. The Lamellar bone that was once connected to the Manubrium sterni was pried out together with the connecting cortex and the half-sawn ribs by Gu Jun's bullish tugging.

    As Gu Jun completed his mind-boggling maneuver, the professors and students were flabbergasted. Their jaws dropped, but no words formed and an astonishing silence swept across the area. Some students muttered, "What the... Is this acceptable?"

    While it may seem savage, it works. Not just that, it may be the only correct way.

    Many other competitors were stupefied. The scalpel in their hands began trembling as their jaws gaped wide.

    The judges looked at each other in amazement, then back at Gu Jun.

    Impossible! Did the kid dissect this thing before? How is it that he seems more familiar with this than some member of the department?

    While they may have witnessed the mind-blowing action close up, Cai Zixuan and Wang Ruoxiang kept their calm. Under Gu Jun's directions, they swiftly and neatly separated the diamond-shaped Lamellar Bone from the thin banding tissues that were on the walls of the chest. When they were done, Gu Jun flipped it over and placed it onto the dissection table.

    When the camera displayed the scene on the screen, eureka dawned onto the nominees. On the inner face of the lamellar bone, there was a thin fascia-like tissue. Within it, small red nerves sprawled.

    So that's how we cut open the chest!

    Monkey see monkey do, The other teams mimicked Gu Jun and rushed into action, violently ripping apart the leather-like cover.

    "Tycoon Gu, not bad eh. Damn impressive!" Cai Zixuan muttered as they worked. Beside Cai Zixuan, Wang Ruoxiang was silent. She had no rebuttals and no mockery, only respect and admiration. Gu Jun had thoroughly impressed her this time.

    "All luck HAHA!" Gu Jun laughed. It was also the first time he saw the inside of the Lamellar Bone. The Incomplete Anatomical Reference was not 100% meticulous with the drawing. The details regarding the organs within the chest cavity was almost non-existent. After observing the lamellar one, he looked into the chest walls without the blockage of the lamellar bone. At the same time, he looked at the system panel within his mind.

    [Current Dissection Progress: 5%, Time Remaining : 23:27:46 ]

    Without him noticing, 30minsutes had flown by. At this rate, completing the missions within 2 hours was virtually impossible. Perhaps he could do it within a day. However, he would have to attain permission from the organisers to continue with the dissection afterwards.

    "Come on, let's continue quickly." Taking up the scalpel, Gu Jun resumed. By his side, his trusty teammates nodded and offered their assistance.

    As Sun Yuheng fought against time to remove the sturdy lamellar bone, Gu Jun's team had begun with the next step. They cleaned the remnants of the ribs, flipped open the anterior chest walls, and cut out what seemed to be the Transversus Thoracic muscle. After which, several other nerves peeked through. They had finally found the veins.

    After removing the Lamellar bone, the structure of the chest in this creature was similar to a human. As such, the executions of the trio got miles smoother and faster, showing off their refined technique with ease.

    On the judging panel, a huge uproar had blazed across the judges. Gu Jun's smooth removal of the lamellar bone had got them extremely vexed and laughing out wryly. An excited and euphoric discussion had exploded amongst the judges.

    "Wait, who called the young man a fool's gold? Do you really not know what is the meaning of fool's gold?"

    "Look at that. That firm and steady knife work. Such skill, rightfully expected of Eastern University's eight-year student!"

    "Professor Qin, I think we have truly struck gold this time!"

    As adrenaline surged through his colleagues, elation bloomed within Professor Qin's heart as he watched this promising young chap. The stern mask struggled to stay put as his joy forced its way onto his wrinkled face.

    There is no way this youngster is a fool's gold. That smooth and easy handling of the scalpel, dissection scissor, and forceps is a phenomenon. Without a doubt, Gu Jun has skills and experience far beyond his age!

    Leaving aside his nasty way of life, this Tycoon Jun possessed exceptional mental resilience and first-class medical abilities. Perhaps... he can join the Mobile Task Force!

    Concerning the attitude of others around him, the trio had not taken notice of the hullabaloo. Their focus was placed solely on the dissecting table. After they had explored the pleural cavity, they were preparing to remove the lungs.

    From their analysis, they also found that the structure of this creature was very similar to that of a human being, but it was not entirely the same. Humans have 2 lungs, one on the left and the other on the right. However, this creature had only one right lung. On the left side, a more enormous heart sat. Both this right lung and the heart was indeed an eye-opener for them.

    "The tissues of this lung seem to be..." Wang Ruoxiang muttered in shock as she observed the right lung. She had absolute confidence that her medical knowledge was excellent. However, she herself knew how inconceivable and ridiculous the words she was about to say.

    At the same time, Gu Jun glanced at the right lung with a frown. Just as he was about to say something, a flash of light blinded him. It was as though an illusion streaked across his mind. Immediately, he shook his head vigorously.

    But the sight of a broken and messy basement still remained hazy in front of his eyes...

    Note: The manubrium sterni is part of the sternum(chest bone). It joins with the body of the sternum, the clavicles and the first pair of ribs.
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