89 Whispering in the Ear

    Chapter 89: Whispering in the Ear

    At the same time Lou Xiaoning leaned toward the keyhole, Gu Jun's heart started to tense. It felt like an outside power was reaching into his body, and his consciousness was wavering... He could hear a whispering just beyond the realm of consciousness. It spoke with chill, attraction, and resonance. It came from the deepest of darkness.

    "This woman doubts you even after you have saved them. She pointed her gun at you. She does not trust you. She never treated you as a teammate. She still harbor suspicion toward you..."

    Suddenly, Lou Xiaoning gave off a low yet manic strange guttural noise. Her whole body started to shake, but her body was still stuck to the wall. The noise she made was too disconcerting. It was even more spine-chilling than if she had shouted from pain or despair. It seemed she had witnessed something maddeningly scary but could not pull her gaze away.

    "Pull her back now!" Xue Ba ordered in a hurry. He did not have the others follow Lou Xiaoning due to concern of an explosion, but that did not mean that the rest were not already standing in place. With Xue Ba's order, they immediately jumped into motion. Yang Henan and Zhou Yi grabbed Lou Xiaoning on each side and attempted to drag her away, but to their consternation, they found they were unable to do so. Lou Xiaoning was the main marksman, but she was ultimately a female. Her strength was lower than any of the male members, but now, even though she was shivering, she was frozen onto the door like an immovable statue. Seeing this, the other rushed to help. The other five of the assault team had to use all their strength before they managed to pry Lou Xiaoning away from the red door.

    The moment she was disentangled from the door, everyone saw it.


    "Sister Ning!"

    Ever since they entered this space, it felt like they had been following someone's designated plan, but the plan needed to work with Gu Jun's ability to activate the foreign characters. What was their goal? They did not think anyone was coming for their lives. As important as a team from the Special Mobile Force was, they were not that irreplaceable. If it was not their lives the enemy was after, what could it be?

    "Focus on saving her first!" Xue Ba clapped his hands and shouted. He could sense the change in the group's emotional state. Even the trust he had placed in Gu Jun had started to fray.

    "This requires regional anesthetic." Uncle Dan ordered as he washed his hand to disinfect. Due to the rarity of water source, they had not done this during the earlier preparation. He shouted at Gu Jun, who walked toward him, "We need 4.5 ml in total, two percent lidocaine to 0.5 percent bupivacaine!"

    Considering the state that Lou Xiaoning was in, a full-body anesthetic would be safer, but Uncle Dan had the precedent of the Malformed Banyan Disease's surgery to consider. Over eighty percent of victims who had full body anesthetic applied still lost their consciousness even though the surgery was successful. Even though the correlation between the two had not been made, Uncle Dan did not dare make such a rash decision since this place was closely related to the Malformed Banyan Disease.

    "O... okay..." Gu Jun walked to clean his hand. With Zhang Huohuo's help, they swiftly prepared the anesthetic. They then moved to Lou Xiaoning's side to apply it.

    "Apply it behind the eyeball," Uncle Dan said in a hurry. "Three injections, one to the upper surface, one to the lower surface, and the last to the upper inside. One mil at the apex and then 0.5 mils at the half hemisphere! Ignore the bulbar conjunctiva. Those blood vessels are too strange, just ignore them for now."

    "Understood." Gu Jun reached the stretcher, and he was given a close glimpse of Lou Xiaoning's bizarre mask and that disformed right eyeball...

    Her strange mumbling was still echoing in the stone tunnel. The dark whispers whipped at his heart and soul like the gale from before.

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    "It is this woman who is suspecting you. In fact, all of them doubt you. Even if you save her, they will still doubt you. The only thing waiting for you is the barrel of a gun..."

    Gu Jun was a person with high spirituality, so the influence of the eye on him would be higher, but Gu Jun might be Lou Xiaoning's only hope. This was because the rest of the team noticed that even though Gu Jun had kept a steady gaze on the eyeball, he did not appear to be affected. However, there was a different resonance of the grotesque on his face.

    His expressionless face was detached and conceited.

    "Oh," Gu Jun answered slowly.

    The whispers were still echoing around his ears.

    "These worms suspect you, but ultimately, they need you to save one of them... such despicable worms...

    "Let her die, allow death to embrace her because only through death that she can achieve true ascendency."
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