105 All Blown Up

    Chapter 105: All Blown Up

    Gu Jun could never have imagined that the best and sweetest sleep he would ever have in his life would be inside an isolation room. It had been three days since they returned to Earth. At the time, the sixteen of them had waited beside the banyan tree until the people from the Action Department came over in heavy protective gear and handed them some water and dressed them in protective gear. Then, all of them were escorted to the cleansing quarantine vehicles that had arrived. The things that they had brought out with them were confiscated, including the Carlot Scalpel.

    The vehicle did not travel for long before they arrived at Lai Sheng Company's lair in the mountain. If they carried a virus with them, they had to prevent it from spreading. The Engineering Department had already set up some isolated rooms there and other necessary amenities. At the same time, the members of different departments were rushing there with their equipment. Ever since then, the sixteen of them were separated. Everyone was given the best and warmest care. There was food and entertainment, but they were barred from seeing each other.

    Gu Jun had the best sleep of his life on this single bed inside this quarantine room. That afternoon, he was led out of the room to conduct a series of physical checks. In history, the Indians had perished from the virus that the Europeans had brought with them. No one could tell if the Demon Hunters had brought any life-threatening diseases back with them from the abnormal space. Therefore, over the past two days, the Demon Hunters had been given all sorts of tests inside the camp, from their skin to their colon. Of course, there were DNA tests as well, to compare their current selves to their DNA make-up before they entered the banyan tree. That was the part for the physical check-up, which was followed by the mental check-up.

    "Ah Jun, good afternoon." Eight middle-aged members in protective gear were already waiting behind the office table. They all had smiles on their faces. First, there were some introductions. The team was made up of pairs from the Investigation Department, Review Department, Medical Department, and Scientific Research Department. They were all experts at interrogation.

    "Good afternoon." Gu Jun chose the opposite couch and sat down. He was collected. He was prepared to be questioned from all sides and had come up with the answers.

    "Other than us, this chat will be monitored by Commander Yao and the rest." Chen Yaoyan from the Investigation Department pointed at the camera in the corner. This kind-looking middle-aged man sat in the middle. He appeared to be the lead interrogator.

    Gu Jun looked toward the camera and nodded. He was not surprised. In fact, it would not surprise him if the whole of Phecda was watching him, observing his every move.

    "I have personally tested his trust before," Lou Xiaoning said openly. "I put the gun to his head. I wouldn't have blamed him if he left me to die, but he did not. According to others, he did hesitate at the start, but that was probably due to the influence inside the underground tunnel. I've experienced it myself. That feeling can truly mess with your mind!"

    In terms of Gu Jun's medical contribution on this mission, Uncle Dan had nothing but praise. "Other than the time we had to conduct an emergency procedure on him, we conducted three operations, and honestly, every time, I was his assistant. Ah Jun really has the safety of his teammates in mind, and he is always ready to take responsibility. When the decision was made for Ah Mo to have both legs amputated, no one said anything, but if he failed to clean the parasite, he would have taken all the blame. But he was not afraid. He is a good doctor because he is the kind of person who puts the interests of his patient first."

    Even Captain Xue had plenty of good things to say about Gu Jun, but when it came to the incident about the parchments and the channel in the banyan tree, Xue Ba was silent for a moment.

    "I honestly have no idea what he did back there," Xue Ba finally concluded. "But to choose to be the last one to leave requires great courage because all of the team members were at the verge of breaking down then. All of us could not wait to leave that godforsaken place.

    "Put it this way, Ah Jun's instinct when it comes to that place is far more accurate than any of us. I might have a different opinion to him, but I would follow his instinct because his instinct is far more important than mine. In fact, it is far more important that these suppositions of rationality and logic during these aftermath analyses."

    The last sentence of Xue Ba was a warning for the interrogators. 'None of you were there; you will never fully understand everything.'

    The Demon Hunters had stated their stance, and Phecda was going to hear the version of the story from Gu Jun himself. Yao Sinian, Prof Qin, and the rest were listening to Gu Jun quietly-how he could sense the spell, his understanding of the foreign spell, the new embedded memory triggered by the scalpel, how Lai Sheng Company wanted to sacrifice them, and how he countered with his newly-gained memory.

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    Gu Jun went through the sequence of events slowly and calmly. He was collected, sincere, and brilliant. Was he hiding part of the truth? The group could not tell from, but from Gu Jun's past history, the chance of that was very high. Finally, Gu Jun reached the end, the part where he stayed back at the abnormal space alone. Be it in the Eastern State, the headquarters, or the interrogation room, everyone saw that Gu Jun was still as open and collected as ever.
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