113 ESP

    Chapter 113: ESP

    In the 1930s, the result of German psychologist Wolfgang Metzger's experiment showed that when a subject's sight was filled with everything of the same color and having no differentiating properties, there would be changes to his encephalogram, and he might even suffer from hallucinations. The most common example would be miners who were trapped in darkness from cave ins. After a few days, they would start to hallucinate. Even explorers of the north pole would start seeing things after being exposed to pure whiteness for days. This was called the Ganzfeld Effect.

    In 1974, psychologist Charles Honorton released the first experimental report on ESP in the periodical APA. From 1974 to 1982, forty-two ESP experiments were reported.

    Inside the quiet lab, Gu Jun was looking at the pictures on the monitor. The first set of pictures was relatively simple. They were four individual things. The result taken from this first round would not be conclusive because the transmitter might choose a dog due to their natural favoritism, and the receiver could choose the same because they knew about the transmitter's penchant for furry animals. But the second set of pictures was completely different. The four pictures had extremely complicated details. The one in the top left was a picture of a summit with many tourists, the top right was an unkempt room, the lower left was an untidy patch of grassland, and the bottom right was a picture of a rather convoluted underground tunnel.

    Something relevant about this place and this scenario... was a trigger for his illusions?

    "Alright, the thirty seconds is up." At that moment, one of the lab members came forward to inform Gu Jun, "You can stop now."

    "Okay." Once Gu Jun's attention was pulled away from those pictures, and the feeling of an incoming illusion stopped. The lab member immediately helped him remove the devices he was connected to.

    Prof Shen walked over to ask, "How do you feel?"

    "This can't be." Elder Tong hissed desperately. He mumbled to his old partner, "Do you think this girl is toying with us on purpose?"

    "Calm down." Prof Shen pressed his hand on Elder Tong's shoulder, but he understood why his old partner was so nervous. If they got no results from this, then what happened that year... that case, the old friends they had lost, the dissolution of Phoenix... would forever be lost among the sea of unsolved cases. However, Elder Tong's expression immediately changed from desperation to surprise and then to affirmative joy. Wu Siyu had selected the correct choice for the third, fourth, and fifth picture sets. Three out of five, sixty percent accuracy.

    "How can this be?" Elder Tong asked his partner. According to past history, the accuracy should be higher for the simpler set of pictures, but it was the inverse with Wu Siyu.

    "The transmission of simple images might be distorted by her abnormal senses." Prof Shen gave a hypothesis. "So, it is much easier for her to differentiate between the most complicated images. Or perhaps Gu Jun did not focus enough at the start, and he only became serious later."

    The two of them had no idea what was going on, but their faces were bright with joy. This experiment was effective. Then it was time for them to swap places. Wu Siyu acted as the transmitter and Gu Jun the receiver.

    "In a while, your mind might get extremely active. There might be many flying shadows and flashing lights," Prof Shen told Gu Jun. "Do not resist them, do not think about them, just open your mind to feel them."

    "Kid, listen to me." Elder Tong was the most serious he had ever been, even more serious then when he was lecturing in the day. He spoke as if he had been through all this before. "What we call chaos is not something that can only be understood after being categorized into common classifications. It is simply what it is. There is no need for you to attempt to understand it. In fact, do not attempt to try to get a clearer understanding. Embrace the chaos. It will guide the way. Just think of it as an art appreciation class on Picasso's paintings."

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    Gu Jun nodded silently. This was probably the most absurd yet reasonable lecture he had gotten from Elder Tong.
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