90 Whose Consciousness

    Chapter 90: Whose Consciousness

    "For these downtrodden parasites, death is a kind of ascendancy because that is the only time they will be given the chance to witness the truth."

    After Gu Jun replied to Uncle Dan, he had stood there unmoved, and the detachment on his face became clearer.

    "Ah Jun?" Uncle Dan noticed that something had gone wrong with Gu Jun, and he cursed internally. Gu Jun appeared to have encounter a different kind of abnormal energy. "Are you still conscious? Snap out of it!"

    Be it Xue Ba who was standing or Lin Mo who was leaning against the wall, most had noticed the anomaly with Gu Jun. They could see the life slowly drain out of Gu Jun's eyes.

    Gu Jun's soul was floating along the night breeze, lifting above the corporeal ground. It wandered aimlessly with no destination in mind. His vision swam. Was he still inside the old ruin's underground tunnel or deep inside the abyss under the sea? His hoarse voice came out as if on its own.

    "Uncle Dan, I have not done this kind of operation before. I don't know..."

    "It does not matter; you just follow what I say. It will be no problem because you have studied the structure of the eye before." Uncle Dan summoned him. "There is no time to disinfect your hands. Just put on the gloves and get working!"

    "Uncle Dan..." Gu Jun's eyes were twitching. Part of his consciousness had frozen while the rest had snapped into place. They were fighting to bring the body under control.

    This statement was heavier than the atmosphere around them, but Uncle Dan refused to give in. He was still struggling. "She can still be saved. I only need to remove the eyeball..."

    Plucking out the whole eyeball cleanly with a jab into the eye socket would only happen in movies. In reality, the human eyeball was well protected by its appendages, attached to six ocular muscles. If one did not know what one was doing, it would only lead to irreparable damage. For example, the eyeball would be left half dangling out of the socket while still attached to some muscles, or half of it would be dug out but the other half would be been left decaying inside. But now, they had no other option. Xue Ba yanked Uncle Dan away. He growled in anger, "Huohuo, give me the scalpel. I'll do this myself!"

    Seeing the pain on Uncle Dan's face and the chaos that swept through the team, a ripple seared through the pain in Gu Jun's mind. His consciousness was awakening...

    According to human standards, this was definitely not a consecrated spot. It had a kind of evil energy... creating panic, suspicion, isolation, and fear. It was creating evil. It was a trap.

    From the moment the sixteen of them walked into the banyan tree hole, they had fallen into a trap. The giant stone, the subterrain giant worm, the gale wind, the red door... were they all part of a conspiracy? As the Demon Hunters moved down the tunnel, they had been discussing the purpose of the stone tunnel. Gu Jun had chanced upon the explanation now. The purpose was to drag him further into the abyss.

    "Mr. Gu, we know you better than you know yourself." The spell on the stone was black. The pulse of life in the stone path was also black.

    His self-consciousness was winking back to life. Suddenly, Gu Jun's mind cleared. A fire of anger howled through his heart. He greeted his teeth and hissed silently back at the whispers that crawled into his brain. "Shut the f*ck up! I am a doctor. Just watch as I save Lou Xiaoning's life!"

    His anger burnt away the confusion that had rendered him motionless earlier. It suppressed the unknown that burst forth back into the abyss.

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    This was not Riker, and it was not Landon's underground lab behind the red door. This was a trap, but so what? Some people or some kind of force wanted to wipe out his soul to summon the Son of Misfortune into the world for the sake of some unknown goal!

    "Yes." Gu Jun immediately dropped the strange eyeball to the ground. He stomped on it and the organ burst with a ghastly squish...

    This shocked everyone, but the shadow appeared to have been splattered along with the eyeball. Even their surroundings grew several shades lighter.

    'No matter who or what you are, I am not the same as you. I never was and never will be,' Gu Jun said in his heart.
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