111 Problematic Team

    Chapter 111: Problematic Team

    "To pick out all the noted human psychic power that has appeared through history and treat it as a historical research subject," a scientist wrote in 'Expanding the Basic of Somatic Science'.

    In the 80s, a wave of psychic energy study swept across the globe. This was not a coincidence but could be accredited to certain events that transpired within that period. When it came to Elder Tong's time, the fad had not faded away. If anything, the field had become a taboo, a poisonous cancer that desperately needed to be cleansed, so when Elder Tong came up with his 'disconcerting suggestions', it only confirmed Phecda's suspicion of his madness.

    "Are there actual spells in this world?" Elder Tong looked at the three silent members with a smile. "I know there are and you know there are because we have all experienced it personally."

    Indeed, Gu Jun knew that there were spells. He had seen them in action and had even gone so close as casting one himself. He had in fact blown up a parchment with a spell on it. But what had Uncle Tong experienced? Wu Siyu? Even a ten-year-old boy who was a whiz in math had similar experience?

    "First, let me first introduce the terminology that was popular during my time studying psychic powers," Elder Tong said as he listed down the following on the whiteboard.

    Extra Sensory Perception



    "Of course, the training will be related to breaking through many of your self-imposed limits." Elder Tong looked sincere and reliable. "But to do that, I need all of you to be as honest with me about your situation as you can. That way, I can come up with the most effective training plan."

    "Elder Tong, I have a question." Wu Siyu waved her hand lazily. "In return, will you be honest and share all your secrets with us?"

    "Oh." Even Elder Tong, who was so experienced, was surprised by this question. "I temporarily will not do that, but I can share with you the number that I believe will come up in the lotto next week."

    "Hmm, then that makes it difficult for me to be honest with you," Wu Siyu grumbled. Her facial expression seemed to be saying, 'You have failed to gain my trust, dirty old man.'

    Gu Jun shrugged silently, but that was enough to state his intention of keeping to himself. If this was a set up, then this was too easy a trap. If it was not, then... what kind of strange unit was this? The superior had his own secrets, and every member had their own secrets.

    "Fine, in that case, I'll pick all kinds of training for you, so just tell me if any of them work." Elder Tong sighed as he shook his head. "Kindness is only trampled on nowadays. It was me who saved you guys from the cells of the Correctional Department."

    Elder Tong turned to them with a smile. "Never mind, I expected such stubbornness from all of you. Therefore, the name of the unit I've registered for us is-Problematic Team!"

    "The name of this team tastes like... well, it's impossible to describe," Wu Siyu chided softly.

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    'Problematic Team?' Gu Jun thought that was quite a fitting moniker.

    It was dinner time. Many people instantly replied to him. Gu Jun believed that meant that they were not on duty. This was a good thing because it proved that the Medical Department did not have to deal with an overload of patients. After chatting with his friends, Gu Jun felt the lightest he had felt in a long while. The Afterlife Cult had suffered a temporary setback. Perhaps he would get the chance to enjoy some peaceful days ahead.

    For the special training period of a month, Gu Jun decided to make it a goal for himself. No matter what Elder Tong was up to, he would make use of this chance to make himself better and stronger!

    Since he was now the leader of the Problematic Team, he would rise to the occasion and be the best leader he could be.
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