123 Nightmare Illness

    Chapter 123: Nightmare Illness

    Inside a sickroom not far away, Gu Jun saw Chen Wenwei's friend, the patient called Mai Lei. Mai Lei was also a young man at twenty-five years old. He was seated on the bed facing the window. The muscles all over his body were shivering slightly. His facial muscles had seriously contracted. His eyes sunk deeply into their sockets, his eyeballs were bloodshot, and his gaze appeared to be staring into the edge of madness.

    "Nightmare Illness advances quickly," Prof Qin added. "Mai Lei was infected after reading a post online. He saw it six days earlier than Chen Wenwei, but he was already now in the illness' middle state. Many of his symptoms are similar to multiple system atrophy (MSA)."

    "Mr. Mai!"

    The two guards from the Action Department shouted back at him. One of them went to press him back while the other readied the taser. Even though his voice was not that clear, they could still hear what Mai Lei wanted to express.

    "Sorry, please don't..." Mai Lei retreated in a hurry. His face was carved in pain and horror. "Sorry!"

    Following the agitated yelp, Mai Lei suddenly hacked with intensity. His hand flew to his mouth, and when he pulled back, there was a bloody tooth sitting in his palm. Looking at the tooth, the horror on Mai Lei's face deepened. A howl that sounded like a cry escaped from his throat. "Ah..."

    'Moving toward high ground?' Gu Jun was reminded of flight for some reason. According to Sigmund Freud, the desire to fly was due to intense pressure, and the patient wished for quite literal flight from their problems. The leap of death that these victims committed was their symbolic of their desire to escape from pain.

    His head was pounding. Images of people jumping from buildings crowded his mind. Was that a trigger of the illusion, or was that just his imagination? Gu Jun tried to focus on the image, but it was like grasping at smoke...

    'It's not going to work...' he grumbled to himself. 'There is no close connection. Perhaps the locale or scenario is not suitable. The feeling is not intense enough for me to grab hold of it.'

    After exiting into the corridor, Gu Jun told Prof Qin and Commander Yao seriously and helplessly. "I did not experience any accurate ESP connection."

    He did not dare jump to a hasty conclusion, but it appeared like Nightmare Illness might not have too deep a connection with the foreign world, the Son of Steel, or the Son of Misfortune. This was something he had not encountered in his childhood, so the strong feeling that overwhelmed him when he first encountered the cadaver of the Malformed Banyan Disease victim did not return this time.

    At the time, even without the mental power training, he could already trigger the illusion of the pool of cadavers. 'Wait a minute... cadavers?'

    Once the thought crossed his mind, the wisp of smoke appeared to thicken.

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    "ESP?" Tang Zhifeng was startled. 'Isn't that something from parapsychology?'
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