72 Son of Misfortune

    Chapter 72: Son of Misfortune

    Shouldn't childhood memories bring back the taste of sweet innocence? Running through the field without a care in the world, crying in the mall because your parents wouldn't buy you your favorite toy, listening to the bedtime stories while slipping into sleep. But if... childhood memories only brought pain, horror, fear, and anger, then perhaps it was a good thing that they were lost at some corner of one's subconscious.

    At that moment, when Gu Jun saw the scene from the illusion, some broken memory fragments rushed out from the corner that was long sealed. Like a nightmare returning, it disturbed the peace of the dreamer. He saw himself when he was still a toddler, the period when he was still trying to speak and crawl. At the time, he was already being given some strange training. Around him, there were many other children. They were all studying one picture after another. They were filled with that strangely-shaped trees, clustered vines, twisted branches, and dead leaves.

    With regards to this result, she could never give it up. The experiment began when his mother was pregnant. Gu Jun had a feeling those whisperings had already begun deep inside his implicit memory. He was an experiment of the Afterlife Cult; that had already been decided before he even arrived in this world. But the question was, what kind of product was he?

    The illusion started to shake, like static going through, but Gu Jun could still see some of the images. The icy voice made it feel like the dark sky was about to fall. Those people in black and red were still kneeling before the tree. They did not raise their faces that were slowly morphing into one, not even to glance at the tree hole before them. It was as if once they did, they would lose their mind and sink into the endless hallucination forever. It was a dangerous temptation, like Orpheus going to the underworld to save Eurydice, and Hades telling him not to look back, but when they crossed the gate of hell, Orpheus could not resist the urge to glance at his wife, and for that Eurydice was pulled back to hell for all eternity. Or like how, when Abraham and his wife were escaping from the God of Destruction, Sodom, Abraham's wife turned back to look and was instantly turned into a statue of salt. When God told you not to look, you'd better not look. Humans were never supposed to test God.

    "It's like you said, Son of Misfortune," the person in red who knelt at the front said in a self-effacing voice. The ground underneath reeked from decay, but the ugly face budged not an inch. "We are a bunch of filthy, foolish, perverse parasites, the disciples abandoned by the so-called Goddess of Life..."

    None of the kneeling members made a noise. There was complete silence, but above that stillness, there was an undercurrent of danger.

    "This shell is the sacrifice?" the person in red mumbled. "The beginning of misfortune?"

    The other disciples were still silent, but thunder tore through the silence in the sky. It started to rumble. Suddenly, Gu Jun felt a splitting headache. Everything was twisting, but he could feel a fire burning in his heart as well. All the complicated emotions collided within him as they tried to find an exit. Suddenly, he opened his lips to speak...

    'Is the past real? Why would the double-slit experiment in quantum physics show that the future can change the past?'

    The dark sky finally collapsed, and heavy rain fell on the world. The voice of the boy in the tree hole turned harsh and throaty, like two voices twining together. It tore through light and darkness, causing people to go mad.

    "This child has his own destiny." The boy's strange voice rang through the void. "I will not allow inferior animals like you to lay a single finger on him."

    The people in black and red still did not move, and they still did not raise their heads. They did not see that some brilliance had come into the child's eyes like a ball of fire lighting up deep inside the abyss.

    "The boy will grow into a real man. You shall not disturb him or injure him. Have him forget everything, but one day in the future, this boy will once again stand before you."

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    The boy in the tree hole announced that. It was absurd yet logical. The statement rang through in the past, present, and future.
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