109 3 Patients

    Chapter 109: 3 Patients

    'Members with an S value higher or equal to sixty are not allowed entry.'

    A piece of A4 paper was pasted on the activity room's wooden door. The handwriting on the paper was uneven and ugly. Gu Jun walked down the corridor, and his heart quivered when he saw this sign. 'My S value is 51, so I can enter it...'

    Gu Jun took a look around. One of them was a young lady in her twenties, and the other was a little boy who could not have been more than ten. The boy had his head lowered. His body movement appeared to be ungainly and awkward. The lady's eyes were on him the moment Gu Jun walked into the room because she was seated facing the door.

    "Nice to meet you. I am Gu Jun." Gu Jun offered his self-introduction as he walked over. "Er, this whole getup... is just a protective measure, to prevent a possible infectious disease. But I am a doctor, a clinical doctor from the Eastern State Medical Department."

    "Hmm, tastes quite salty..." the woman murmured softly, her red lips moved as if tasting something. "Salty voice too."

    She had a slight frame, short hair, and somewhat elfish facial features. Her dark brow was arched high, and her pair of beautiful eyes appeared to glowing with some kind of mystical glint.


    'Synesthesia?' Gu Jun was instantly reminded of the rare mental illness that he had studied during his training. First, 'perceptive experience' was a common human psychological phenomenon. For example, you would feel a certain way when presented with different colors; that was how we differentiate between warm and cold colors. Red would give a feeling of excitement and alert; blue would invoke a sense of serenity and calmness. The same could be said for music. Hip hop could get people into the mood to dance while classical music could help induce slumber. These feelings were perceptive experiences unique to human beings. It was not something material. If you played Beethoven to a mouse, the mouse would probably hear white noise.

    For people with synesthesia, however, might feel a very strong and involuntarily cross connection between the perceptive stimulus and the sense(s) that it triggered. For example, they could taste music and see colors in numbers or feel like they were touching a knife when shaking someone's hand...

    "And that was through a layer of protective gear." Wu Siyu shook her hand helplessly. "If I'd made direct contact with you, I would be bleeding now."

    "So, you were saying earlier that my name and voice are both salty?" Gu Jun finally understood it now. Names would cause perceptive experiences, too. For example, Pennywise would invoke the image of a scary clown, but other names would not. In essence, Wu Siyu would have these perceptive experiences so much more intense than others, so much so that it was like she was experiencing them in person.

    "So, you heard me." Wu Siyu rolled her eyes to make an ugly expression at Gu Jun. "Yes, it was very salty, like I shoved a handful of salt into my mouth."

    'Haha,' Gu Jun grumbled internally. 'That's probably because you were feeling salty at how handsome I look...'

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    He took the chair that was left empty for him. He turned to the boy. "Nice to meet you."

    "I... I am Xiao Xu." The little boy kept his head lowered. He froze and refused to have any eye contact with the rest of them. "I know... math."
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