126 Zombie Track

    Chapter 126: Zombie Track

    "I've seen many illusions where the carcasses were empty. Their souls had already been drained even when they were still alive. Perhaps it is similar to the summoning ritual through sacrifices used by Lai Sheng Company. Some kind of abnormal existence was feasting on their souls, or perhaps the victims themselves were involuntarily summoning some kind of mythical creature... in this case, the zombies." Gu Jun returned to the fifth floor of the Morgue Building. He entered the office where Prof Qin, Yao Sinian, and the rest were waiting and reported his findings. "I saw an unknown graveyard, and some kind of abnormal creature was breaking into the graves to feast on the dead bodies."

    "Hmm..." Yao Sinian's face was drawn, and Prof Qin's brows creased together. If that was the case, then this was far bigger than they thought.

    Tang Zhifeng was befuddled. Zombies? It was not that he doubted their existence but that it was truly a discovery that came out of left field.

    "I wish to know if Phecda has tracked down any zombies before," Gu Jun said. "Now or in the past, is there any case of that? It doesn't matter if they're dead or alive."

    It was fake to say he did not have anticipation. After all, if there was a sample, he could start the autopsy immediately.

    "There were cases of grave robbers and cannibals." Yao Sinian knew about these things with his clearance. He shook his head and sighed. "But as for the zombies that you described, there might be some recorded rumors about them, but I'm sure there are no actual cases."

    Gu Jun's heart sank. There had to be something dangerous about this kind of abnormal creature considering the system had classified them under the abyssal mission. Their appearance would bring devastating results. If Phecda had a handle over them, then at least it would prove indirectly that 'zombies' were not that unusual. But now...

    "I need to relay this news as soon as possible," Yao Sinian added, "so that the Investigation Department and Action Department can start investigating all the graveyards within the Eastern State immediately."

    Due to their layer of dead epidermis, they were immune to anesthetic shots. Therefore, most Necro-skins died under heavy artillery. These abnormal creatures had extremely agile bodies and intelligence that was higher than animals. Knowing that they would not win, they started to run and escape. But in the end, they were cornered. Unable to be negotiated with and extremely hostile, all of them died from acute atrophy of the heart after being apprehended.

    The ten chest pieces that they were given during the competition came from the corpses of the Necro-skins who were taken down by headshots during the operation. According to the files, the origin of the Necro-skins and the reason for their appearance in the Eastern State were still unknown. Initially, the Investigation Department believed it was an isolated case from the Malformed Banyan Disease, but with the testimony from Gu Jun, there was a suspicion that they were connected.

    Then with the proof of the multiple banyan tree hole channels, after Gu Jun destroyed the banyan tree forest, the Investigation Department found a previously undiscovered big banyan tree in the mountain near that village where Necro-skins first appeared. This indirectly verified Gu Jun's statement. The Necro-skins probably came to this world through that banyan tree channel. However...

    "Intelligence higher than animals?" Gu Jun mumbled to himself in confusion. The actions of these Necro-skins recorded in the case and the choice of flight did not show that they had intelligence equal to or higher than human beings. Even though they knew how to move in groups, many animals had that instinct as well. The conclusion Phecda made was that the intelligence of Necro-skins was equal to Neanderthals.

    This record did not match the kind of abnormal creature recorded by Raybundy and Landon that destroyed the foreign civilization with hemoptysis.

    "Prof Qin." Gu Jun voiced his suspicion honestly. "I had illusions of the foreign civilization before. From there, I managed to glean the fact that this should be a kind of organism whose intellect is no lower than us humans."

    "Oh? Their average brain volume is at one thousand milliliters." Prof Qin provided the data. "Chimpanzees log in at 350 to 450 milliliters while us homo sapiens are around 1400 to 1600 milliliters. They have high brain volume and even current research does not understand why they did not react the way their high brain volume would suggest they should."

    Even though the connection between brain volume and intellect had never been confirmed, there had to be some correlation between them.

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    Gu Jun's heart sank. An anomaly was never a good thing.
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