77 Abnormal Space 2in1

    Chapter 77: Abnormal Space (2in1)

    "Inside there, other than the stretch of dead trees that we walked through, there is nothing but a slate of barren ground that has been rotten black." Xue Ba thought back to the withering and death. Even though he had gotten used to abnormal energy, the discovery still left its mark on him. "The banyan tree appears to be the center of that space. No matter the direction we take, after we travel in straight line for 1,037 meters, we reach a high wall. The space is surrounded on all sides by a stone wall. We were trapped inside it."

    "How tall was the wall?" Gu Jun could not help but ask.

    "No clue." Xue Ba sounded regretful when he said that. "We did use the drone that we brought with us to try to measure the height, but even after it had travelled 1,500 meters, which is the drone's maximum altitude, we were nowhere close to the edge of the wall. If we moved higher, the drone would have fallen from a loss of control. Naturally, the videos that we captured are distorted as well."

    A circular stone wall that was more than 1,500 meters tall surrounding a space that was 2,074 meters in diameter. Just how majestic and impressive the place must have been. Gu Jun's brows creased together. Could that really be a product of human creation?

    "The wall barred us from moving further," Xue Ba said.

    The Demon Hunters conducted a carpet search of the barren land. This took half a month. Their superiors did not allow them to use overly rash methods like using explosives on the wall because they were worried that might affect the stability of the abnormal space, causing the connection between the space and the tree hole to collapse. However, that also meant that the unit came up with nothing.

    The superior gave them a few days of holiday to unwind after they returned from the project. That was until yesterday when they had a new breakthrough-the foreign characters that was found at Lai Sheng Company's base, and they were confirmed by Gu Jun as a type of language. The unit had seen a similar row of foreign words on a particular spot of the wall before.

    With this new breakthrough, the emergency group refocused their attention, but the problem was that the exploration team members' mental state appeared to have been affected. They only had an indescribable blockage in their mind when they tried to think about their experience in the abnormal space. None of them could write down the row of foreign characters. Naturally, the videos were not of much help either. The strangest thing was, the exploration team had tried to copy directly the foreign characters while they were inside the abnormal space, but the copied version could not match the characters on the wall no matter how hard they tried. The characters themselves possessed abnormal energy.

    "Oh?" Xue Ba instantly looked at Gu Jun with open curiosity. "The result of the Investigation Department concluded that those monsters are separate incidents from the Malformed Banyan Disease."

    "No, I am sure they are related! They are of one source, and I suspect they enter our world from another one through these banyan tree holes," Gu Jun quickly explained. The Afterlife Cult probably did not have the power to control these creatures that destroyed their old world, but they had the ability to direct the tragedy over to Earth...

    "Okay then, I shall report this to the superiors." Xue Ba naturally understood the severity of this situation and soon departed. Gu Jun glanced down at the withered large tree and suddenly a scary thought cross his mind. 'Sixteen handprints, sixteen people. The Demon Hunters plus me-doesn't that equal sixteen people?'

    "Captain Xue, wait!" Gu Jun hurriedly called after Xue Ba. "Have our handprints been compared to the ones on the tree?"

    His handprint had already been recorded when he was accepted by Phecda.

    "Haha, kid, you sure do think ahead." Xue Ba laughed openly. "Of course we have done that. It's fine. Otherwise, why would they still send us in? But still, it might be a one-way trip every time you enter the abnormal space. There is no guarantee. I'd draft my will now if I were you."

    Seeing Xue Ba walk away, Gu Jun shook his head with regret. He thought that knowledge of the foreign language would provide him with security, but now it only put him into deeper danger. For now, he went to Uncle Dan to ask for a pen and paper. He wrote down a simple will, mainly jotting down his appreciation for Prof Gu, Brother Qiang, and Surgeon Zhu for their confidence in him, and then he left words of encouragement for Cai Zixuan, Wang Ruoxiang, and the rest. If he died, he would want them to keep moving forward. Then he grabbed his head, faking a headache. After some moaning, he gasped hungrily as he told the crowd who had gathered around him. "I was suddenly reminded of so many foreign words..."

    Then he wrote down the five hundred foreign words that he already knew to the organization.

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    Things had changed. In the morning, he had kept this a secret was for his own security, but now he did this... probably for the people he had mentioned in his will. Gu Jun had no idea whether the people saw through his trick or not. In any case, no one said anything. However, after Xue Ba and the team looked over the list that he had just written down, they still could cannot remember any trace of the foreign characters they had seen on the wall. Even though there was a chance they could decipher the characters now with this new list provided by Gu Jun, the superiors still ordered Gu Jun to tag along this mission. Perhaps he might be triggered to remember more things when he was inside the tree hole.
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