92 Carlot Scalpel

    Chapter 92: Carlot Scalpel

    The earlier stone wall and red door were ruined. One kilo of C4 exploding was not strong enough to blind nor to cause any fire. The assault team led by Xue Ba stormed into the room in a standard formation. They did not see the white light that Lou Xiaoning mentioned. The abnormal energy from the sickened eyeball that would disturb one's mind did not appear, but among the rubble... the dark red patterns on the rocks flowed like dripping blood. However, once they trained their focus and took a second look, they confirmed that was a kind of illusion.

    After stepping through the shattered threshold, they arrived at the space that was originally behind the red door. This appeared to be a stone room, about three hundred cubic meters. There was a stone ladder that spiraled upward in the middle of the room. Each step was around twenty centimeters tall and was much narrower than the stone steps outside. The whole contraption appeared like it was carved out of the stone naturally as well. Even the curving points appeared startlingly smooth.

    Some of the team members aimed their powerful flashlights upward. There was no ceiling, and the spiral staircase appeared to lead into darkness. Xue Ba used the binoculars to take a look. Even with seven times magnification, he could not see the end. The stairs appeared to have been sucked into the darkness. They were currently five thousand meters underground, so if the spiral staircase led all the way up to the surface, it would be five thousand meters tall.

    After that, the assault team searched through the room, they did not find anything valuable. The space was empty; there was not even a speck of dust. Disappointment overwhelmed the Demon Hunters. Neither the enemy nor the exit that they anticipated were there. Instead, that was yet another path that seemed to lead to who knew where.

    "All clear. Ah Jun, I need you to come over and take a look," Xue Ba shouted back. His voice was carried through the communicator to every member. In other words, the waiting members were given permission to move ahead. Ah Jun bounced down the steps. Once he saw the stone room, he let go of the breath he was holding. There was no ceiling, no miscellaneous items, and no long wooden table. This was not the basement where the Son of Steel, Landon, conducted autopsy on those abnormal creatures to draft blueprints out of them. But this space that they were in... could still be a part of Rikers. Gu Jun glanced at the broken rocks around the gaping hole where the door once was. A thought that he had been harboring surfaced once more.

    'I need that quest reward...' he thought to himself. 'The scalpel might provide some kind of clue in the illusion.'

    In this kind of situation where every movement of theirs had been calculated by the enemy, an object that he had suddenly acquired might be the key to solving the problem, especially considering the enemy thought they had already determined the itinerary of items the team had carried with them.

    Instantly, the group carefully gathered around Gu Jun. None of them reacted strangely to this discovery. The only different response came from Zhou Yi, who scratched his head. Earlier, it was Zhou Yi who had searched this corner. He could have sworn that there was nothing there, but Zhou Yi could not be so sure anymore. "Sorry, I must have missed it..."

    "Ah Jun." Xue Ba had another question in mind. "How can you be sure that this is a postmortem scalpel and not a surgical scalpel?"

    They were technically the same; the difference was in their usage. Gu Jun was stunned. This was a blind spot that he had not considered. He shook his head slowly. "I have no idea. My instinct told me it was a postmortem scalpel. That's all..."

    But Xue Ba's question had thrown doubt into his conviction.

    'The system technically did not label this as any kind of specific scalpel... I thought it was a postmortem scalpel because I believe it might be related to the Son of Steel, Landon, but could I have come to a hasty conclusion?' Gu Jun started to question himself. 'But the way it fits into my hands, no, it has to be a postmortem scalpel.'

    "Oh." Xue Ba did not press further. He turned within himself to contemplate what Gu Jun meant by his instinct. Then he told Zhou Yi and the rest, "We should move these shattered stones aside to see if there's anything else behind them."

    The men quickly moved to oblige, and as expected, they did not discover anything else. Gu Jun stood to the side and observed quietly. Uncle Dan took the scalpel from him and studied it for a while. Then he whined with disappointment, "What is this? It's too light. If you apply too much pressure, it'll easily cut too deep."

    Uncle Dan was apprehensive of the connection between this scalpel and Lai Sheng Company, and at the same time, he really thought it was not a qualified blade.

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    Then Zhang Huohuo came to give it a go as well. Even though he was a nurse, he had tons of experience dealing with knives. After all, he was sometimes required to cut away the epidermis.

    Regardless, there had to be a reason for them to find the scalpel. Xue Ba and the rest believed that it had something to do with the enemy's trick and thus carried potential danger. However, they all decided to carry it with them for now because it might turn out useful in the end. The scalpel was temporarily kept by the medics. Xue Ba reminded them to be careful not to be influenced by its mysterious power; they were to report should they feel any discomfort. Uncle Dan and Zhang Huohuo showed no interest in it, so Gu Jun used the reason of the possibility of it triggering his inspiration to reclaim it back into his possession. With regard to that, Xue Ba took careful note of it.

    The team rested for half a day inside the stone room. They abandoned some stuff and only brought along the necessary weapons and supplies as well as the two oil lamps. They headed up the spiral staircase, the only way forward from the stone room.
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