42 Spiritual Perception Is Too High

    Chapter 42: Spiritual Perception Is Too High

    [Review Department of Eastern Branch of Phecda Division -Review Report

    Interviewee: Potential employee of the Medical Department - Gu Jun

    Time: 8/14/2020 Location: Eastern City- External Evaluation Building,

    Assessors: Huang Jianping, Meng Shuo, Feng Zimei]

    "Hmm." Professor Qin finally got the teacup and took a sip, but his eyes didn't leave the report. His snow-white hair seemed to be shining. In the decades of his career, such a list of achievements was tough to come by.

    There were different grades of evaluation plans, and some targeted tests would be adopted depending on the situation of each individual.

    For interns, the evaluation plan of G-level personnel would be typically used, but only the four, including Ma Jiahua and Yang Ming, were tested at the G- level. Sun Yuheng and Wang Ruoxiang, the other four were all in the G-level range which was only slightly different in intensity. Jun accepted the G+ level evaluation and had more targeted tests than the others combined.

    Even so, Gu Jun achieved shockingly brilliant results, practically encompassing the advantages of the other students.

    Memory: A+, which was the same as Jiang Banxia.

    Wit: A+, which was also amongst the top percentile; Mental Fortitude: A+, which was no worse than Sun Yuheng.

    Imagination: A+, Perception: A+, Abstract Thinking: A+... These were all comparable to Wang Ruoxiang.

    Considering that Gu Jun accepted a higher-level evaluation plan, the talent he had shown was actually the greatest in their history.

    He was only inferior to Cai Zixuan in terms of Friendliness. His Suspicion was also slightly higher, but the tendency to be nervous was not high. The stability was excellent, showing characteristics of being mature and calm. However, Gu Jun's spiritual perception was too high! A+. This had practically never been seen before. It's akin to finding a phoenix's feather in the country. If any level of personnel was rated A+, alarms would be sounded and the higher-ups would be notified.

    "Hmm..." Professor Qin felt that the tea was a bit scalding, much like Gu Jun's unique properties.

    Spiritual perception or spirituality was a unique kind of personality roots trait that the Phecda department needed. It was exceptionally important.

    Many secondary personality factors were evaluated based on spiritual perception. Spiritual perception also made up a critical component of the evaluation for each employee in the Phecda Department. These new students would be routinely accredited and reviewed after they formally take up their posts. The review department would use this component to determine whether the person's mental condition was still suitable for work.

    Gu Jun underwent a test today and turned out to be mentally healthy. This was what surprised the reviewers.

    [Reviewer's opinion: If anyone exhibits the subject's subconscious activity, their spirit will not display this level of normality. (Huang Jianping)]

    [Reviewer's opinion: It is inferred that the subject's subconscious mind has an abnormal memory, and whether its high spirituality is related to it is temporarily unknown. (Meng Shuo)]

    [Reviewer's opinion: It is necessary to increase the frequency of tests on the subject's mentality. It is recommended that the test date be once every three weeks. (Feng Zimei)]

    The "spirituality" trait could be understood as a unique sensibility; the ability to perceive and communicate with the universe and the countless beings in it.

    High spirituality was a good thing. It inculcates a more in-depth experience of things and deeper thinking. Good artists, writers, and other creative industry personnel usually have a high degree of spirituality. They can easily escape the restraint of reason and logic, and express their hearts with an intrinsic alignment with nature. Their subconscious spiritual knowledge and passion burst out to create miraculous works. What is noble? Gu Jun replied, "A noble work."

    However, the work of the Phecda Department was very particular and having a high spirituality had both its pros and cons.

    It was good because all noble creations require spirituality; but at the same time, it was terrible as it meant reason and logic were abandoned with a tendency of also going crazy.

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    Take the Malformed Banyan for example. Human beings would suffer a psychological shock when they saw it, let alone face it, study it, and try to understand it. In these work processes, people with high spirituality were more likely than others to have psychological problems, even mental disorders. Such cases were not without precedent.

    "A+ spirituality, huh," Professor Qin couldn't help but murmur. Several other judges also sighed emotionally. However, everyone's eyes were still reluctant to leave the document in front of them. Just staring at it felt like a pleasure.

    Of course, this was not the first time that such a high-spirituality talent had been recruited. Usually those with high spirituality, would often not be very mentally stable even if they were incredibly imaginative and sensitive. These traits were contradictory; the same way you would not describe a person who looked both handsome and ugly or had a lot of hair and was bald.

    For example, amongst the new interns, Wang Ruoxiang's spirituality was at B+, which was also very high. Her subconscious and consciousness were biased towards fantasy. Such people seem to be stable and could actually be crazy. Sun Yuheng and Cai Zixuan's spirituality were C and C+, respectively. Sun Yuheng was a typical example of a normal person, very grounded and doesn't tend to overthink things.

    These standards, however, don't seem to apply to Gu Jun. He was that handsome and ugly person, an amalgamation of contradictions.

    Gu Jun was subconsciously high in spirituality, that was his id; but his consciousness was extremely stable, which was his ego. As for his superego, it was muddled "in-between" the two. He was currently standing in front of a crossroad. He had a noble moral compass, but was clouded by many doubts about human emotions and norms.

    It was for this reason that the review department believed that Gu Jun could be guided and needed to be guided. His mental state was not a problem, but he must strictly regulate himself.

    [Reviewer's opinion: Assessment that the subject's personality is independent, or even too independent. The inference is that it is not easy to do ideological work. (Huang Jianping)]

    [Reviewer's opinion: The subject has the talent and potential that the organization desires. The personality is independent, and is mentally sound. The recommendation is that the subject can be used. (Meng Shuo)]

    [Reviewer's opinion: The subject concealed some information during the interrogation process suspected to be related to his background, but no obvious maliciousness was found. It is recommended to give him more care and guidance and regulate his thoughts within safe limits. (Feng Zimei)]

    Gu Jun, this new intern was like an abnormally sharp scalpel. It was easy to cut with, but one can easily scratch himself if used carelessly.

    "I want Gu Jun!" Elder Zheng finally couldn't help but break the quietness of the consulting room. "Our Research Team needs talents like him."

    Another judge sitting opposite Lao Zheng was anxious. "Old Zheng, eat your old swan's fart! For an exceptional talent like Gu Jun, you want him to squat in the laboratory every day? He is destined to fight on the front line of our clinic! I can give you Ma Jiahua and Yang Ming as well, but Gu Jun? Don't even think about it."

    "Old Qiu. Old Qiu. Without our research, would you even have medicines to use in your clinic?!" Lao Zheng's eyes widened in anger. "Without us, all you have are farts!"

    "Hey!" Elder Qiu gave a forced smile, but he was brimming with anger and almost slammed the table. "Don't you know what is happening now? There is an urgent lack of clinical staff, especially in the surgical department!"

    Another judge sneered. "Aiyo, what are you fighting for? This kind of seedling, won't he be sent to the mobile task force in the end?"

    As soon as they heard the Mobile Task Force, Old Zheng and Old Qiu felt their rage wither.

    "That might not necessarily be the case," Old Zheng muttered. "And regardless, we still would be the first to use him for a while."

    "Elder Qin, what are your arrangements for Gu Jun?" Old Qiu looked at Professor Qin with flattering eyes.

    Everyone's gazes heated up. Although they couldn't read Gu Jun's complete file, not only the Research Team and the Clinical Team, the Dissection Team, the Psychological Team, even the Errands Team, all wanted this student. It should be understood that Gu Jun was not only outstanding in every aspect, but the data on various physical examinations also show his physical qualifications; especially those hands, which were robust, flexible, and precise.

    This kind of seedling was suitable for all departments. It only depended on Elder Qin's arrangements.

    "Hmm..." Professor Qin raised his cup again and finally looked away from the stack of reports. "Everyone, this is really a conundrum."

    However, after the contest ended yesterday, Professor Qin was already thinking about it. The more things he learnt about Gu Jun, the harder it was to make arrangements.

    Everyone did not know that Gu Jun was suffering from a terminal illness, but Professor Qin must take this into consideration. If Gu Jun was placed in desperate straits every day, would his body hold up? How long could it last? From this point of view, it was more suitable to put him in the laboratory. However, the clinical and anatomical side was indeed the most lacking in manpower. The situation over there, in general, was not very optimistic. It was unwise not to let Gu Jun go...

    "I think," Professor Qin took a sip of tea slowly and told his decision to the crowd of judges.
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