79 Mad Arab

    Chapter 79: Mad Arab

    After the initial wave of shock, Xue Ba spoke into the communicator. "Team B, come here to meet up immediately. Snipers, provide support while on the move!"

    "Copy that. Rendezvous in four minutes," the leader of team B, Yang Henan, answered. "Move, move, move."

    "What, that's impossible?" Xue Ba was shocked. When he saw the confused faces around him, he said urgently, "Haven't you guys heard of this, oh wait, this is Grade D information... Never mind, it is an emergency now. This is the couplet written by Abdul Alhazred, the Mad Arab. He once dreamt about a place called the Nameless City, a ruin deep inside a desert. I am telling the truth! If you don't believe me, you can go check it when you return. Oh, but none of you will be able to have access. Sigh!"

    The burly man was about to scratch his hair out. Truthfully, no one doubted his knowledge. They mainly frowned due to shock.

    "Who is this Mad Arab?" Gu Jun was even more confused. Dreamt? He had dreamt about visiting the big banyan tree that was connected to Gu Rong Village before.

    "We don't have much information on him. He's a legendary character from ancient times. According to legend, he wrote a tome called the Necronomicon, but no one ever found it." Then, not knowing whether the signal could still be intercepted or not, Xue Ba continued to report back to the command center. "Command central, this is Xue Ba. Gu Jun confirms that the foreign character is related to the couplet by Abdul Alhazred, or the Mad Arab... It is thus suspected that this place is related to the Nameless City."

    Should they enter the tunnel to explore or use the C4 to blow down one corner of the wall to see what was beyond it? But in their previous inspection, they failed to gauge the thickness the wall.

    "Do you guys feel like... there is something watching us?" Uncle Dan suddenly asked. "I'm not trying to make joke or scare you. It's my instincts talking."

    "Yes, I feel it too," Lin Mo said with a frown as he carried the life detection radar, sweeping the ground. Yang Henan, Zhou Yi, and other members expressed the same feeling. Even though it was still silent around them, they could not shake the feeling that something was watching them from the dark.

    Gu Jun held the mini rifle tightly, and the anxiety in his heart doubled. The other reason for his apprehension was due to his system quest list for the day.

    Normal Quest: Complete one emergency rescue today. Reward: one box of human brainstem tumor-targeting drugs.

    Difficult Quest: Complete two-star surgeries (success) within three days with personal contribution totaling over 150%. Reward: one Carlot Scalpel.

    Abyssal Quest: Finish a full autopsy on a zombie within a week. Reward: Unknown

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    After some time getting used to the system, Gu Jun realized that the system quests were closely related to his life, especially the normal and difficult quests. He normally would be placed in situations where he had the chance to complete them, but now he did not wish for that chance to appear.
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