112 Ganzfeld Experimen

    Chapter 112: Ganzfeld Experiment

    Early the next morning, Gu Jun started his training with Wu Siyu and Xiao Yu. There were three main programs to their training. First was their personal skill, with the least amount of training. Second was survival training. This was a common training program for members of the Special Mobile Force. It included training for stamina, fighting, utilization of firearms, and so on. They were basically training as special agents, but the degree to which they were trained was different. After all, Xiao Xu was only ten. It was impossible to have him run for 10,000 meters with the two adults. To be fair though, Gu Jun did not run the 10,000 meters either because he was wearing the protective gear. That added to his extra weight, and he still had that brain stem tumor to worry about, so he was given lighter training. The brunt of the training fell on poor Wu Siyu. The only girl in their team had the toughest training.

    In the morning, they were given not only stamina training but also classes on how to manage a team. Since the three of them were either the team leader or vice leaders, they were required to attend this class together. The class was mostly about how to manage subordinates, how to observe the changes in their S values, and how to deal with changes. Their curriculum was unusual in the sense that they not only had to learn about normal team management, they had to learn specifically how to manage a team like the Problematic Team. Their teacher was... Elder Tong.

    Even though Xiao Xu was just a child, he had to train as well. However, his body was too awkward to have high accuracy. It would probably be much easier for him to calculate other people's accuracy based on the type of gun used, the wind direction, draft, and so on.

    At night, the three had to complete the third special training. It was the 'activate, control, utilize' mentioned by Elder Tong.

    Gu Jun and Wu Siyu's training was different from Xiao Xu. The two were led by workers to the medical experiment building that was a few dozen stories high at the base. Inside a lab on the ninth floor, they encountered Elder Tong. The old man was already drunk, his face flushed from the alcohol.

    This was a lab that did not look like one. It was separated into an inner room and outer room. Gu Jun could not recognize most of the strange devices in the room, other than the computer, CAT scanner, and heart monitor. The scientists were all dressed in white lab coats. They were the Psychiatrists and Scientific Research Department members stationed at the base. Their leader was someone called Shen Yi. He was an old age about the same age as Elder Tong, but that was where their similarities ended. Shen Yi was gentle and polite; he probably had not touched a cigarette or glass of alcohol in his life. He was an expert in psychology and parapsychology. People referred to him as Prof Shen. Prof Shen was an expert whom Elder Tong had invited from the headquarters. They used to be old partners and had gone through many things together.

    "Well, you're going to find out." Elder Tong did not explain much. He told the lab members, "First, Gu Jun will be transmitter, and Wu Siyu will be the receiver."

    While the two were confused, Wu Siyu was led by the members into the small inner room. Through the glass, one could see that she was taken to lie on a couch in the middle of the room. The lab used a ping pong ball that was cut in half to cover her eyes and secured them with medical tape. She was equipped with devices like a brain wave regulator and a pair of headphones. The members switched on a red light inside the room, and then they retreated out of the room and closed the door.

    "Hmm..." Wu Siyu appeared to be uncomfortable. She was originally lying still, but now she appeared like she could not help herself from tossing.

    "White noise is now being played in the headphones," Prof Shen explained to Gu Jun. "The frequency of the white noise is consistent, but because human ears are sensitive to high frequency sounds, it all sounds like static to us. In any case, the purpose of this is to eclipse her senses. The goal of experiment is for you to randomly pull out a picture from the selection of four, and then use your mind to transmit that image to her."

    "How am I supposed to do that?" Gu Jun was befuddled.

    "Think about Wu Siyu in your heart. Use your consciousness and spirit to bring this image before her eyes. And then, we will have her select the possible image that she saw from a set of pictures. We will first have five sets of tests."

    Once Prof Shen said that, Elder Tong burped. "Based on probability, the accuracy of this experiment should be around twenty-five percent, but over the years, in experiments around the world, there have been records of thirty-two percent accuracy; in Phecda, we used to score a thirty-five percent accuracy average. Do you know how abnormal that is?"

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    Gu Jun understood it immediately. If there was no influence of ESP, then the number would not be so variant from the average. After all, this was not a small sample size but tens of thousands. If the transmitter and receiver were two strangers, then the result in Phecda would appear even stranger...
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