110 Mental Illness

    Chapter 110: Mental Illness

    The silence stretched out for a while.

    "Wu Siyu, may I ask you a few questions?" Gu Jun asked, his tone laced with curiosity.

    "Sure." Wu Siyu looked at him. "You want to know what your friends or girlfriend's names taste like, right?"

    Gu Jun was instantly startled as surprise overwhelmed him. 'This girl... If this is a not a set-up, then she must have read Cai Zixuan's file before...'

    In any case, he understood why Wu Siyu had been invited her. Her synesthesia must be the kind that was very intense.

    "What about Wang Ruoxiang?" he asked.

    "Hmm." Wu Siyu started to munch again. "What is this? So strange... Damn, formalin!"

    "Okay..." Gu Jun answered. The girl could literally survive on names. People needed imagination still, but she only needed to think about people's names.

    "That's enough out of you." Wu Siyu rubbed her belly and sighed. "I'm too full already."

    The perceptive experience of a synesthete was as real as it could be; some could even close bodily reactions. This kind of 'illusory effect' was not limited to people like Wu Siyu. It worked on normal human beings too, albeit not to such an extreme extent. The most common example would be the placebo effect. Patients were offered vitamins in the guise of actual medicine, but they often reported actual recovery in their symptoms. Some clinical tests of new medicine would have placebo groups for comparison to lessen the bias the testers might have toward the drug. Even though medicine had not arrived at a conclusive consensus about this phenomenon, they were certain it had something to do with psychological influences.

    "Let me tell you, 'Yao Ming' tastes like the best food in the world," Wu Siyu said as if making a recommendation. "Shark fin soup, bear paw..."

    "Okay..." What else could Gu Jun say? 'I will try it next time'?

    If he was not a medical student and his own S value was only 51, he would have run out of the room there and then. If Wu Siyu was placed in public and exposed as a mental patient, people would buy his story, and with current medical standards, she would be diagnosed as one too. But then again, following current medical standards, he himself would not only be diagnosed as a patient of mental stem tumor but of schizophrenia as well.

    'Schizophrenia? Now that does make me feel like I belong here,' Gu Jun thought self-deprecatingly.

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    "Your instinct was very accurate," he told Wu Siyu. "Cai Zixuan likes to cook, and his specialty is soups. Wang Ruoxiang is a medical student like me, and she encounters formalin a lot."

    "All of you are seen as crazy or almost crazy, a virus that should be swept out of Phecda," Elder Tong said as he walked to the corner to pull out the movable whiteboard. "Back then, I was just like you, but I was actually kicked out of Phecda. However, now, I am here. As you must've noticed by now, I share a philosophy different from them. I know each and everyone of you here is a priceless treasure."

    Elder Tong regarded them like how one would look at three gold nuggets, his eyes overflowing with greed.

    "I wish to create a new Special Mobile Force unit with you three as the core! Temporarily, we only have three members, but more will join in the future. I am sure of that. But how is it that our unit will be different from others?


    Elder Tong burped from the beer. He grabbed the marker pen and wrote down a term on the board.


    "Other than fighting ability and survivability, we are going to become a super unit that possesses the ability to use spells."

    The three others were silent, like cynics at an MLM meeting, but Elder Tong was filled with determination and continued with passion.
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