83 Leg Amputation Surgery

    Chapter 83: Leg Amputation Surgery

    'Subterrain Giant Worm's parasite removal surgery, two-star, success, personal contribution 55%/Rank 1.'

    Uncle Dan was ranked two at forty percent contribution, third was Zhang Huohuo with three percent, and the four members holding the makeshift surgical light totaled up to two percent.

    'Success!' When Gu Jun saw that result, he only sighed in relief. He felt the camaraderie of the Demon Hunters, and a smile lit up his face that was half-covered by the mask.

    "Ah Jun, is anything wrong?" When Uncle Dan saw how silent he was, he thought Gu Jun had some worry. Instantly, he got nervous. After all, it was Gu Jun who was technically guiding the whole operation.

    "No, I just have a hunch that the surgery was a success, and my hunch is always quite accurate," Gu Jun told the rest and encouraged Lin Mo. "During the operation, there was no discovery of any sacs, and all the young parasites have been picked out."

    And then, he and Uncle Dan continued with the amputation of Lin Mo's lower left calf. The bloody and wounded left leg was already bruised and dying. Zhang Huohuo released the tourniquet for a minute before putting it on again. This was to prevent deep vein thrombosis or a pulmonary embolism. Since the injury did not reach the hip, both doctors decided on a thigh amputation. Naturally, it was difficult to do that in this kind of environment, but compared to the earlier operation, they were not in such a time crunch. They also had sufficient tools in the med kit-after all, amputations were the most common surgery required by scouting teams.

    Uncle Dan injected anesthetic into Lin Mo's waist to extend its effect. He joked as he did so. "This surgery is going to be much easier. For one, you chose a good location to get injured, so we do not need to cut through too much flesh. We have plenty of bandages to stop the blood flow. Plus, the muscle near your ass is not as active as Kim K's, so it will be much easier to deal with."

    "Ah..." Lin Mo groaned. It was not so much from pain, but his heart was suddenly wrapped by panic when he saw Gu Jun holding the saw over his lower body.

    "Most of the time, a doctor does need to have a strong stomach. This is something else," Lou Xiaoning whispered softly. It was nothing for her to kill monsters, but seeing her own ally being sawed through from a distance, her heart was shaking.

    "Just see them as working as carpenters. After all, most orthopedists part time as interior decorators." Xue Ba consoled his teammates. With that impression in their mind, the more they looked at it, the deeper the impression got. Gu Jun sawed madly like he was working a particularly tough board. The harrowing sound continued for a while before it ended with a sudden snap. The femur was finally cut through. Just as Gu Jun stopped, Uncle Dan immediately picked up the amputated leg. He placed it on a deep green cloth by the side. The other members wrapped it up and prepared to burn it. The broken leg might still be home to parasites that could infect others.

    At the same time, the two doctors continued to deal with post amputation operation. If they had enough blood bags and drugs, they would have opted for open amputation, but the chance of infection post-surgery for Lin Mo was quite high. Unfortunately, they were lacking everything now. After they dealt with the post, they sewed the muscle flap back into the back of the femur and then stitched up the muscle tendons and epidermis. Then they wrapped the stump up in a layer of gauze. The surgery was finally officially over.

    "Done, all done." Uncle Dan finally could take off the gloves. He wiped away the sweat. "Ah Mo, tell us immediately if you feel any discomfort. If there is no serious infection and no trace of parasites left, you will survive this ordeal. I am a very fair person; for this surgery, I am not ashamed to admit that Ah Jun has contributed more than I did."

    "Hmm... Uncle Dan, Gu Jun, thank you so much," Lin Mo said appreciatively. Even though the future was still an unknown, everyone had tried their best.

    Everyone knew Uncle Dan was telling the truth. If not for Gu Jun, Lin Mo definitely would have lost both legs. By then, the attitude and impression the Demon Hunters had toward Gu Jun changed. Now, they understood why Phecda valued this new member so much.

    "The Demon Hunters must have him," Luo Xiaoning told Xue Ba. "Uncle Dan is getting too old for this."

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    "Miss Lou, you know I can hear you, right‽" Uncle Dan grumbled a few meters away. This caused the rest to laugh, but they joined in on the roast.
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