103 Burning Darkness

    Chapter 103: Burning Darkness

    "The thing inside the tree!"

    "Let me go..."

    Inside the dark banyan tree forest, the branches appeared to be dancing. The arresting wails drifted into Gu Jun's mind, evoking the darkest sin his heart. The ancient whispers from the abyss mumbled in his ears as well. It was the spell from the last page. It was a long and seemingly irregular statement. There was no punctuation, and the meaning was unknown. But the more he studied it, the more he could feel the strange and evil energy from it.

    "Mutated seeds break through decayed mud like battle axes disintegrate decay replace with fragrance millions of maggots gathered around dirty blood breaking through the barrier reshaping and reforming feeding on starlight spreading darkness the name of the old ones will never fall."

    This incoherent statement surrounded Gu Jun like flickering images, as if inviting him to admire the creation of the Old Ones around him. Gu Jun tried his best to wade through the forest with his mind intact. His mind was already fraying when he made the previous eight journeys, but now it had only intensified. The opening of the tree hole had enhanced his connection to the banyan trees. It was as if his own blood had been joined to the plants; their corrupted essence had flowed into his veins.

    "This is why," Gu Jun mumbled to himself as his footsteps became heavier and his breathing more agitated, "I became a doctor."

    His parents were still missing, their loyalty unknown. Other than that, he had no other family. When he was small, he had inquired about his grandparents. His parents had told him that they had all passed away.

    The cursed parchments could not be preserved, and they could not be brought out. Granted, it would be invaluable to study the spell, but there were too many extenuating factors. He was worried others might fall under the demon's influence and cause a security breach to Phecda. After all, the others did not have help of the Son of Steel.

    "I have already memorized all these words," Gu Jun told himself as he walked toward the forest of banyan trees with the bomb.

    'All the pain... confusion... conviction you still have... admirable... but that is only because you have seen too little...'

    "That's why they say ignorance is bliss." Gu Jun strode forward. He gripped the scalpel in his pocket to help him focus. There was still a lingering energy around the ruined shrine. The many ceremonies performed there were the reason for that, but it was time to call it to an end. Gu Jun stuck the bomb to a tree at the edge of the forest and then returned to grab the QN-2-2 rocket launcher. He removed a white missile and loaded it into the rocket. When they were still inside the spiral staircase, he had thought to ask Xue Ba how to operate this thing.

    "Son of Misfortune," Gu Jun grumbled, his eyes shining with determination. "It's time to say goodbye."

    He lifted the rocket launcher and aimed it at the C4. The missile was infra-red directed. Once it had locked on, it would follow the target even if they moved. Each missile weighed only 1.2 kilograms, but it could take down tanks, armored cars, and even a small base.


    Gu Jun's right index finger pulled on the trigger. With a long bang, fire exploded, and the missile flew out from the launcher. Gu Jun was knocked to the ground from the powerful recoil. He saw the missile soar through the short distance quickly, and it landed right on the C4. The missile exploded in a burst of fire!

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    The flame licked against the withered tree and spread along the branches and leaves. Soon, the banyan tree forest turned into a sea of fire!

    A blast of explosion seemed to come behind him. The whole path was shaking and collapsing.
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