129 Coming Clean

    Chapter 129: Coming Clean

    "That is how Ol' Uncle Dog looked!" Chen Shu's indication caused Yao Sinian's expression to shift immediately.

    After putting the phone away, he walked to a confused Gu Jun and whispered, "Ah Jun, your ESP power has done it again. The sketch was the professional reconstruction of an old man that every patient of Nightmare Illness encountered in their dream."

    Gu Jun felt chilled to his core when he heard that. 'Ol' Uncle Dog appeared in these people's dreams?'

    But according to what Elder Chen said, Ol' Uncle Dog should have died more than seventy years ago. In fact, they were standing right before his grave...

    He turned to study the broken coffin, and a creepy thought appeared in his mind. 'Was it really Ol' Uncle Dog who was lying inside all this while? In fact, was there really a body inside it at all?'

    Gu Jun turned to Elder Chen to inquire more about Ol' Uncle Dog's funeral. Chen Shu huffed rudely. "Why would you think I would know anything about that? The rest of the villagers weren't a part of his funeral. As I've said, they kept to themselves."

    In Chinese culture, funerals were bad Feng Shui. If not truly necessary, it was something to be avoided. Since none of the villagers could be called close to Ol' Uncle Dog when he 'died', none of them paid a visit to his funeral. In any case, Yao Sinian said with renewed spirit, "We have finally found the breakthrough we need. Ah Jun, your ESP is a precious weapon. Ol' Tong was right all along. We need to get into action immediately. We'd better keep Ol' Tong up to speed on what's happening here."

    Yao Sinian immediately gave orders to the people and made many calls-to the emergency unit, the division at Eastern State, and the headquarters. If the research base for Malformed Banyan Disease was at Gu Rong Village, then the research base for Nightmare Illness would be at this Nan Tang Village.

    "Ah Jun, why don't you go back to the Medical Department for now?" Yao Sinian wanted to stay back to monitor the progress, and the Demon Hunters would be staying to conduct their investigation. "This is a huge breakthrough, but our focus now is still to come up with a cure for the patients. Why don't you go back to the Medical Department to attend to the surgeries?"

    With that, Gu Jun was escorted into a helicopter and ferried back to the base. Along the way, his brain was piecing clues together-the zombies, the abnormal activities, and Lai Sheng Company, whom his parents were members of. He was sure that the same questions were hounding Commander Yao. The current clues were like a fraying rope, forming a noose around his neck, an appropriate analogy, considering one of the clues could turn Gu Jun into a hanged man.

    When he arrived at the base, it was already dawn, but there were still hours until the surgeries. Gu Jun thus decided to return to his own dormitory, which he had not seen in forever. He slid the door quietly open and made his footsteps as soft as possible. He did not want to disturb Cai Zixuan's rest.

    Gu Jun paced around in his own bedroom before he reached for Phecda's satellite phone and called Elder Tong.

    "They have gone about this the wrong way. A big search party is not going to find those zombies." Elder Tong had already been updated on the latest news and spoke disapprovingly. "How dumb do they think these zombies are? These things... are definitely smarter than they appear. Kid, don't waste your time at Nan Tang Village. You won't find anything there."

    "Elder Tong." Gu Jun took a deep breath. "I have something that I need to tell you."

    Gu Jun had chosen to omit this detail earlier due to caution and anxiety, but now he realized that this could be an important link to everything. He knew that the phone conversation would be monitored by Phecda, but he was hoping that this revelation would be of help to people. Supposedly, if Elder Tong realized there was some problem, like his personal experience was different from what Gu Jun had seen in his illusion, then at least that would help clear something up.

    "When Siyu and I conducted the Ganzfeld Experiment for the first time, we both triggered an illusion. We saw some images about you back then..." As he described the illusion, he noticed that Elder Tong's breathing had gotten conspicuously faster, but Elder Tong did not stop Gu Jun from continuing. "The reason we chose to not say anything about it was... Well, it was my idea. At the time, I still did not have enough trust in you."

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    "Kiddo, you suffer from paranoia. That much is written in your S value assessment report." Elder Tong chuckled lightly. "In any case, this proves that you two have even greater talent than I anticipated. This is truly a great discovery. You guys weren't wrong. That's exactly what had happened back then. I reported the same thing to Phecda, but they would not believe me."
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