88 Behind the Keyhole

    Chapter 88: Behind the Keyhole

    The assault unit of six sidled up to both sides of the red door. They guarded the sides of the door, ready to storm through it. Lou Xiaoning took the station on the left. She tipped her head up to study the two oil lamps. She observed carefully, "No discovery of any foreign characters. They are just normal oil lamps. Their fuel is around two thirds full. The wicks are still long. They appear to have been topped up less than an hour ago."

    That caused the rest of the team who waited on the stone steps to feel apprehensive, but who wouldn't be? The stone path travelled one way only. While they moved downward, they had not encountered anything other than the gale of wind. If something or someone had changed the wick or added fuel, then it had to be something or someone behind the red door.

    Zhou Yi and Gao Mingpeng moved to oblige. They helped Lou Xiaoning to push the door, but the door still did not budge. At the same time, Gu Jun was still trying to sense this red door, but he could only perceive sickness and distortion. It felt like a ball of chaos.

    "Try the keyhole," Xue Ba suggested. "Do not look through it though. Be careful. That might be a trap! The black wind probably came out from it earlier."

    That was a logical conclusion that he drew from his understanding of the world. If the black gale did not appear from thin air, then it could have streamed out from the keyhole. But it was still quite hard to believe that such a strong wind could come out from such a small hole.

    "That sure is one hell of a cursed door," Uncle Dan said jokingly, but no one was laughing because his joke might strike a bit too close to the truth.

    When the group heard this mysterious and cryptic language again, their hair stood on end, but the red door still did not respond.

    "It's not that." Gu Jun took a deep breath. Even though he did not succeed, there was an exhaustive feeling that overwhelmed his mind. If he was using human language, that would not happen, but since he had recited the words in the foreign language, they carried a different meaning, both in their function and their consumption of the speaker. He shook his head and tried a few other phrases.


    "Son of Steel, Freud Landon!"

    He even chanted the ominous statement, "The fruits of darkness sprouts, shrouded by the darkness of the Abyss. The parasites of death will live with the Heavens and Earth forever."

    By then Gu Jun was already swaying on his feet, and his face was so pale that he looked like he could faint at any moment. He could feel his surrounding spinning and blurring out...

    "Ah Jun, stop trying! Enough, do you hear me? Do you want to die‽" Xue Ba immediately called him to stop, but Gu Jun did not appear to hear him; he was still mumbling under his breath. Xue Ba had no choice but to reach out his muscular arm to drag Gu Jun away. This finally stopped the young man. Xue Ba then dropped Gu Jun with Uncle Dan and Zhang Huohuo to be taken care of. Everyone could see that Gu Jun had indeed given it his all. They looked at each other and started to softly discuss their few remaining options.

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    One was to turn around, another was to blow up the door, and the last option was to send someone to look through the keyhole and actively trigger the possible trap. The second choice was a choice of no return. If this red door was like the big banyan tree or the dead tree, then it would lead to another space after it was opened. That would lose its power should the door was broken down. Since they lacked information, blowing things up was the worst possible solution. And the third choice was extremely dangerous, but it also carried the least risk in the sense that it would only affect one team member. Of course, they had considered sending Gu Jun because he might trigger something when he was close to the red door, but Gu Jun was too important. He was the only member who understood the foreign language and knew how to activate the spell. The risk was too big for him to take. In fact, anyone in the team could be sacrificed except for Gu Jun.
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