147 Secondary Hypoparathyroidism

    Chapter 147: Secondary Hypoparathyroidism

    The large conference room at Phecda's headquarters was packed. There were multiple screens showing the livestream of the situation inside the morgue at Eastern State. When they saw five medical experts from the Special Mobile Force and Medical Department like Uncle Dan and Du Mingjun walk into the room, many people sighed in relief. They did not have much faith in the group of youngsters.

    Among the group of observing experts, the leading man, Xiao Wenhui, explained to his subordinates, "This cadaver will be hard to process. The mutation, anomaly, and hyperplasia will complicate the autopsy procedure. They will have to take it slow."

    They nodded in agreement. Even though the autopsy had not begun, through the multiple inspections and image scanning that were provided by Eastern State, they had gained a basic understanding of the anatomy of the zombie. The results of those scans were displayed on some of the smaller screens. Radiologists, clinical experts, biologists, and so on pored over them. They analyzed them over and over, getting into heated discussion about the various body tissues that had grown abnormally around the dead body.

    The theory was not yet proven, but based on what had happened to Chen Defa, zombies were a mutation of normal human beings. Therefore, this kind of abnormal being was distinct from the Necro-skins. In essence, they could be counted as a kind of mutated human being. From the x-rays, one could clearly see the mutations that had occurred to Chen Defa's skeletal structure. The main difference was osteosclerosis, subperiosteal resorption, skeletal cystic degeneration, deformities to the limbs and thorax, compression of the thoracic, and generation of high tensile bones.

    These symptoms visible from bone imaging, CT scans, and radio-isotopic examination all led the experienced researchers to the same conclusion: the mutation was a kind of endocrine disease, namely secondary hypoparathyroidism. Even the zombie's horrible canine face could be explained away by secondary hypoparathyroidism. After all, lion face syndrome or leontiasis ossea was a rare complication of severe hyperparathyroidism. Hyperostotic changes in the facial bones could result in bilateral expansion of the malar processes, causing the protrusion of the cheekbones, lower jaw, eye sockets, nose, and mouth. The shape of the maxillofacial bone would mutate to bear resemblance of the canine faces.

    "The transmutation process from human being to zombie should have the pathological recourse as victims of secondary hypoparathyroidism." This was one of the main hypotheses held by the researchers. The mental abnormalities could be explained through the same reasoning as well, because clinical reports of victims with secondary hypoparathyroidism had showcased symptoms of paranoia, aggression, and dysgnosia. However, there was one thing that did not match. Secondary hypoparathyroidism would often be accompanied by hungry bone syndrome. The victims would not produce high tensile-strength bone cells, and that failed to explain the high mobility of the zombies.

    Of course, it could be this anomaly in the transmutation that ultimately created this creature of darkness. Then again, even current medicine had issues explaining everything that had to do with the mental symptoms of secondary hypoparathyroidism, much less what was happening here. In any case, radiology could only go so far. They were ultimately just images. There were details on the x-rays that could not be seen clearly, and the answers needed to be found through autopsy.

    "My suggestion is that they start with the hands," Xiao Huiwen said in a serious tone. "Its claws appear to have grown out of the phalanges. We need to glean a better understanding of this amalgamation of the keratin and sclerotin. Starting with the hand will also provide a good warm up."

    Wu Siyu was befuddled by their conversation. 'Shouldn't these people be a bunch of doctors? How come they are sounding so philosophical and literary all of a sudden?'

    Then again, she did hear from Gu Jun that his friend, Cai Zixuan, had a penchant for quoting literary works, thus raising the literary standards of his peers.

    "Guys," Gu Jun said while holding the Carlot Scalpel and Dissecting Scissors. Other people had tried giving them a try, they felt uncomfortable in their hands, so they had become Gu Jun's personal tools. "We will start with the face."

    'Ah?' Du Mingjun and the other experts were startled. Audible gasps rang through the headquarters. 'They will start with the face‽ The canine face that's the most conspicuous and most defining feature of a zombie?'

    "That is too rash. Children these days truly..." Xiao Huiwen groused immediately. There was only one face, unlike the arms which had a pair, and the autopsy had just begun!

    The others were equally confused and panicked. The headquarters immediately spoke into the live communication that they shared with Eastern State's command center. Yao Sinian was there, watching the development. Uncle Dan and Du Mingjun had communicators inside their helmets. It was Uncle Dan who relayed the superior's concerns. "Ah Jun, the superiors have suggested that perhaps we should take this slow."

    "We do not have the time." Gu Jun did not share this information with them earlier because he knew this would happen. "The zombies have the ability to mess with people's minds, so if we are to find any clues, it will be in their heads. We need to find these clues as soon as possible. After all, that is the goal of this autopsy. It will lose all meaning and purpose if we work too slowly."

    He had a point, and the superiors could not find any stance to counter it, but it did not stop the headquarters' conference room and the command central at Eastern State from becoming shrouded in a haze of anxiety.

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    "Let's begin." Gu Jun studied the canine face and silently opened the system in his mind.
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