118 Nervous System Impairing Disease

    Chapter 118: Nervous System Impairing Disease

    "Prof Shen, I wish to ask you a question."

    In Phecda's Northern Desert Division, inside the bustling ESP experiment lab, Gu Jun was accosting Prof Shen. Elder Tong was not there that morning because he had gone to intercept the internal review unit. He finally had a chance to talk to Prof Shen alone and perhaps get some information.

    Wu Siyu glanced at him and sighed helplessly. 'What a man.'

    She came out with it. "Prof Shen, is it possible for us to receive messages in our dreams? The transmitter might not be human but some kind of signal from outer space?"

    Gu Jun stole a glance at her. He uttered in his heart, 'You are one hell of a busybody. Do you hear me?'

    Obviously, Wu Siyu did not. Even if she did, she would pretend she did not.

    Gu Jun shrugged at her, telling her to stop. It looked like Prof Shen did not know more than they did, perhaps even less. The two were spared from training that afternoon and spent it in meditation. Prof Shen wanted them to be in their optimum state.

    The review unit finally arrived at 4 pm.

    Prof Shen led the trio from the Problematic Team and the lab members to the door of the medical building to welcome them. Gu Jun saw the group of people walk over. His gaze immediately went to the thirty or so people who were dressed in the same uniform. They were their opponents this time, the 'Overseer Team'.

    According to Prof Shen's introduction and the internal info provided by Phecda, this was an experienced team affiliated to the headquarters' Special Mobile Force. They had around thirty common members, and they all had high spirituality and mastery of psychology. They were mainly selected from the Medical Department and Review Department. The Overseers were designated as an adjunct unit, providing psychological, mental analytics, and S value assessment technical support. So, whenever there was a large operation where multiple Special Mobile Force units or more than one thousand members from the Action Department were required, the Overseers would join as a support group.

    But this time, to quote Elder Tong, they were there to make them look ugly.

    Gu Jun swept his gaze over them. There were men and women among the thirty people, and they were all over thirty years old. The unit appeared imposing in their uniform-to inspire leadership, some Special Mobile Force teams were allowed their own uniform. Naturally, the Problematic Team did not have that privilege yet.

    Facing his gaze, the group responded with confident and calm nods. Elder Tong and the few leaders from the Overseers were gesturing wildly, discussing something. Gu Jun captured the sight of two familiar faces among the group trailing behind the Overseers. One was Prof Qin, and the other was Yao Sinian, the commander from the emergency command center at Gu Rong Village.

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    "Prof Qin, Commander Yao." Gu Jun ignored the etiquette and walked forward to greet his two seniors.
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