124 White Morgue

    Chapter 124: White Morgue

    The dead bodies of the Nightmare Illness victims were stored in the Medical Department's morgue. For the past two days, the people at the morgue had been very busy conducting autopsies on these victims. Since the autopsy had to be so detailed to the point that they checked every single nerve ending in the body, the people at the morgue had their hands full. Due to the time constraint and the large number of samples, the morgue had requested help from the clinical group. Members like Wang Ruoxiang, Cai Zixuan, and Sun Yuheng, who had joined Phecda due to their outstanding autopsy skills, were among the group of people rounded up to help.

    They were busy from morning until dawn. The shift changed once every three to four hours. They would rest at the resting areas around the morgue before jumping back into work. When they arrived, the spacious resting hall of the morgue was filled with people in white coats. Some were slumped in chairs, while others were even lying down for a quick forty winks on the ground. Wang Ruoxiang and the rest, who had just finished their shift, were returning to their dormitory. They drank water and chatted casually in whispers.

    "If only Tycoon Jun was here," Cai Zixuan lamented softly. "His autopsy skills can rival all of us put together."

    The two shared a look. Their eyes spoke of shock and joy. Soon, a group of people walked into the resting hall. Prof Qin walked at the front, and Gu Jun was trailing behind him.

    "Ah." A gasp escaped from Cai Zixuan's mouth. If not for the fact that he would interrupt his other colleagues' rest, he would probably have screamed from excitement. Wang Ruoxiang also had a smile on her face. She was glad to see Gu Jun doing fine. In fact, he was more than fine; he appeared taller and more muscular.

    "Elder Qin..." When the doctors in the hall saw Prof Qin, they all stood up, but Prof Qin waved them down. "Get your much-needed rest. Just ignore us."

    "Zixuan, monitor." After reuniting with the two, he turned to greet Sun Yuheng and the rest.

    "That was just..." Gu Jun couldn't help but chuckle. "Fine, you got me. I was too careless back then. I held the rat wrong."

    Listening to the banter between his old friends, Gu Jun's heart was warmed. Since he returned from the banyan tree hole, this was the first time he felt he had actually returned to the human world.

    At the Morgue Building, the floors aboveground were all autopsy labs. The actual morgues were all underground. The different morgues were assigned to cadavers of victims who had died from various strange illnesses. This was the first time the group, including Gu Jun, had visited at this place of death. The happiness from their reunion faded away, and it was replaced by a sense of depression. Other than that, visions started to swim around the edge of Gu Jun's vision. He took a deep breath. The heightened ESP also meant that his connection to these things was more acute.

    Walking down the underground corridor, as bright as the place was, there was an eerie mist of death that they could not shake off. Darkness appeared to fester in unseen corners.

    "The second morgue over there is it." The manager pointed out the path for them. He did not follow them because he had already been ordered not to disturb Gu Jun. Actually, the manager himself had no idea what Gu Jun was up to, nor did Wang Ruoxiang and the rest. All they knew was that Gu Jun wanted to see the cadaver of the Nightmare Illness in person.

    Silence cloaked the hallway. As they moved forward, Gu Jun focused his ESP, not to see anything clearer but to feel the stillness of death around him. As he did during his training for the past month, he allowed the chaos to enter him and submerge into the nascent illusions.

    Step by step, the strange spoke out to him. An abnormal whispering was humming in the air. However, when the five of them walked into this morgue, all the feelings instantly dissipated like smoke. All that was left was emptiness and silence. Not the heavy silence like outside, no... the emptiness there was more like a blackhole, blank and hollow...

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    "How is that possible?" Gu Jun looked around. In this large, clean room, there were rows of mortuary cabinets. There were hundreds of them, but according to his ESP, they were purportedly all empty from the feeling that he got from them. He turned around and said with confusion, "How can this place be so empty?"
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