82 Parasite inside the Container

    Chapter 82: Parasite inside the Container

    In this environment and such conditions, with their bodies bent over in uncomfortable position, an inexperienced doctor would be considered quite impressive if he could steady himself, but this Gu Jun... Uncle Dan could discern that the speed Gu Jun operated on depended on precise point of force and superb stability of hands. Both of these needed to be forged from experience. Gu Jun did not look like he had just completed one parasite cleansing operation. If anything, it felt like he did this operation every other day. This proved that Gu Jun's accumulation of experience had reached a superhuman standard. This was not something that could simply be described as excellent talent. No wonder the kid had suggested such a brave solution. He really had the ability to back it up!

    Uncle Dan instantly felt inspired, and he also moved faster. This was not just because of the attitude change in the senior doctor, but also, at that moment, Uncle Dan did indeed see the hope for a successful operation that had eluded them until now. The hope was forcibly brought into place by Gu Jun's speed and expertise.

    "Ah Mo." While Uncle Dan pinched out the worm, he spoke to Lin Mo, who was moaning softly. "Hold on a little longer, this leg of yours might really be preserved."

    When the other members heard that, they were all confused. Xue Ba and the rest glanced over. Why would Uncle Dan say something like that?

    The nurse Zhang Huohuo and the four members that held the makeshift surgical light understood why though. This had been quite an awakening for them. Even those who were not familiar with medical knowledge could see what was happening. Gu Jun was like superman charging ahead, while Uncle Dan was more like a normal person riding a motorcycle trying to catch up to the former. And this was while Gu Jun was dealing with the lower calf, which was more seriously injured. He worked faster than Uncle Dan, much faster in fact. He moved from one cleansed wound to another, picking out the parasites like a woodpecker pecking out worms.

    "Hmm?" Xue Ba moved up from the tenth step and leaned against the wall to look. Luo Xiaoning followed close behind him. They then soon saw what was happening.

    "F*ck." Lou Xiaoning gasped. Her pretty face was expressionless when she suddenly let out a string of curses. "Bloody hell, who is the team doctor here?"

    Some of the members glanced at their watches. It was almost an hour already!

    Soon, Xue Ba's booming voice travelled through the communication channel. "The one hour is up."

    But this was just a perfunctory reminder. He did not disturb the two doctors and made a hand signal for the rest to keep quiet. Gu Jun and Uncle Dan did not stop. 'About an hour' was an average. They could go on for a few minutes longer. Furthermore, there were only two wounds left. Six more minutes passed, and the two finally dropped the last visible young parasite into the container. Then, at first notice, Uncle Dan removed the tourniquet from Lin Mo's right leg, or else if it died from hemorrhagic shock, it would still have to be amputated even if the parasites had been cleaned.

    "Phew..." Uncle Dan was covered in sweat. "Huohuo, mind helping me with the sweat?"

    The urgency of this operation could be listed among the first in his career. By his side, Gu Jun did not stop. He had already started the stitching work.

    'The beauty of youth!' Uncle Dan took a quick breath and bound the tourniquet back on. He then aided with the stitchwork. This was much simpler for the two doctors. They worked extremely fast. They used a surgical stapler on the epidermal layer, and because of that, the whole process only took half an hour, and all the wounds on the right leg had been sewn up already. Finally, the two could sigh in relief. The rest were waiting anxiously for the result from the doctors. They could not tell whether the operation was successful or not. The overtime had added an extremely large element of the unknown.

    "So, how did it go?" Lin Mo moaned from the makeshift table. His face was paler compared to before the surgery, but there was a glow of desire for life in his eyes.

    "Uncle Dan." Xue Ba shot a look at Uncle Dan. 'No matter what, try to find something positive to say!'

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    "Technically, we have succeeded," Uncle Dan answered truthfully and tried to keep his tone as light as possible. "But whether it is successful or not, we will only be able to tell after a few more days. There is not much for you to worry about, kid. At the very least, your third leg is not injured?"
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