133 Four Operations

    Chapter 133: Four Operations

    When Chen Wenwei's surgery reached its most crucial step, Gao Guohong and the rest evacuated the surgical room, leaving Gu Jun alone to deal with the operation. Under the nervous scrutiny of many people around the nation, Gu Jun used the leucotome to reach into the holes drilled in the skull and completed the severance of nervous fibers on the three designated spots. And this time, nothing happened. Chen Wenwei's EEG had started to stabilize when the second team took over. With more cuts being made, the EEG graph showed the brain activity slowing down, and the patient returning to a deep sleep state. After that, Gao Guohong's crew returned to their posts to help Gu Jun finish the suturing and cleaning up. The harsh and primitive surgery was finally completed.

    In Gu Jun's mind, multiple notifications pinged.

    "You have participated in a successful two-star surgery, a lobotomy. Personal contribution forty-five percent, rank 1."

    "The mastery of your Hands of Dexterity has increased by three hundred points, level two (29,700/30,000 mastery)"


    The term 'success' did not bring Gu Jun as much relief as it usually did because in this case, it only meant that the patient's prefrontal lobe had been destroyed. Whether or not it had any beneficial effect was still unknown. Neurological surgeries were not as clear cut as cleaning out parasites, especially an ectomy like this.

    He turned to look at the notification about the Hands of Dexterity. After his endless training, he was finally close to breaking through to the third level. Chen Wenwei's vitals were stabilizing, so the crew could exit the surgical room in relief. Only then was Gu Jun briefed on the state of Surgeon Si and his crew. Song Yilong and the other three who had fainted at the time were all suffering from cerebral hemorrhage with varying severity. They were all in emergency surgery. Gu Jun's heart tightened at the news. He had renewed respect for those in the medical career. They were both doctors and fighters.

    That inspired him to focus on his job. He needed to snap himself together to conduct the next lobotomy. He was asked to participate in the surgery for Mai Lei, who suffered from middle stage Nightmare Illness, and Yang Jianming, who was in later stage Nightmare Illness. After all, he appeared to be the only one capable of pulling through the whole procedure. During his brief rest, Prof Qin approached him and asked, "Ah Jun, what is your opinion of the statement that Chen Wenwei recited in the middle of the operation?"

    "I am experiencing some strange feeling. The patient might react unkindly to this," he said darkly. "I believe this is because the mental state of the initial stage patients is still strong enough to release that kind of mental attack as a kind of resistance..."

    Gu Jun took a deep breath. After so many consecutive surgeries, his already lacking mental power was almost at rock bottom. But now was not the time to rest! With a focus of his determination, he pulled on the brace. Suddenly, the female patient who was supposed to be fully sedated opened her eyes. The gaze spoke of chaos, and the lifeless facial muscles twitched slightly. The EEG started to dance all over the place again.

    To help this experiment, gauze was not taped around her mouth and sectional anesthetic was skipped.

    "Ph'nglui..." The demonic whisper appeared again. Her tone was surprisingly identical to Chen Wenwei. It carried an indescribable buzz, like it came out from a broken recorder. She appeared to be chanting the same sentence too. "mglw'nafh..."

    Once Gu Jun heard that, he felt attacked by a strong mental wave. Gritting his teeth, Gu Jun clogged up the patient's mouth, injected the anesthetic, and then quickly resumed with the severance!

    A burst of anger and indignation rose in his heart, propelling him forward, helping him resist those mental attacks. From the Malformed Banyan Disease to Nightmare Illness, his mother had left her trace everywhere... He needed an explanation!

    In any case, the researchers finally got the answer they needed. The cause was not on Chen Wenwei; it was something about patients in the early stages of nightmare Illness. But this led to more questions. Would this appear whenever there was a threat to the patient's cerebral tissue, or would it only occur when the threat was focused on the prefrontal cortex? Only practical surgeries could provide answers to these questions.

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    Therefore, while Gu Jun and the rest were finishing the surgery, another surgery was being pushed into place. This time, it was going to be a bilateral cingulotomy. The patient was yet another victim of the Nightmare Illness at the early stage. Bilateral cingulotomy was normally used in the treatment of depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It was a safe and verified modern surgery. Therefore, it would not be too difficult and did not put too much mental pressure on the existing medical members.

    "You have participated in a successful two-star surgery, a lobotomy. Personal contribution forty-one percent, rank 1."
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