95 A Song

    Chapter 95: A Song

    A cloud of black ravens flew through the gray sky. They gave off an ugly caw, causing the mist around the team to thicken even further.

    "Those are people from Lai Sheng Company," Gu Jun said softly. "I can recognize them. They were wearing clothes like that from my memory."

    Technically speaking, the figures were blurred behind the mist, but their apparel was distinctive enough for Gu Jun to recognize them easily. The rest of the Demon Hunters were already in battle mode, other than Lou Xiaoning of course. The marksmen had their guns aimed at the enemies around them, but as the mist thickened, the figures disappeared behind the giant trees, making them hard to track.

    "They're disappearing..." Yang Henan, who had rapidly set up the sniper rifle, cursed. Even the heat sensor could not look through the creepy giant trees. The group was still catching their beath, but the hissing of the beasts appeared to sound more and more threatening. Gradually, some animals walked out from the mist. Now they all had a closer look. It was unclear whether they were abnormal creatures or an unidentified animal. They had the slick bodies of wolves, but each one was the size of a brown bear. The fur was more like black spines, and the exposed jaws and dripping saliva sent chills down their spines. Before Xue Ba could come to a conclusion, suddenly, the mutated pack of wolves pounced at them. They came from everywhere.

    "Assault team. Open fire!" Xue Ba ordered immediately. His face was set with determination. "The rest of you, stay back. Do not waste ammo."

    Zhou Yi, Gao Mingpeng, and the rest pulled the trigger. There were two members positioned on each of the four sides. They all opened fire, and the sound of gunshots echoed through the air. The shell casings rained onto the shrine. The weapons that had defined human history for so long exploded in sparks. The recoil pressed into the members' muscles, causing their already sore bodies to feel like they were about to tear open into pieces.

    However, the beasts did not seem to understand the meaning of fear. Even though the frontline was a blurry mess of guts and blood, those on the back scampered forward to replace the fallen. The dying wails of their kin and the heavy stench of blood only sent the mutated wolves into a deeper maddened trance. They moved faster, and more and more of them stalked out from the mist. They were like a rolling wave of feral madness.

    "Sh*t!" Lou Xiaoning cursed loudly. Uncle Dan was responsible for keeping watch over her. This kind of beast had a thick hide; a shot to their body would not be able to take them down. Their weakness was a shot to the head. However, the beasts moved incredibly fast, and the Demon Hunters were in a very bad state. It was impossible to hope that every bullet would be a headshot. As the leader of the marksmen, Lou Xiaoning had the best accuracy. If she was not incapacitated, she would have been a great contributor. To be forced to watch on the sidelines, it must have eaten deeply at her heart.

    "From morning til night, pain, pain, pain."

    "How come..." The team moved for about ten steps. It should have brought them out of the shrine, but when they looked around, they realized with shock that they were still standing at the shrine. It appeared like they had circled their way around even though they were sure that they were heading outward. The bullets could fly out, and the beast could charge in, so it was not a spatial problem. That left the possibility that they had fallen for some kind of mental trick.

    Xue Ba ordered the team to retreat into the spiral staircase, but the opening had disappeared without a trace. The whole experience felt surreal. It was like they knew they were dreaming. They snapped themselves out of it, only to find themselves trapped in another dream. It was then that the Demon Hunters realized the limitation of their team as well as Phecda. When facing enemies wielding the abnormal energy, they were powerless.

    "It's the song!" Xue Ba shouted until his veins around his neck popped. He tried to use loud volume to disturb the mental hold the enemy had over them. "Focus on something else instead. Filter out the song!"

    They had no idea what the song meant, but the melody had a pull on their soul. It was basically impossible not to submerge themselves in the sweet lullaby.

    It was unclear whether it was due to his high spirituality or his understanding of the foreign language, but Gu Jun was affected by the song the most. There were already some hallucinations appearing in his vision. The song sounded louder and sweeter.

    "The nightmare grows stronger day after day, awaiting the day it is born into the world.

    "Mother, great mother is thinking day after day, whether her womb is housing a young creation of life or the dead seed of a zombie.

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    "Mother's thoughts of melancholy,

    The beasts were still raging, but they did not seem to care about the people in black. Xue Ba, Zhou Yi, and the marksmen's expressions were tight. The team had finished their store of automatic rifle ammunition. They reached for assault rifles like the one given to Gu Jun, but even the ammo for those was running low.

    "Gu Jun, open your eyes. Look around and see what you really are."

    The figures in black materialized out from the mist and approached the shrine. At the same time, the Demon Hunters realized with apprehension and shock that all these people shared the same face.
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